1. TeKey0815

    [JASS] deal missile dmg while walking

    Hello everyone :), This is my very first post. Please be nice to me xD. I am semi-experienced in programming with JASS. I learn most of it here from you :). I'm currently working on a project. I want to build the mobile game Brotato in Warcraft with multiplayer functions. But now I'm failing...
  2. StangtennisGuru

    [SD/Modeling] Lemon missile model

    I could use a simple missile/projectile model of a lemon intended to be used in Realm of Kings, the Chaos AoS. Here's a picture for reference: Hope somebody is up for the task
  3. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] frost or ice bolt missile

    hello can some one pleass make a frost or ice bolt misslel model pleass
  4. TheFireMage


    Hello everyone, Thank you for taking time to read my thread. So, using Retera's Model Studio, I was able to get the weapon from the warden, but is there any way to make it into a missile and spinning horizontally or vertically?
  5. HerlySQR

    Problem with missiles

    I made an spell based in the Leech Seed of the Dota hero Rooftrellen scope Quell initializer Init private struct Heal extends Missiles method onFinish takes nothing returns boolean call SetUnitState(this.target,UNIT_STATE_LIFE,GetUnitState(this.target,UNIT_STATE_LIFE)+this.damage)...
  6. Raining Outside

    Question regarding projectiles, and a few other questions

    Hello! I just started experimenting with the editor for the first time in years. It's so exciting to open up the editor again, it confused me when I was a teenager but looking at it now it is incredibly powerful and intuitive. I have a few questions. I was experimenting with making it so that...
  7. HerlySQR

    What spell only fires a Missile and don't add a buff to the target?

    I think in Death Coil, but the thing of help Undeads and Demons will difficult me.
  8. HerlySQR

    [Spell] Change the missile art?

    I wanna make the mask of death effect can be stacked with other orb effects, I know the solution is trigger it, but what about the missile?, how can I change it without using a orb effect?
  9. TheFireMage

    Recolor water elemental missile

    Hello everyone, thank you for coming to this thread I download a customizable effect (+ a tool) and I wanted to change color of the water elemental missile because it looks cool in different color. However, I do not know how. I read this thread but I could not extract the texture. Do you know...
  10. Cheshire

    Another simple model edit request :)

    hey there, I am trying to turn a mushroom into an artillery shell. basically what I need is a one of the mushroom doodads of the color scheme called AshenShrooms in the editor (the greener variation) scaled to a size that makes sense as an artillery missile, and given the death animation (+...
  11. Cheshire

    blank animation

    Hi there, I have 0 knowledge of modeling, and am only asking this here bc it seems like it should be something super simple that even I should be able to do without getting deep into modeling. I have a unit model that I want to turn into a missile. all I want to do is add 1 animation sequence...
  12. lolreported

    Remove attack projectiles chasing a unit

    Is there a way to remove attack projectiles that's chasing a unit (for example if it's moved to another location)? I've tried to hide the unit and then immediately show it, but this doesn't remove the attack projectile, only its effect later on when it hits the unit. Thanks.
  13. ChoBo

    [General] Way to scale missile-art(projectile)

    I want make a giant fireball spell, so I created a dummy and ordered to ground attack. Dummy has missile of archmage Scaling value = 10.0 Scale projectiles = true But the size never changed.. no matter what value of scales or models What is wrong?
  14. IgneousRed

    [General] Need different attack missile for attacking ally

    I am creating a mage that heals allied units by attacking them. I know how to implement it trigger-wise, but is there a way to change the model of the attack missile object editor-wise? Response highly valued :)
  15. blink

    Just Another Missile System WIP [vJass]

    So I am currently created a missile system which is supposed to help me create missiles for various purposes. The system runs specified trigger on "impact" making it usable for all kind of stuff. For example, the trigger makes the caster teleport on impact location, while having dmg at the same...
  16. Yours Truly

    Make attacks damages everything in a line?

    I tried using the Weapon Type - Missile (Line), but that just seems to damage units behind the primary target. How do make an arrow damage everything in its path to the primary target? (My signature is ironic haha)
  17. Ofel

    Projectile arc on hill

    I have this missile (special effect), arc-projected to a point on the air. I'll just combine the target location z with the target height. I used this parabola function: function Parabola takes real h, real d, real x returns real return (4.00 * h / d) * (d - x) * (x / d) // 'h' is the...
  18. Kurnelia'zooz

    Dummy missile problem

    Here is my trigger Hollow Cannon Damage Events Time - Every 0.10 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set temp_group[0] = (Units in (Playable map area) matching ((Unit-type of (Matching unit)) Equal to Hollow Cannon Missle)) Unit Group - Pick every unit in...
  19. Zak17

    Avenger's Shield/Bouncing Shield Missile Model

    I am making a shield throw ability and I think I have it figured out, but I need a missile model of a spinning shield. Preferably one that looks like the Blood Elf Lieutenant's Shield as I am using the Royal Captain as the model for the hero.
  20. jj84


    Someone can add missile for red and blue demoness model. Please use weapon or attachment to make missile.
  21. FyreMoon Studios

    [Spell] Battleship broadside cannon fire?

    Hey everyone! I am currently working on a war ship map where you will be able to battle other ships (NPC or players) to climb up the leaderboard ladder. I'll try to add a wave system with different kinds of ships you need to sink. To my question: I am trying to create a spell that will fire...
  22. Lake

    Wurst Missile System

    Just curious if anyone has created a missile system for Wurst yet, which is open for public use? Otherwise I would attempt to make one, since it seems like a pretty useful tool for quite a few maps. :)
  23. ThisPOT

    New Missile System - 100% GUI

    Hi all, I would like everyone's input on this system I made. It's not entirely finished yet but it seems to be working very well so far. Trying to get some input before posting it in the spells section. Thanks! TPMS Instant Cast Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an...
  24. JackAcorda

    Arrow for Shockwave Missile

    I am making an ability which uses an arrow for a shockwave's missile, however the arrow seem to be attached to the ground. :xxd: How do you make a shockwave's missile appear higher? Changing the missile arc doesn't seem to work :(
  25. TheBigMetalHandInTheSky

    [Spell] Spinning Missile Projectile

    How do I make a spinning missile projectile? I want the missile to spin above the caster's head for a few seconds and then fly towards the target. :grin:
  26. SSJ7107

    Adding missiles to abilities

    Hello guys... I'm new to World Editor, can I ask how do I add a missile art to aoe abilities? I am making an ability where you throw a missile and it damages the targeted area (AoE). I already created the damage part but I don't know how to do the missile one.... Well, I'm a newbie and someone...