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  1. Armelior_is_back

    [SD/Misc] [icon] undead doom guard

    Hello, I'm currently updating my rise of the lich king remake again and I'm searching for an icon for the undead version of doom guards that the Scourge is using in my campaign. This guy : Here is the link to the skin : skull demon skin on the hive with a closeup image of the face If anyone...
  2. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] high elven verstion of some custom assets

    hello in need some high elven verstion of some of the custom asstes there are for the blood elf in order to make my own verstion of the Scorge invation to Quel'thalas , the blood elven buildins and its icons , blood elven arcane guardian and icons , blood elven ballista and icons , blood elf...
  3. Tigrick

    Hide the 'build menu' ability button (while retaining functionality)

    Hello! I want the button that opens the build menu to be hidden. I tried 3 methods, but they all failed: Editing "units/CommandFunc.txt" so that the Build Button's Position is 0,-11. The build button's position remained unchanged ingame. I tested the 0,-11 value for other buttons like move...
  4. Armelior_is_back

    [SD/Misc] [Icons] zombies variations

    Hello people, I'm working on a map where you attack enemy bases with a hero and a zombie horde, it's sort of a reverse tower defense. The zombies can have different upgrades (2nd and third current icons are reversed in the picture) : I'm using the models found here : zombie orcs so I would...
  5. Agility tavern of Light Side from Dota map

    Agility tavern of Light Side from Dota map

    Twelve new icons at agility tavern of Dark Side on Dota map. Some of them you can find at my resource section.
  6. newstone.png


    A simple diagram: how I made a new stone icon.
  7. Altruistic Anduin

    [HD/Misc] Snowy Owl as an Owl Scout icon

    The three levels of the Owl Scout unit has what looks like a unibrow. I am looking for an icon that will show the ethereal owl of the Sentinel ability, since it will use that art effect on my custom ability. I figured using one of the Owl Scout levels' unit icon, since both the Owl Scouts and...
  8. master Gul'dan

    [SD/Texturing] Find an icon or make an icon

    Hi friends can anyone find or make orc lumber upgrade one?
  9. Veronnis

    (Resolved) Get String for an Icon Path (Was this feature removed??)

    Hello and thank you for your time, I've been using a string variable to: [Set Stringvariable = Icon Path of Last Created Item] But it seems like Blizzard has removed the ability to reference an Icon Path for items as I can no longer assign that variable to an iconpath. Does anyone know if...
  10. Lordliw

    Peasant Icon in the bottom left corner

    Hello. You guys know when there are available workers not working? And then their icons show in the bottom left corner? Well I wanna know how I can change it to a different icon. Thanks in forwards to those that answer. :grin:
  11. Lordliw

    Changing score screen player icon

    Hello, I need help with my map. I'm curious how I can change a player's icon at the score screen when the game ends. I have browsed the internet and found nothing. Thanks in forward to those that reply. :)
  12. Nortander

    [HD/Misc] Reforged quality-like Dwarf priest icon

    Hello there ! :vw_love: I am looking for a Reforge-quality like icon for the Dwarf priest (by dehme). Sadly, I think the .mdx model is no longer on the Hive so I can only show you how it looks with the screenshot below : Thanks a lot to any good soul around there! <3 Nortander
  13. Nortander

    [HD/Misc] Reforged quality-like Val'Kyr icon

    Hello there! :vw_love: I am using the Dark Val'Kyr model from WoW in several maps and even a campain of mine, and I could really use of an icon for it. Could you make one? I only play Reforge now so it should be high quality (that's why I'm not taking the few that already exist on the Hive)...
  14. Knight of Arsford

    [General] Ability Icons Not Appearing

    I know this isn't the first time it's been discussed, but I feel like mine's a peculiar case. I did read through the forums and their problems aren't nearly the same as mine. I was making a custom equipment system for an RPG. I made dummy passives out of 0% Bash to represent "empty" slots for...
  15. Cheshire

    [Import] find all uses of icon in map

    hey there, one of the icons I imported into my map has become corrupted, so I want to re-import it and replace in all places. the problem is that it's one I used in a bunch of places (a blank black square to hide dummy abilities) and I don't remember where. since my map is pretty big I would...
  16. ThePoet

