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  1. ks.zealot

    What is replaceableId in MDX models?

    Hello everyone. Currently I work on some pet project based on Warcraft 3, and I need help with the MDX format. I could not figure out, what is replaceable id used for? This thread just gives common information, and this page gives me a hint that this is enum, but I still have no idea how to...
  2. Maldiran

    Broken mdx converting

    Hey, I have recently ripped a model from WoW. It is winterqueen model from latest expansion. And there is some weird bug, when I try to convert it to .mdx. In .mdl everything works fine (some animations are not as precise as they should be, but that is very often with wow models). The problem...
  3. Maldiran

    [HD/Modeling] WoW models porting - Tell me what model you want and I will port it!

    Simply write request for me here. I have a lot of experience in porting WoW models - all of them (besides spells).
  4. Joel Sánchez

    Need help with WC3 reforged mdx conversion

    Hello guys, I´m "new" I was here long time ago (like 2005) but forgot my previous email. I want to ask for your help, I´m trying to convert an .mdx model of a warden hero that I got from the internet but I´ve been trying a lot in the last weeks and I don´t stop getting errors from the .mdx file...
  5. EmnoS

    Problems with animation transfer.

    Hello, I'm new to the modeling scene and so far I've been having a lot of fun, but when recently I've become to see myself against a wall with certain situations I've encountered. So I made a tauren wielding a 1h sword, gave him 2 new attack animations, (one from Grommash and one from an Orgre...
  6. Donut78

    Helpful Import MDX into Blender 2.79 Addon

    Hey Everyone! After searching far and wide for something that could do this, I'd finally come across a super helpful addon for Blender 2.79 that allows a very comprehensive import of an MDX file that appears to include everything from mesh, UV, rig/animations and even other nodes like attachment...
  7. Victel

    How do I add my own Models to Engine?

    I have many custom assets I can light up the modding scene with, problem is that I can't get anything into the engine. I have no way of converting my stuff to the right textures and model file types. How do I get my assets converted to the right file formats for the engine to read? Thanks
  8. Peach Schnapps

    Add animations to tree request (please!)

    I tried myself and I somehow just ended up changing the model to the other tree as well? o.O This tree is breathtaking and I think everyone on Hive could benefit from this as well! Not sure if you need and MDL or MDX so here's both lol!
  9. redwing.asingaurd

    Ugangu Knuckles

    I request a warcraft 3 uganga knuckles MDX file, i would find this very funny he should have an alternate form with a bola so he can say, "I HAVE A BOLA" that he throws to knock enemies down
  10. Zoson

    Fix Model, please :)

    Model Credits: I do not own any rights on the attached Model, either the Creator of it is known. Got the Model from http://chaosrealm.info/topic/11038294/1/ My Request: Repair Model and change its BLP file name to something more unique than "1.blp" Used for: Multiverse RPG...
  11. Apollox

    3ds max MDX exporter messing up UVS

    Hello, I have a 3d model which I uvmapped in blender and transfered over to 3ds max by fbx format. The model is fine until I export to mdx with any mdx exporter. I tried dex's exporter, mdx exporter and neodex on 3ds max 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2016. All versions break the uvs, so when I open in...
  12. leopold39

    Problem with model import

    Hey. I know there were ppl who had this problem (so like I do know...), I read those posts and still can't solve my problem. I tried to import 2 files (mdx and blp) - after this I saved map ofc like ppl advised, but... still my models can't upload, there are just green boxes and I have no idea...
  13. Kilthunox

    Exporting WC3 Models to .Obj Files.

    Hi everybody! I'm working at getting some models out of Warcraft so I can 3D print them. So far I have used the Model viewer to extract them. Then a .MDX to .obj converter that works well. The only issue is I can only seem to get the default freeze frame animation exported. Which is kind of a...
  14. CaptainNaver

    Doodads/Models Randomly Turn Partially Black

    I recently changed some of the blp locations inside of some mdx files with text pad and MdxPather and moved some file around inside the map. Now when I run the map everything will show up fine for a minute or so, and then some units and doodad textures will suddenly turn partially black. Does...
  15. SVT2002

    Rotations and Scaling to Translations

    Hello, Mdlvis can transform all the non-linear translations, rotations and scalings to linear. My question is:can I transform all the linear rotations and scalings to linear translations?