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  1. HerlySQR

    How can I make my map brighter?

    I was noticing that in my map is very difficult see something when is at night, so I wanna know if there is a way to make it brighter, something like disabling the illumination in the World Editor but still noticing the day and night cycles, something similar, but not exactly equal to this...
  2. First screenshot from my upcoming Pokemon Dark/Light project (version 0.43)

    First screenshot from my upcoming Pokemon Dark/Light project (version 0.43)

    As title says it, its all I have to say now. Features are -Elite four -150 first gen pokemons usable -Custom made pokedex -ect lots of features to come The Project is currently "frozen" because I encountered strange lobby bug where game could not be started.. I Dont know what is causing that.
  3. Uncle

    Hero emits light when selected (see pictures)

    Hello, I'm not too sure what is going on here. I have a hero with the default Arthas model and CloudWolf's Turalyon skin. When you select the Hero a light is emitted near it at a fixed position. See the pictures attached below for a better understanding. In picture 1 I don't have the hero...
  4. Renault FT

    Renault FT

    Just needs wheels and few other things and i think it will be good to go. Credit to HerrDave for base models.
  5. Followers Of The Light

    Followers Of The Light

    ''We are the chosen of the light WE SHALL NOT FALL.''-Arthas Menethil
  6. High Elves

    High Elves

    HE Army V0.5
  7. Collapse


    Here is the first hint of project. There is a map. Each of the opposing bases are connecting by 3(+2) lanes defended by structures. Forces are Light (Naaru) and Shadow (Void Lords) Background story will be avaible (Keywords: Nozdormu, Thrall, Cycle, Madness, Corrupt, Old Gods, Murozond, Alternative
  8. Lord_Marrowgrath

    Child of Light and Shadow

    Hello. Can someone make new illidan model like this? (not skin) +4 REP and CREDIT
  9. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Aeon of Strife] WARCRAFT: Collapse

    By Lord Marrowgrath TOWERS When Void and Light collapse, Towers becomes unstable and out of control. It turns to Broken Keeper and deals damage to nearby units. Forces needs to capture or destroy Broken Keeper. If players destroy Broken Keeper, it will remove...
  10. HerrDave

    [General] Torch light disappearing

    Can someone explain to me why when I have a custom model (no mesh, just omni light) in my map, all other light sources stop working? Custom torch models and regular ones no longer produce light, and this is rather annoying as that was the entire point of having them there.
  11. HE Army V0.2

    HE Army V0.2

    Added 1 new unit.
  12. HE Army V0.1

    HE Army V0.1

    "The Strong must protect the weak" - beside the concepts of honor and duty this is the main morale of Empire of The Light. Its soldiers form an army of peacekeepers and healers who wish only to bring peace and protect the innocent. The capital city of this empire is the ultimate symbol of Hope.
  13. Ungoliath

    MODEL REQUEST: Glowing Neon Lights (colored)

    Hello! I haven't been able to find a particular model for my sci-fi map. The model, or models rather, I'm requesting are glows in all colors. Think of glows that emit from neon lights (cyberpunk style). The plan is to combine these colored glows with search lights, so they all need to cover a...
  14. UmbraUnda

    MODEL EDIT REQUEST: Heavy/Light Cavalry

    Please replace the knight's horse from this model to a bandit mage's horse. The initial model works well as a heavy cavalry unit (+attachments) however I need light cavalry too for my project. I tried asking @paladinjst but I got the cold shoulder. Also, if possible - replace the regular...