    Dota LoD Bugs since Reforged

    Hello Hive, This help request is intended for anyone who can fix, or can explain how to fix the following minor bugs in Defense of the Ancients - Legends of Dota (Dota LoD). Also, if anyone has access to an unprotected version of this map so that said bugs can be fixed, it would also be...
  17. ThePoet

    Dota LoD bugs

    Hello, There are a few minor bugs in Dota LoD ever since reforged came out which are discussed in detail on blizzard's forum here: Dota LoD Bugs Some b.net programmers even replied with possible solutions to these bugs, however, nobody seems to be willing to, or able to implement said...
  18. bruunk

    [General] Is there a way to hide the "Attack Ground" button for artillery units

    I want to hide the "attack ground" button from my units and have instead a custom ability that will essentially act as a replacement for "attack ground". The only real difference is that I am using "Channel" with "Unique Cast" checked. It's not mandatory to have, but if it is possible it would...
  19. Tigrick

    No red icon upon Curse/Drunken Haze

    When a unit is under the effect of Drunken Haze, its icon in the UI is red. I do not want that. I am using a Drunken-Haze-based ability to make a spell's icon greyed out for a while.
  20. Barorque

    CSW - Resources

    Greetings! As you know we made quite a few custom models, textures and icons for the project. This thread will serve as a collection of them. First of all to not spam the resource sections on Hive, and to have a better overview for you all, plus the ability to post feedback. Note: Not all...
  21. DexterFstone

    Use the upg icon

    Hi everyone. I had a question, I wanted to know what the use of the upg icon is and how I can use it. For example, should I enter the number method? (Charging example)
  22. bruunk

    [General] Dummy Unit that has Neutral Building Minimap Icon

    Hello, I'm trying to mark certain locations with the Neutral Building Minimap Icon using dummy units, though for some reason the Icon shows up during the loading screen, but it does not show on the player's in-game minimap. The unit has: Neutral Building - Shows Minimap Icon = True Stats -...
  23. DexterFstone

    Icon Import

    Hi I import icon and it's good view in game but when game is pause icon has green color How to fix?
  24. Knight of Arsford

    [General] Disabled ATC Icons?

    I've looked around the forums and didn't find a solution to my problem. I know well enough the basic BTN and DISBTN but I can't seem to make it work on the ATC icons. I've tried ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtonsDisabled\DISATCIcon.blp and...
  25. J2Krauser

    [Solved] Dynamically changing button position to "stack abilities"

    Misleading title, and hi. I can't think of a short title that actually communicates my question properly. So, the situation: 4 different spell books. These are the abilities, or rather the arrays of abilities if we're trying hard to be technically correct. They contain the stuff I want, and...
  26. Dispatcher

    Simple icon Request!

    Hellooo can someone send me an icon of the dark ranger the one of "Curse of the Forsaken" and the icon of the Peryton the Large Blue nightelven Wolf Crow creature (sorry i don't know how else to describe that creature)
  27. Dispatcher

    Simple Icon Recolor

    Is it possible for this icon to be recolored as Green? to think of it as a kind of nature like icon. so can somebody recolor it pls. Edit:also can somebody make this icon edit this icon to a normal BTN icon the UPG icon is what i'm talking about it cannot be edited through Button Manager it...
  28. Dispatcher

    Icon Recolor

    Hello Again guys i need this icon to be recolored as Yellow to make it more like a Holy kind of icon
  29. slimshaby

    Create Minimap Icons/Models

    Hi guys! I want to display various CUSTOM MADE icons in the form of Models on the minimap via the following trigger action: Cinematic - Create Minimap Icon at (Center of (Playable map area)) of color (255, 255, 255) using UI\Minimap\MiniMap-Goldmine.mdl and fog visibility Black mask...
  30. TheFireMage

    [Classic WC3 Icon] Trueshot Aura

    Hi, can someone make the arrow (I think it is?) in trueshot aura icon to be half white originally and half red? But not too red.
  31. Dispatcher

    Simple Icon Recolor

    Can someone recolor this icon into a Blue one? Thanks!
  32. Dispatcher

    Icon Request

    Hello can somebody recolor the the icon of the Night Elf Archer that matches this one Thank in Advance!
  33. master Gul'dan

