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  1. kuilg

    [Spell] Order categories

    Some users are not familiar with triggers, like me, so they use the WE avoinding coding, just creating terrain, placing objects, importing or customizing in the Object Editor (OE). Nonetheless, the OE is not very clear in its reach, since there are many sort of useless fields, if not mysterious...
  2. Firstrun70

    List of official patches for Warcraft 3

    List of official patches for Warcraft 3 Significant patches: 1.00 ROC release 1.03 added computer difficulty (Easy Normal Insane) 1.06 redesigned attack and armor system 1.07 TFT release 1.10 CustomKeys support 1.11 (listfile) file is missing in War3patch.mpq, starting from version...
  3. Firstrun70

    List of official maps for Warcraft 3

    List of official Blizzard maps released at various time for Warcraft 3 w3m - custom map for Warcraft 3 ROC/TFT, custom map, stored in \Warcraft 3\Maps\ or in the %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Warcraft III\Maps\ w3x - custom map for Warcraft 3 TFT, stored in \Warcraft 3\Maps\ or in the...
  4. Ricola3D

    [System][vJASS] List World Editor Object IDs

    Looking for - Your advices to optimize/clean it, and optionally your code-reviews. - Your ideas of other libraries that can use this one to provide usefull features ! - Your toughts about this library :) Content Here is a project of mine of library that lists World Editor Object IDs. World...
  5. Ricola3D

    How do I get the lists of type ids (units, items, abilities, ...) ?

    Hello, I'd like to get the complete list of defaults types per classification: - Units - Items - Destructibles - Doodads - Abilities - Buff/effects - Upgrades I saw this old topic, part of what I need is here, but it is old and the method to get it is not described :( Can somebody explain me...
  6. Ofel

    Picking random variable in an array

    x[1] = 50 x[2] = 52 x[3] = 54 x[4] = 56 x[5] = 58 I have these five array variables and I want to pick each one by random without picking it back twice or more. How do I achieve this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Tasyen

    UI: OriginFrames

    Jump to Hiding Jump to ChildFrames Originframetypes are built in frames managing the default game ui. ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI is our key to generate new container frames. In other tutorials and in many examples, ORIGIN_FRAME_GAME_UI is used as parent for custom created frames. That is done because...
  8. Tasyen

    Default Names for BlzGetFrameByName

    Introduction This list was generated by reading/interpreting all fdf files from warcraft 3 ptr 1.31 and reading all words in "". LeaderBoard/Multiboard/TimerDialog do only work when the map created such ones. LogDialog is only used in SinglePlayer. Chat Frames are only used in Multiplayer. Quest...
  9. deepstrasz

    Brood War custom campaigns!

    Here you have a list of almost every custom campaign ever made for the first StarCraft and its expansion: The Complete SCBW Fan Campaign Listing The list was started by Church and continued by Pr0nogo. This is the download database link: MEGA
  10. mmtt

    List of sugestions for Warcraft 3 Reforged editor Improvements

    My sugestions for Warcraft 3 Reforged editor Improvements: Way disable cheats for your map Having one check box is better, than figuring out workarounds, just so people don't cheat. Memory leaks This one might be hard to fix, but it would be big help for a lot of people. Tigger Editor...
  11. stonneash

    Member Description list?

    I see that it says that I am a well-known member. What are the other automatic descriptions and how are they achieved?
  12. AGD

    TreeList (Nested Lists)

    Linked-List that allows dynamic nesting (Tree of Lists). Script library TreeList /* v1.1 */uses /* */Table /* https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/snippet-new-table.188084/ */ErrorMessage /*...
  13. Mr.Goblin

    Free Photoshop Brush Packs

    -=FREE PHOTOSHOP BRUSH PACKS=- This is a list of free photoshop brush packs used and shared by profesionnal artists. I will be updating this list from time to time. Stay put! More are to come! ArtistLinkArtistLinkDan LuvisiMaciej KurciaraHouston SharpBastien Lecouffe DeharmeYunior GuerraAaron...
  14. deepstrasz

    Music References:

    People's work that have had and will have an impact on me as influence: Aerosmith: Aerosmith - Wikipedia AC/DC: AC/DC - Wikipedia Alexander Porfiryevich Borodin: Alexander Borodin - Wikipedia Alex Gaudino: Alex Gaudino - Wikipedia Andre Tanneberger: ATB - Wikipedia Apocalyptica...
  15. Maker

    [Trigger] Why dynamic indexing is flawed and people should use linked list instead

    This is aimed at GUI triggerers mostly, since in vjass we use linked lists mostly already. But in GUI, almost everyone uses dynamic indexing and I will show you why it is flawed. Here are examples of dynamic and non dynamic indexing. They have similarities, both work like this. When a...