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hero abilities

  1. SerenityInFire

    [Altered Melee] Need Ideas for Lizard Man Hero spells

    I need some ideas for spells and abilities for the following heroes for the Lizard Man faction in my map, Barbarians: The Dark Ages. [Altered Melee] - Barbarians: The Dark Ages Warlord - Strength Hero, adept at stunning and damaging enemy troops. Has Thunder Clap and Bash. Royal Guard - Agility...
  2. D

    The Hive Spellbook

    Hello :D Since I write spell ideas almost each day, I thought of creating a thread that will be constantly updated whenever I add new ideas. If you have any spell suggestions, don't hesitate to post! I think that a source of abilities ideas would be of great benefit. Gravity Striker -...
  3. issaltar

    [General] Creating a custom hero

    So this is my first post not exactly sure how to go about this. I haven't messed with the editor in ~15 years trying to get back into the swing of things. I wanted to make a custom berserker hero and ran into a few snags and came across the site in my quest to answer my questions. Currently, I'm...
  4. FeelMyRash

    Fifth ability for melee heroes?

    Hey guys, wazzup! Its me again! (honestly, this is basically the only forum I post in here on HIVE... hopefully that'll change in the future...). I'm here to bring about a discussion (which isn't ACTUALLY a discussion, as I'm also using it for ideas, which is why I posted here). You see, I'm...
  5. Tburn1910

    making melee ai learn spells with a customized max level

    i don't know why but i love customizing the standard melee heroes' spells like the damage and all, including their max level. here's the thing tho, so like let's say i adjusted the max level for Priestess of the Moon's Trueshot Aura to a level 5 (since the standard max level for Trueshot Aura...
  6. Geegwolker

    Item Reset Cooldown of all Abilities

    Hi, i would like to ask if someone could help me make CD Ability trigger for my item. All i need is to have Item(i can easly make) that when carried by hero makes all abilities for every hero cooldown to 50%( or whatever number except to 0%). I Work with Gui not JASS. Thank you for reply, Geeg
  7. jaypea97

    Map Editor > AI Editor > Heroes > "Skill selection for Hero"

    Hello, I'm currently faced with a problem with the Map Editor (AI Editor) where when I select Heroes such as Mannaroth or Kael as the first / second / third hero their skill selection is filled with just unknown () although Kael (as an example) should have all of those filled out. I've searched...
  8. HerlySQR

    [General] Change hero abilities

    I wanna when you select a hero in my map under specific conditions the selected hero has differents abilities than it would normally have, I tried add abilty, but it just set it in lvl 1 and I can't learn it, my solution was create 2 different heros but, Is there a better solution?
  9. Phyrus

    [Trigger] Switch between "Level 1" hero abilities and "Level 2" hero abilities

    Hello, I have a huge problem with my selfmade hero "Wishmaster". He has three hero abilities that at the beginning at "Level 1" (you can level up this spells as normal hero abilities, they are "red book 1", "blue book 1" and "green book 1") Now I want with his ultimate ability "Arcane Wisdom"...
  10. DexterFstone

    learn skill

    why I can't learn the last skill in all heroes, What is problem?
  11. Lord_Earthfire

    Developing ideas for semi-active "surviveability/dodge" abilities

    Hello there, Before i start with throwing around a discussion round, i would go forward and talk about the project the ideas will likely be incorporated: Link: [Defense / Survival] - Invasion on Az'kar, a dodging based hero survival The game revolves around very fast paced fights in an area...
  12. FSK

    How to add hero abilities to spellbook?

    Looks like it can only use item and unit abilities, is that correct? I can't start with item or unit abilities then convert in game with triggers for various reasons. Thanks
  13. pootykins

    Custom hero ability to increase base attack range of hero

    So, my first thoughts were to use a custom version of the upgrade "Long Rifles" that only my hero would have available in his tech tree and that would have a number of levels equal to a corresponding custom skill i have for the hero to learn. my plan was to use a trigger so that when the hero...
  14. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Role Playing Game] Need abilities for 2 custom heroes: a Lich and a Poison Treant

    Hello all, I'm making a MOBA for myself and my friends and I'm working on custom heroes. Two of them are a Lich and a Treant. Each Hero has 4 abilities: 3 basic abilities (Q, W, and E), and an ultimate (R). Here are their current abilities, including their placeholder abilities that I would...
  15. ThisPOT

    New Hero Ability System

    Howdy all, I just made this Hero Ability system (yes I know there are others out there), and was hoping for suggestions and feedback. What makes this system different from other Dialogue based systems is that using the new natives, it fetches everything for you from the Object editor itself. It...