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RTS + LOAP game mode

Discussion in 'Game Development' started by Sxar, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. Sxar


    Aug 20, 2014
    The last two nights I have been working on this idea about a mix of RTS Warcraft III game Style and LoaP game mode.
    The plot is this:

    The Town Hall allow you to create a hero that determinate your race (humans would be elf, dwarf or human hero) and 5 pawn race of the hero you have choosen for free. Then you can create farms. Farms allow you to create up to 4 more pawns for each one but the production is over time if you have in cargo female and male unit (not neccesary to be pawn, however if they are apwn they produce gold and I'll explain this later).

    All the units can be auto-trained so you only need to be careful when you want to switch units or turn off autotraining. A good "start" would be create the barracks and then send the produced pawns to the cargo of the building to start traing of the new units.

    The Barracks allow you to train Soldiers for each pawn that is inside (cargo would be of the goblin dirigible or the orcs houses), so you can train up to 8 footman.
    At the farm you can obtain spawned female units too. This female units can be trained to be the female units of the game or to increase train speed for units in cargo of the other sex or increase research/gold production. If you want to train elfs or dwarfs you need elf/dwarf pawn and they can't be used to train other races units.

    Pawns generates gold if they are inside farms and they don't ocupate unit slots so you can create any number of pawns you can. This is because you need to take care of the cities in RTS game not only abandon it whey the gold mine run out.

    The farms buildings produce gold/lumber (random combination) just like the undead mine for each unit in cargo (1 gold or lumber * each unit in cargo max 4 /sec)

    n = custom variable
    Farms (n)
    and function would be something like
    Each 1 sec:
    Set u = Number of Pawns in cargo
    set k = random integer (0 and u)
    transform k and u integer to real
    Gold of player owner of Farms (n) = Gold of player owner of Farms (n) + k
    Wood of player owner of Farms (n) = Wood of player owner of Farms (n) + u - k

    If unit in farm = female and male not child wait 20 sec then produce 1 random male or female child. if child is in house 60 sec change child for female or male unit.

    This formla can be used too to create horses without mount and then send it to the barracks with a male pawn to generate knights or you can send footman to a horse to create a knight... as you can see the posibilities are infinite.

    If you have some ideas to increase the performance of this RTS + LOAP game mode just let me know. Thank you!