Nekros Skullcrusher
Nekros designed by me. Demon Soul designed by Moonman.
@Bagysta I know what that model is supposed to be.
No, I meant the lightening and colour looks like from a different universe or something. Also, looks too much like a coin overall.
Hmm... there is only so much that can be done with the textures of a coin.
Some references show it to be just a plain gold-ish disc, others have a slight dragon silhouette.
@Moonman I think you could improve it with an FX.
Basically, now it looks as if light is it rather than it emitting anything, except for the side FX.
Maybe you could think of something that would mesmerize the dragon, like a mirror or something swirling, I don't know...
Yeah, i mean, next to that "nameless generic" dragon Staff, the demon soul looks like a plain coin :p

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