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  1. Datnes

    [Arena] Bladefury

    Bladefury is an project where Heroes playing against each other. Every hero has 5 skills to use. Maximum skill level is 20. Maximum hero level is 60. Heroes getting gold from creeps and from other killed heroes. Players need to reach 4000 gold to win. There is 2 teams. Map is created for...
  2. Mark Mocher

    [Discussion] Starcraft 2 High Quality Maps

    Wasteland Screenshots:
  3. HerlySQR

    I need a beta testers

    I made a multiplayer map that it has things like in Dota but have missions and "levels", but I need people to look for bugs, balance and add ideas.
  4. Dispatcher

    Hero Minimum and Maximum level

    Hello guys do any of you guys know how to limit the level of a specific hero? Like i want my ai hero to have a maximum level of 15 but at the same time my actual heroe's maximum level is level 10 do you know how to do this guys?
  5. Veray

    A Custom Map I Played Once

    Hi everyone! I was hoping someone else might remember a custom map that I use to play a lot, a long time ago. From what I remember it was some sort of survival style map. The map itself was massive, I think it was mostly tropical, but remember a giant snowy mountain in the west side of the map...
  6. Jaccouille

    [General] Makes Creep gains level over time?

    I got creeps spawning randomly on a map, I want them to get stronger the longer they stay alive, and want them to grant more xp the stronger they are, I checked if I could do that with the set scale,damage,hp,name native. I haven't checked/decided on how I will handle xp, but I thought about...
  7. SoooK

    [Solved] Increase ability level with tech upgrade

    I want to increase the level of an ability by setting the current rersearch level of a corresponding tech, which increases the ability level. My goal is to increase the strength of the paladin in the test map. I'm using the item ability for that, but I can't get it to work. Does anyone see my...
  8. victorsuazo1991

    Level 10 - Neo-Genesis RPG

    Query. Create a single-player RPG; in which one of your missions was to raise your Hero to level 10, until there all good, because when reaching that level, the Hero received the corresponding reward and the quest was discarded. Now I want to make this multiplayer map ... it happens that when...
  9. blancostarz

    [vJASS] Combo system level based. Need help with efficiency

    Hi guys, I'm messing around with a combo system to learn JASS. Yeah, I know, I'm late to the party haha. So, I currently have a script that makes a combo with Q and W skills. More skills will be added as finishers and things like that but basically when you use Q or W, you get the next skills in...
  10. HerrDave

    Smooth Waterfall / Water Level

    I used to know how to make a smooth waterfall (multiple water planes that connect smoothly) AND Not only can I not recall it to save my life, but all of the old guides are either too old to have the very, very necessary pictures, or the text-based ones simply don't work. I dearly need help...
  11. titans_zealot

    Starter Edition Adventure

    I'd like to ask anyone who plays WoW in the US to join me in my character(s) 1-20 leveling experience because I only have starter edition and it gets quite lonely sometimes because I try and be the annoying trace of dust that tries to do traditional /say talking with people with mild success. So...
  12. kazenokage


    So I have seen in an RPG that it exceeded the unit's maximum level which is 100 in gameplay constant, I want to know if there is a workaround the unit's max level or is it unchangeable at the moment ? P.S: Tried using jassnewgen but no luck. :D
  13. Captain Bacon

    [Trigger] Non-Linear Health per level trigger.

    Hello everyone! I am currently making sort of a PvP RPG (can't really classify it) and I've run into a problem: I need certain units to level up with the hero, so I gave them a "Level Progression" upgrade, which raises a damage and a health ability level for those units. The damage increase...
  14. AquaFire

    Another Aura Stacking Question(s):

    Hello Everyone, I am aware that there are a lot of threads concerning this topic. However, I have not been able to find an answer to these questions (either because they haven't been answered or because I am just ignorant). Either way, I would appreciate if someone could help me. 1. If two...