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  1. Edaryion

    🔍 Looking for 'Life of a Peasant' Maps

    👋🏻 Hello! I am looking for LOAP maps. 😁 LOAP is a niche genre of interesting roleplay maps, The first 'Life of a Peasant' maps are limited to a pre-built city, where you start off as a single hero unit & you choose how you play. However, what I am interested in is a sub-genre. You could...
  2. Knight of Arsford

    [Life of a Peasant] Real Life Reloaded: Heroes [ALPHA]

    Real Life Reloaded: Heroes by Arsford INTRODUCTION Real Life Reloaded: Heroes (Name subject to change) is a single player Life of a Peasant/RPG hybrid that hopes to incorporate the best features of both genres into one massive map centered around the fictional Magistrates City. FEATURES -...
  3. Knight of Arsford

    [Life of a Peasant] Re: Creative Jobs

    I'm currently making a massive LOAP/RPG hybrid and so far I've run out of ideas on what kind of jobs to put. For context, it is set somewhere between the medieval times and just before the industrial revolution. What are some jobs you would want to have in a LOAP/RPG map?
  4. Knight of Arsford

    [Life of a Peasant] Creative Jobs

    I'm currently working on a Loap/rpg hybrid and have added a bank. Besides the classic "bring the check to the vault", what other things can I add to make the Bank job more fun to do? Also, are there any jobs you would want to see in a Loap type map?
  5. NightKnight

    Fantasy Life: needing a terrainer

    We are looking for a terrainer to help in making a whole new map for the RP/RPG map Fantasy Life: Fantasy Life v3.2b (4) The map has a unique style of terraining and HD tiles. All information and introduction about the map is included in the link. There are also many screenshots in that link to...
  6. Zani

    Looking for players: Founders of the North! [BR] [RPG]

    Hello everyone! I'm usually online on USWest servers. Looking for players to play this epic map, already gathered some nice folks! Add me on battle.net so we can arrange it (/f add Zani) I'm also on Discord. (Zani#1682) (Brasileiros que ainda jogam, o essencial seria juntar uma galera...
  7. Sxar

    RTS + LOAP game mode

    The last two nights I have been working on this idea about a mix of RTS Warcraft III game Style and LoaP game mode. The plot is this: The Town Hall allow you to create a hero that determinate your race (humans would be elf, dwarf or human hero) and 5 pawn race of the hero you have choosen for...
  8. auricgoldfinger

    I organise a Life of a Peasant Japan (LOAP) game

    Hi everyone ;) (welcome and please wait a sec for images to upload) I would like to play a Life of a Peasant, just like in the good old days. I really miss these maps. I have my own hostbot functioning on Battle.net I mean there's no hosting problems for me. All I need are players :D let me...
  9. auricgoldfinger

    Anyone insterested in playing a LOAP

    LOAP were very popular in 2005~2008, but it seems to have completly disappeared nowadays. I was wondering if I could find a group of LOAP fans in here to have fun. LOAP is not dead !!!
  10. GabeValentine

    [Life of a Peasant] Medieval Villagers Open Source Project

    Medieval Villagers: Open Source Project       Progress Log LAST UPDATED 05/03/19 ____________________________________________________________________________________ Updated Map Description: You're a peasant, living in a dangerous medieval province. What will your story be? Become a champion...
  11. hardcure

    Building(Unit) Rotation

    I've downloaded a Fence and i make it a model to my Wall.....When i build it it only Make a horizontal line... What should i do? make another one and how to make it ha vertical one?
  12. hardcure


    Anyone can help me. cause i'm making a loap game and i want a car unit move only in one tile type. of example my car will only move in grass tile. please help
  13. Mr_Loap

    [Solved] My map doesnt appear on the list of maps

    Hi, I have a map that I have saved (in the right place) but I cannot find it when I play. This problem exists since I have copied and pasted a custom spell in it. I think I have done it properly, I mean the spell works when I play the map from World Editor. I do not understand why the map...
  14. Loap Auto City

    Loap Auto City

    Making a new looking of loap map just like other
  15. Life of a Peasent - Auto City

    Life of a Peasent - Auto City

    Make Loap full of many type of vehicle^^
  16. Demendius

    Recruitment Town Fall

    Town Fall Concept: Each player get a Hero. The hero can create basic buildings. The hero will be able to get different professions like a Hunter, Fisher, etc. But the main point of the map is to fight over three towns. If a player gains control of said town, then he will gain power and money...
  17. Life of a peasent about vehicle

    Life of a peasent about vehicle

    Vehicle That you never seen in other loap map
  18. New Vehicle Loap Project

    New Vehicle Loap Project

    Make it more vehicle in loap... credit will be given in map~
  19. HolyRider

    I'm requesting a LOAP 3 Loading Screen

    Are there anyone out there that is god with photoshop or any other image-editing software?? I could use a loading screen to my newest map: Life Of A Peasant 3 LOAP 3 is a general Life Of A Peasant map but with a completely new terrain and units. I think that the loading screen is a great part...