1. Barbafire

    [Arena] Outerworld Arena ALPHA v.0.1

    Hello folks from all the Hive! I'm Fabiano Silva, also known as Barbafire (annoucing myself for one more time), and I'm coming here to announce my project, previously called "Gladiator Map for War3": Outerworld Arena! Project Idea (already posted here at Hive, and copied right below): I have...
  2. bakuma

    (WIP) Warcraft 3 - RoC Expanded and Enhance

    WARCRAFT 3 RoCEX Devblog So you may know i'm working on the completely enhanced and expanded campaign know as Reign of Chaos Expanded and Enhance (or RoCEX for short). The plan is to use the inspiration from both Re-Reforged and The Chronicles of the Second War with retaining some of them...
  3. Ricola3D

    X Hero Siege 3.33 - New dev branch, anyone interested ?

    Hello, Like many players, I am still fond of the X Hero Siege map from Sogat, and playing a lot the latest stable version 3.33. However I became eager to improve this version ! Somehow I got my hands on an editable version corresponding to 3.33 and I'm starting to improve it (see the list...
  4. TheSilverhand

    Creep Wars Content help?

    I have been working on this project solo for over a year now, and I am at need of someone who could help me with my project. I have a map called Creep wars: CreepWarsTSHv39 The goal of the game is to Destroy the enemy castle, where you can also conquer control points to earn extra Gold &...
  5. Troxxy

    [Aeon of Strife] Noctis [Beta 2.31]

    Noctis Beta 2.31 Download current version of the map*: *you can scroll to the "attached files" section as well... **Also, there's an archive there. You can check some of Noctis's old versions if you want. Join Noctis Development...
  6. NightStalker

    [Campaign] Path of Achilles

    Achilles is a male in his early adulthood, who is living in a village under the control of the Roman Empire. Every year in a certain day, the Romans send soldiers to these villages and take the males into their ranks of the army after putting them through a hard training. Achilles is going to be...
  7. stonneash

    Creating a random generated map at game start

    I looked around to see if anyone has done it, a randomly generated map every time the game starts based on an algorithm. Is it possible? is there anyone willing to help me make one?
  8. Sxar

    Calia Menethil - Campagin Main plot and Side quests

    About the story until now (I'm not native english so excuse me if I made some gramm mistakes): - Calia Menethil, daughter of King Terenas. She is few years old more than Arthas. - The story beguins when Arthas returns from Northrend expedition. She's in a makeover to recive Arthas when he enters...
  9. DeMoN100

    Looking for Trigger / JASS AI Scripters

    Looking to create a RP map like all the other successes. I am currently at this moment terraining the map and writing a unique storyline with a whole custom lore. I will update post with screenshots soon and need someone who is familiar with writing triggers and scripting commands and animations...
  10. Hordeon

    Tutorial: Easy income system

    Hello today this tutorial (THIS IS MINI-TUTORIAL!) will show you how to do basicly correct income (Without Leaks). My own income sysyem (I use this in my maps): Non-Leaking Income Events Time - Every X seconds of the game time Conditions Actions Set tempGroup = (Units of type X...