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  1. AtivEnergy

    [SD/Modeling] Glow Lightning Day/Night Problem

    Hi!:peasant-waving: I found a model (Glow) in a open map and i have a problem with its Lightning :peasant-sad: As long as the time in map is (dawn, noon, dusk) the Glow is very bright, but when is Night time (Midnight), the glow become faded and i don't like that. In my map is always Midnight...
  2. HerlySQR

    [vJASS] Problem with a Spell

    I made this spell based on Steal Spell: But my problems are: I wanna make a "lightning snake" that looks like that absorbs the essence of the target, to do that I use two units to the position of the head and the tail, it worked but sometimes those unit get stucked and I don't know why. I made...
  3. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Calculating a variable difference of heights

    I wanna create a lightning that comes from point a to point b using timer, but I wanna also change the height of the other extreme of that lightning that goes from the height of point a to b, taking into account that these can also vary, how must I calculate the height of each moment?
  4. HerlySQR

    [Spell] Lightning not changing to the correct color

    I made a trigger for 2 types of lightning with 2 different colors but for some reason it isn't change to the correct color, its the same for both, and I don't know what is wrong Magic Chains Events Unit - A unit Begins the effect of an ability Conditions Or - Any...
  5. NME Ironarrow

    Increase the size of Lightning Effect

    Hey Everyone! Is there a way to increase the size of a lightning effect such as healing wave?
  6. Knight of Arsford

    [Spell] Chain of Hammers

    I want to create a custom spell based on the chain lightning. It's nothing complicated, I just want to add it for a project. Basically, instead of lightning, it's a hammer. I've toyed around the storm bolt and the gryphon rider missiles but I don't seem to get the "chain" effect it does...
  7. Mathayis

    Orb of fire, frost lightning no longer working?

    Hey there! I'm having some issues with the orb of fire, lighting and frost....For whatever reason the effects stopped working on certain units. For example, I go to pick up an orb of fire, it will add the attack damage, and show the orb circling the weapon, but there's no splash damage! Same...
  8. hemmedo

    (Solved) Need SFX fix on this spell

    Greetings, I need an AoE drain life for my map and it seems that this spell which was made by D4RK_G4ND4LF compensates my needs pretty much. But, apparently there is a graphical problem in this spell:\ The lightning effect doesn't show up properly unless fog of war is disabled or something. I...
  9. Thiiago

    [Ability Effect] Three Spheres like Lightning Orb

    I just need thats, this "triple orbs" "green" is like how an "triple" Lightning Orb Target Thanks
  10. Rykon-V73

    Additional armor request

    After I decided to remove the request related to poop or crap, I decided to move forward. I made the Breath of Lightning ability. Now, after the spell, the hero will be given 4 armor for 4 seconds. This is something I can't do. This is for level 1. Level 2 -5 armor for 5 seconds. Level 3 -6...
  11. Rykon-V73

    Lightning Bolt Missile placement

    When I hit a unit, a Priest from the creep race, the bolt hits the upper part of the enemy, instead of the enemy. Any way to fix this?
  12. Rykon-V73

    Lightning Ward weirdness

    After successfully adding Fire Ward for a hero(I don't know how to edit it for a unit), I decided to insert Lightning Ward next. Trigger: MyAlbum I inserted everything right, but when I tested it in-game, the lightning was replaced with my Obsidian Golems. Is there a way to change the code here?
  13. Argus

    [Solved] Why does my lightning effect not work in multiplayer?

    This works fine in singleplayer, but the lightning effect doesn't show up in multiplayer. This first trigger creates the effect. function Trig_Skeleton_King_Copy_Actions takes nothing returns nothing // Creating the Normal Wave set udg_Temp_Point = GetRectCenter(gg_rct_StuffSpawnsHere)...
  14. BTNGreatLightning


    From the original art 'Hagara the Stormbinder' by Mr--Jack from Deviant Art Link: http://mr--jack.deviantart.com/art/Hagara-the-Stormbinder-367781909
  15. KeepitMovinBaby

    Lightning effect won't show!

    Hello. I have ecountered a minor problem (again) where my JNGP World editor cannot show some lightning except Chain Lightning primary and secondary, Finger of Death. How Could that be? Is there any solution?
  16. Koltira

    Model Lightning Bug

    Whenever i select this harpy model (a copy of a harpy model with a different skin, i edited the .mdl and just changed paths) the whole map's models become unlit here's when i select it: Gyazo - 143633ee0e5024e781c21fd72664cdba.jpg and here's normal: Gyazo - 71752608a10d7a91d17aecaad47d6a01.jpg...
  17. Spellbound

    Lightning Effect Pack

    This is a collection of lightning effects I made. I don't really like Warcraft 3's vanilla lightning effects, so I decided to make my own. This pack contains 7 new types of lightning, each with 8 colours, and two bonus ones. Version history: v2.0 - Targeting Laser, Chain, Chain Alt, and...
  18. Thiiago

    [Spell] Rage of the Skies

    I need help to an things with my triggered spell. Basically the name is "Rage of the Skies", your select an greater AoE Point and basically invokes an "storm" of lightnings in area. Anyone rebember the Ult of Zeus, in Moba game SMITE?, alright is like! If don't know and want see, look: Ok! but...
  19. RobertMKD

    'Lghtning Attack' causes the game to crash!

    When two units with the ability 'Lightning Attack' attack one same unit at the same time the game crashes.. Can somebody explain me why and how do I fix this? There's also lags even when only one unit is attacking with this ability..
  20. RobertMKD

    Change Lightning Color

    I want to change the color of the Lightning effects on one of my chain spells. Is there a way to do it, or I have to trigger the whole spell?