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  1. HerlySQR

    I'm making the not building anything challenge in the campaing, I need advices

    Hello, as I said I trying to make the not building anything challenge in the campaing (on Hard), but the ROC human mission 5 is completely insane, the last wave is impossible to handle, but also too hard to kite, I expendend 3 hours to beat it and the furthest I got is 14 seconds remaining, so I...
  2. Thanathor

    Is there a possibility of Retcon?

    I know they said after the first week something like "we have no plans for this," but do you think Blizzard will put the Retcon forward and update the campaign? Of course, always leaving the original campaign aside, without touching it, with its little button aside to play it. Do you think...
  3. ShadowGamerXXX

    Warcraft Alternative Campaign (Conceptual Phase)

    I plan to do an alternative warcraft campaign, I'll talk a little bit about this to see if they're interested enough to start doing it. 1 Reversal of Heroes (Human Campaign) (Playable) For now I'm at the basics, I'll start with the human campaign, in which we can find the following heroes...
  4. Bigdaddyhu

    Enhanced Campaings aren't recognised

    Hi guys! First time ever making a thread, hope that it goes to the right place. So, let's start. I downloaded this enhanced campaing of Warcraft 3. It looked very good on videos, but when I put it into my campaing folder and start it in the game, the game itself doesn't recognise the enhanced...
  5. Arkth

    Custom RoC Campaing difficult issue

    Hello guys, I'm glad to be around with the community. First of all, excuse my english, I'll try to make me understand: So I'm "remastering" or "rebooting" RoC and TFT Campaings, using custom models and trying to be more loyal to Wow history, adding some known characters and surprises here and...
  6. ashkyn

    Are there any edited RoC/TFT campaigns with stronger heroes?

    Basically, the title - are there any edited versions of the original campaigns that feature stronger heroes in some way? Uncapped levels, more items etc. I've had a look and there is just so many maps to wade through and google is singularly unhelpful in this context. Thanks in advance!
  7. raco12

    [General] I can change Size of a map once its already created?

    I am creating a blank base map with all the units, buildings and heroes that I will use later in the campaign I am planning to do, but I do not know if you can change the map environment, size without losing the units created and imported or easily passed them To all to a new map without need of...
  8. raco12

    [Campaign] How To Bring Turalyon to Azeroth?

    Some days ago I posted an Idea of a new campaign for Warcraft 3 TFT, Right Now, I'm actually starting to Write A History Based on the original story after TFT when arthas crown himself as the new Lich King. So i want to the comunity to help me with the protagonist of the campaing, cause i will...
  9. firevlad711

    Unclear Rule

    I searched the rules to inform myself about my little problem and I didn't find anything mentioning it? I know it is against the rules to post wow rips. But if I want to make and upload a campaign with a lot of wow rips, will it be a problem? Thanks in advance to anybody who wants to help me.
  10. Sxar

    Calia Menethil - Campagin Main plot and Side quests

    About the story until now (I'm not native english so excuse me if I made some gramm mistakes): - Calia Menethil, daughter of King Terenas. She is few years old more than Arthas. - The story beguins when Arthas returns from Northrend expedition. She's in a makeover to recive Arthas when he enters...