    Icon recolor

    Please recolor or edit these icons to forest troll. Thanks.
  34. loktar

    Spearman (WC1) Icon

    I need an icon for the Spearman (WC1). Usually I edit a Blizz icon, but there aren't really any that are suitable. It needs to fit the WC3 style in general, and the icons in [Altered Melee] - WC3: Orcs & Humans specifically. Would be nice if it resembles the original WC1 icon a bit, but it's...
  35. Dispatcher

    Organizing Unit Button

    This question is a lot well not really alot but i well be separating them. 1.how do i organize the unit icons in a building like i want to replace the barrack units to a grunt and raider but instead of where the footman and rifleman icon originally was the grunt and raider are now in the 3rd...
  36. Dispatcher


    Does anyone know how to turn an icon to a DISBTN because when i pause the game the icon turns green i downloaded a jpg converting it into an icon in the warcraft 3 model editor but how can i make a DISBTN of it?
  37. Kemayo

    Dryad Frost Nymph Skin

    Could someone paint me a Frost Nymph Skin and Icon for the Dryad? Something in the likes of this:
  38. Cheshire

    looking for icon of crown of flames

    hey, looking for an icon for a crown that is made of fire. thanks!
  39. Kemayo

    Highelf Huntress/Highelf Lieutenant

    Could someone please create a Highelf version of the Bloodelf Lieutenant aswell as the Nightelf Huntress? Including Icons please. I'd much appreciate the effort!
  40. ravellani

    [Solved] Weird Priest Icon

    I have a small issue. I made a hero and I wanted him to have the priests icon but in the game, the hero icon on the side of the screen is completely green. Why is this happening? I copied the fields from for icon from the priest and his icon works.
  41. Rykon-V73

    Watch Tower - icon

    Dies anyone have the icon for this type of Watch Tower? Watch Tower I knew there was already an icon fit for this model. Is it still on the site?
  42. Ilexa

    [General] Multiple Editor issues while developing new map.

    Hey I've been facing some problems that are really bothering me when it comes to a new map I'm developing; I have a spell based on "Drunken Brawler" that only partially works. The critical strike portion simply does not proc no matter what I set it to, even 100% I've tried giving the unit the...
  43. Barorque

    Full Icon Tutorial (Reforged) + ¨tool¨

    Note My method works but is partially inefficient for file size, @Prometheus3375 suggests the following: Introduction As with many things, Reforged has changed some aspects of icons, so an updated guide is necessary. I'd like this guide to be useful for both veteran and new icon-creators...
  44. matin45

    Crossbowman Icon

    Can I ask icon makers to make an icon for this useful model? Crossbowman I need it for my project
  45. Kentaru_Z

    Reforged "Exclusive" Classic Models.

    I wanted to know if there is a way to have access to the "exclusive" classic models, textures (and their soundset if new) released with Reforged, specifically the female Death Knight and Demon Hunter. I don't own Reforged, but I would like to get my hands on the new stuff with the classic...
  46. Barorque

    WarCraft III Reforged - Icon Template

    UPDATED Full tutorial now here: [2D Art] - Full Icon Tutorial (Reforged) + ¨tool¨
  47. W

    Discussion: Icons submission's rules & guidelines, WC3 icons' borderlines to WC3R icons' borderlines

    The icons' submission rules and guidelines say the standard Warcraft 3 borders, with the Button Managers, is there the consideration of switching from WC3 icons' borderlines to WC3R icons' borderlines since they are still WC3-based instead of the latter? Or, prolly, is it fine for the future...
  48. gchibeni

    Map Creation Kit

    Introduction: Hello. Im here to drop this super duper map creation kit that I made, which contains tools to create full HD up to 4K LOADING SCREENS and MAP ICONS, tools to PROTECT your maps from filthy thieves, and even maps with TRIGGERS that can be easily copied and pasted to your maps ...
  49. Detherior

    [Spell] Item Ability Icon Bug

    So I'm trying to make a Lightning Orb ability into a Hero ability but I'm having a problem. Firstly I believe it's a known bug that item abilities, when changed to normal or Hero abilities are bugged, their icon not displaying properly. So to try and work around this I used a trigger to add the...
  50. Dord96

    Blood knight model and icon

    hello i requset\need male blood elf blood knight sword & shield based on the blood elf lieutenant model that is not a hero but T3 unit pleand role is healer\tank pleass help thank you .p.s he dosnt have to have a helamt and on foot thank you