1. hatepoem

    Create custom campaign archive (*.w3n) with third party tools only (1.27)

    The file format of custom campaign MPQ archives (\.w3n) differs from those of individual map files (\.w3x). I am able to create and patch map files successfully using smpq (based on Ladik's libstorm). However, I couldn't do the same for custom campaign files. Specifically, I could not override...
  2. WilliamBz

    Mass copy-paste triggers

    Hello. I make big map pack with 100+ maps. It is custom melee with heroes from campaign and other improvements. To work with many files, I need a tool that can import/export triggers and other info and avoid WorldEdit because it works very-very slow. At the moment I found good solution with...
  3. Luashine

    Improve automated extraction of (listfile)?

    The topic has come up recently again where people cannot retrieve all of the file names of a broken MPQ map archive when using MPQEditor. Why is the situation so bad though? Explanation (if you know how listfiles and MPQEditor work, can skip reading this) I tried MPQEditor's W3X Name Scanner...
  4. Luashine

    [Success] Hybrid 12/24-player map | Backwards-compatible 1.24-1.28.5 & 1.31+

    There's one thing about Warcraft 3 maps that surprised me the most: the maps are entirely dynamic. Well, almost. Practically everything you think is saved permanently with WorldEdit, it is actually set up in war3map.j with code when the map loads. This means you can edit a whole lot about a map...
  5. joelperalta

    zoom out the camera

    does anyone know how to zoom out the camera in the mpq files?
  6. R_Reaper

    Basic (existing) abilities and spell modding (data fields) in MPQ

    Hi all! I run some turns in the staff contact where to put this thread: hopefully this is the proper place. I wish to get help how to edit and modify basic (existing by base) abilities and spells in MPQ. Means: game MPQ -> NOT the map MPQ! In a more concrete way: which data fields used by...
  7. Daffa

    Warcraft 3 Editor Files

    Can anyone give me detail of what each file like w3i, w3h, wct, and so on do? I'm having a headache trying to find files I need to replace and not replace when working via MPQ (this is for an installer). Thanks!
  8. PiesOfNorth

    Best way to modify .SLK files in .MPQ files (pre-1.29)

    I remember on 1.31 you could use Local Files to modify the game without changing the CASC files themselves, so I thought I'd try getting similar things working on 1.26 and 1.28.5. I tried changing some numbers in UnitBalance.slk (using LibreOffice Calc, choosing "keep existing format" when it...
  9. BogdanW3

    Extracting game files (MPQ and CASC)

    How to extract game files Introduction Extracting game files is not something everyone will need, but those who would can need them for many things: you may need to get some data from the game SLKs, get a function's definition from the blizzard's code files, get a file to modify and use in...
  10. BogdanW3

    Local files

    Local Files What are Local files? Local files are a way to override game files without changing the original instances, so it is the only safe way to do it across all versions of Warcraft 3. The first question one could ask if "Why would I want to override the game files?", so I will also...
  11. Gumberbunbder

    War3 Model Editor Wont Load Textures

    For both war3 model editor and Warcraft 3 viewer textures wont load. How do i get textures to load? Thank you for your time Does it have something to do with MPQ's? I don't know what MPQ stands for or its function and I haven't been able to find any clear information when i try look it up.
  12. Firstrun70

    WinMPQ Batcher 1.0 - w3x unpacker

    Batch unpack w3x w3m w3n mpq Author of WinMPQ v1.64: ShadowFlare Author of WinMPQ Batcher 1.0: Firstrun70 Variation 1: Distributed as a bat file. Attached to this thread. WinMPQ Batcher - Batch resource unpacker from w3x w3m w3n mpq v1.0 [12.25.2019] WinMPQ v1.64 + VB40032.DLL + WinMPQ Batcher...
  13. rufreakde

    TypeScript MPQ Command Line Tool - Node NPM - Project on Github

    Hey guys, I have written a simple TypeScript tool to use MPQ2K commands from your node project. Maybe someone wants to use it feel free to try it out. Feedback and suggestions for new commands that you need are appreciated. At the moment you can just execute the tool in your ts code and extract...
  14. Mikekillkill

    Use Local Files/Allow Local Files

    Probably a rather stupid question, but does WarCraft 3: Reforged have a setting in the registry to allow local files, and or are they automatically loaded by the game, much like how it was in 1.30?. (especially with War3Mod.mpq as a folder.)
  15. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    [Solved] some mod Delete this i had a brain lag the issue is already solved

    So i have a problem. I have been making maps as a hobby for quite some time now but recently had to move on to a new pc and had to install Wc III from battle net instead of installing it from CD. But when installing it that way it didnt seem to put any files on the C: drive and instead just...
  16. gusanomental

    Extracting the ground/water models from the MPQ

    Is it possible to edit the actual terrain models? I can't seem to find anything but only the cliffs located in Doodads\Terrain\. Thanks in advance.
  17. Reddourufu

    1.31 - Mod folder

    Hello everyone ! Since patch 1.31, it’s messy. The custom folder for Mods “war3mod.mpq” no longer works, so no mods anymore and obligation to import custom resources one by one with the import manager which is a terribly laborious process. Please if you know anything about that, tell me. I’m so...
  18. Orcsbreath

    Where the heck is the .mpq?

    I want to extract some files from War3.mpq and War3x.mpq (specifically the campaign maps, so I can look at how Blizzard did certain triggers, &c.), but I can't for the life of me find the .mpq files. I've opened the .mpq before, and I was sure they were in the main Warcraft III install...
  19. LazyKnight

    [Solved][MPQ][Campaign] How to replace Warcraft 3 campaign with my custom campaign?

    I'm trying to use my custom campaign data to replace the Warcraft 3 default campaign so that I could make a "campaign pack" and make my players have a better-immersed experience. I've finished replacing the main menu background, currently, I'm researching how to replace the official campaign...
  20. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Why are icons not in the War3.mpq? Where are they hiding?

    Because I really need to recolor plenty of those Blizzard icons to use in my project.
  21. DeMoN100

    MPQ Recover Crashing!

    Hello I am following a guide to unprotecting maps & when I do the second part of unprotecting using MPQ recover the app crashes in the middle of doing its thing. This is the guide I am following to unprotecting maps Here is the crash message I am getting I hope someone can help me understand...
  22. Goregoose

    Merging TTOR resources(units/abilities) with the latest version of Wc3 World Editor

    Hi guys, I've noticed a topic that has cropped up on the forums more than a few occasions with not many people replying and that's about utilizing the resources from the TTOR mod and putting into regular Wc3 for use. I myself mentioned this a couple times in my other two threads. Well, I'm...
  23. Grimhollow

    [Crash] Trigger Merger / File Exporter do not work

    So I'm trying to merge triggers from map to map but it shows up 'Plugin Error: Warcraft mpqs could not be opened.' Any fixes? I cant copy triggers one by one bros. Thanks
  24. Abelhawk

    Need help with MPQ

    Hey guys, in order for me to do an Easter egg video on the Rexxar campaign, I need to get the extra level maps that were added in later patches to Warcraft 3. The main MPQ for the expansion, War3xlocal, only contains the first "act" of The Founding of Durotar. Does anyone know where to find the...