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  1. InsaneMonster


    This thread is used as news thread. Please WATCH THIS THREAD to keep yourself updated with the latest project news. To get involved more with the community, consider to join the Discord Server!
  2. deepstrasz

    StarCraft: Cartooned

    Blizzard Entertainment has just released a game mod based on CarbotAnimations for StarCraft: Remastered. Players can enjoy ladder with friends and strangers without the need for the latter to have bought the mod. The visual artistic style of the mod is on par with CarbotAnimations videos...
  3. yatyfornetreg

    Patch 1.30 Leaked

    Patch 1.30 is live on PTR Source: Patch 1.30 announced As announced on readmore (German site) today, Blizzard will make further drastical changes to the game in 1.30. I briefly translated the patch notes for you. Battle.net Warden • Anti-Cheat Tool will return to ban hackers Map Pool...
  4. Shar Dundred

    Arkain News Network

    Be sure to subscribe to this thread to stay up to date on Arkain news! Here you may find all information about Arkain updates, patches, changes etc. Whenever a campaign, demo or other Arkain-related material gets uploaded or updated, you will be informed about it here! All other Arkain news...
  5. McQvaBlood

    [NEWS] Play the Scourge campaign!

    Turnro and Ljarvisone released An excellent and complete - yay, no waiting for the next map! - pack of the Scourge campaign. While it does deviate from the two seperate bases format of the two-player campaign and is more along the lines of an 'Archon Mode', I have personally tested the entirety...
  6. deepstrasz

    Contest (+polls) announcements flagrantly visible plus notification?

    Please? :D If it's possible for them to be bigger or something, that would be neat.
  7. Shar Dundred

    Nova Covert Ops - Release of Mission Pack Two

    Nova Covert Ops - Release of Mission Pack Two Today, Mission Pack Two to of the Nova Covert Ops has been released on Battle.net along with the 3.5.0 patch of StarCraft II! What is Nova Covert Ops? The "Nova Covert Ops Mission Packs" contain a new campaign for the StarCraft II story. As the...
  8. NightmareHero

    Hi :) I'm new.

    i need to see skin from:Angel arenas, Impossible bosses, etc. is very beautiful and if this skins from other maps is on hive workshop it will be best site ever :ogre_love:
  9. Eldin HawkWing

    News from philippines

    Hello Guys!!...I just heard some news that the Warcraft III will be banned here in Philippines..That's so sad
  10. Vengeancekael

    Oasis and Desert 2 (1.0.4) / Project Spotlight

    「Oasis and Desert 2」 Ѻ About: Version 1.0.4 (Coming Soon) Ѻ Official Forums: Oasis and Desert 2 ╙ Download: Version 1.0.3 ► 'TGM Team' is prepping the next major update for the hosted project Oasis and Desert 2 and this new version will feature lots of goodies: New Hero 'Lady...