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  1. SwissDerd

    SetBlight Desync Issues

    I haven't seen anyone post about this but thanks to the guys working on W3CE it's been revealed that the SetBlight native has a major problem: it will remove blight (regardless of the value of the addBlight argument) for any player that is holding down the shift key. This can easily cause a...
  2. Eros

    Custom Tree Textures NOT Affected by Blight

    Imported treeBlight texture work properly in the editor, but in-game, only the normal texture shows up. Any idea or tricks on how to fix this?
  3. Doorsmasher7

    [General] Power Fields <help required>

    Hey guys So I'm doing some custom race design and I've decided I really want this race to feature a "you can only build near our buildings" mechanic for buildings similar to the undead's blight or power fields from the protoss race in Starcraft. Ideally, I'd simply be able to duplicate the...
  4. Rektis

    [General] Can't figure out source of blight

    I can't figure out what's causing blight to spawn here. There isn't even a single building that can spawn blight on the map. Where does the additional blight in image #2 come from? It should look like image #1 ingame.
  5. Rektis

    [General] How to only place blight when placing blight in WE - not dirt, too?

    When you place blight in the editor, it rips apart the grass by placing dirt in the vicinity of the blight. Can you disable that behaviour temporarily? My terrain is already finished, but I need to place lots of 1-3 tile wide blights on dozens of places all around the map. I don't want to have...
  6. OnyxTheDark

    [Request/Link?] HQ Blight

    Hello everyone I might not be on the right part of the forum If not please move it to the right section I was wondering if someone had ever made a High quality of the Blight tile If so could someone send me the link ? If not could someone do it and explain me how to add it into the editor...
  7. Mister_Haudrauf

    [Trigger] Change Terrain type into another ingame and making it look like it is natural. (Like Blight)

    So i make it simple: You know of the Blight ability of the undead buildings right? Well i want to recreate that by using normal triggers and while still maintaining the original blight. While i did make it to the point of making it like the blight the problem is that it isn't natural. Here...
  8. Adorm

    [Solved] Running into some issues

    Hey All, Just looking to get some assistance in regards to a problem I've run into in the map I'm developing. I've created a custom unit which is considered a Unit and not a building, but can train units. However, the bar that usually displays the queue for which unit is being trained does...
  9. TheFifthHorseman

    Trigger for living units on damage upon blighted ground.

    Hi. I am in the middle of making a map called The Desolation of the Scourge and am reaching the final stages of development. One of the aspects of the map is to make human units take damage while on blighted ground. I have tried to give them a negative health regeneration while on blight but it...
  10. Jeppe109

    [General] Checking for Blight Ownership

    This point of discussion was touched upon in this thread, unfortunately not in the way in which I am interested in it, and since the thread was closed for replies, I found I had no choice but to create a new one. As you know, the "Create/Remove Blight ..." triggers let you set ownership of the...
  11. Elite-Marco

    Creating blight when walking + Crypt Lord's secret animations

    Ok, i need help with 2 abilities, the first one is for a unit called "Hel" she is supossed to be the ruler of the hell. She already have all her abilities, stats, etc, but what i want is a spell that creates blight where she walks, i already make one but it only create it when she appeared...
  12. Death Comes Swift

    A few questions about Blight

    Me and my friend are making a map and we want building restricted around certain buildings. We wanted to know, is blight a terrain like grass, or is it a mask that is placed OVER the terrain, like a boundary. Edit: If blight is a mask, is it a replaceable texture?