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  1. Wolf


  2. Thra


  3. Thr


  4. Thrall_head


  5. Mag'har Grommash

    Mag'har Grommash

  6. Thrall_head.png


  7. LeCrepe

    [HD/Modeling] Dragonmaw Orc WoW Model Import Request

    Howdy, I'm looking for a number of specific models for something I'm working on, I've tried importing them myself, but after many months, it's clear to me that I can't pull it off. I'm going to list them out, along with the specific animations and sounds they need, to the best of my ability...
  8. Horde Heroes

    Horde Heroes

    - Beastmaster (Summons Worg / Boar / eagle) - Tauren Chieftain - Shadow Hunter (Summons: Snake totem) - Blademaster (Splits into: Storm, Earth and Fire aspects) - Far Seer (Summons: Feral Spirits)
  9. 6.0 Thrall with hair.jpg

    6.0 Thrall with hair.jpg

  10. Art of War - Dark Horde Army

    Art of War - Dark Horde Army

  11. Art of War - Dark Horde Techtree

    Art of War - Dark Horde Techtree

  12. FemaleBM1.jpg


  13. shadowofkolosal

    [SD/Modeling] Request - Dragonmaw, Bleeding Hollow and Twilight Hammer Grunt

    Hi, I want to ask if anyone have those models or maybe If someone can create them. I would need them to be pretty similar to chronicles of second war style which is being developed Thanks alot
  14. FBM.jpg


  15. Artork312

    [SD/Modeling] Had anyone tried to make an Orc Necromancer before?

    So, I've been looking over Hive, and, a thing I found odd, was that there was no Orc Necromancers seen here! Weird, I thought, so here comes a request idea. Who thinks it'd be a fun idea to make this guy mere concept art no more? Just sayin'.
  16. Legends of Arkain-Inara the Viper (XNALARA)

    Legends of Arkain-Inara the Viper (XNALARA)

    A second attempt at trying to create a 3D version of Inara from Legends of Arkain by Shar Dundred with XNALARA Posing Studio 11.8 and the models that are available for use.
  17. New Shattered Hand models

    New Shattered Hand models

    Updated models for Shattered Hand grunt https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/shattered-hand-grunt.325467/
  18. Background Orc Campaign

    Background Orc Campaign

  19. Winter background - World editor

    Winter background - World editor

  20. D

    [Campaign] Campaign Idea Workshop by BatDominion1996

    Initially, I simply wanted to make a brief list for my campaign ideas and concepts on my profile page, but due to character limit I was not able to publish it, so I decided to make a thread in the Idea Factory forum section. Might update it from time to time if I have a desire to, but no...
  21. inactive forever

    [SD/Texturing] JPG into BLP

    can you turn this image into a blp? NOTE:WAR3VIEWER DOESNT WORK
  22. Orcland: Swordsharper - MenaiTheSwordmaster

    Orcland: Swordsharper - MenaiTheSwordmaster

  23. 2H Axe Animation

    2H Axe Animation

    This actually turned out to be easier to do than I thought it'd would
  24. Orc Chieftain

    Orc Chieftain

  25. Uv mapping is funny af

    Uv mapping is funny af

  26. Broxigar the red

    Broxigar the red

  27. New Bonechewer models

    New Bonechewer models

    Updated models for Bonechewer grunt https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/bonechewer-grunt.325506/
  28. Blackrock Clan Orcs

    Blackrock Clan Orcs

    Blackhand and his big happy family.
  29. Outland Oasis 2

    Outland Oasis 2

  30. Female grunt - derivative by clan

    Female grunt - derivative by clan

    Derivative for the female grunt https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/female-grunt-and-derivatives.328389/
  31. Nether Citadel Thrones

    Nether Citadel Thrones

  32. Fel Orc Camp at the top

    Fel Orc Camp at the top

  33. Orc Reaver Revamp

    Orc Reaver Revamp

    Just have to animate his helmet visor up while he's eating, and he'll be good to go
  34. Orc Slasher Revamp

    Orc Slasher Revamp

    All animations revamped, texture and body redone, and now he's suitable as a Hero unit
  35. Orc2.png


    After 1 year of deleting maps and starting from scratch and taking frustration breaks because I can't do terrain. Finally settled to this type of terrain. I hope I can improve it futher. Preview of the frist map. Blackrock (Red) Black Tooth Grin ( Black) Bleeding Hollow (Green) Player units.
  36. Dranosh Saurfang Mounted

    Dranosh Saurfang Mounted

    Kangyun's Dranos Saurfang model + Elrat's wolf rider's wolf mount + Jhonwar hero Nazgrel's wolf mount animations and armor bits
  37. bakuma

    [Campaign] Warcraft 3: RoCEX - Undead & Horde Campaigns Beta Test 1

    Hello guys! I ready to post a new campaign in the ongoing #RoCEX series by the end of the year! But i this is not still finished yet, but here its the Undead and Horde campaigns still in beta. (download below) The Undead Campaign will launched around december this year when the Horde campaign...
  38. Orc Camp.png

    Orc Camp.png

    Orc Camp
  39. Mech-orc


    it's a really cruel orc!
  40. dark scar grunt

    dark scar grunt

    The Dark Scar clan was an ancient orcish clan which was destroyed during the Blood River War. The only known person that took part in this war was Kash'drakor, who wielded the legendary Serathil. Nothing else is known about the Dark Scar clan other than an obscure piece of lore from the Orc RPG/Cam
  41. Burning Blade Orc Spearthrower

    Burning Blade Orc Spearthrower

  42. Burning Blade Orc Spearthrower Alternate

    Burning Blade Orc Spearthrower Alternate

  43. Warsong Orc Spearthrower

    Warsong Orc Spearthrower

  44. Blackrock Orc Spearthrower

    Blackrock Orc Spearthrower

  45. Frostwolf Orc Spearthrower Alternate

    Frostwolf Orc Spearthrower Alternate

  46. Frostwolf Orc Spearthrower

    Frostwolf Orc Spearthrower

  47. Orc Spearthrower

    Orc Spearthrower

  48. SevLlanto

    Orc / Night Elf / Undead / Wallpaper Adaptation

    I tried to adapt the well-known reforged campaign funds but in the world editor. Playing a bit with the terrain, customizing some elements for each composition, also playing with the lighting to highlight areas and darken some. Some behind-the-scenes screenshots: Night Elf Campaign Process...
  49. bakuma

    (WIP) Warcraft 3 - RoC Expanded and Enhance

    WARCRAFT 3 RoCEX Devblog So you may know i'm working on the completely enhanced and expanded campaign know as Reign of Chaos Expanded and Enhance (or RoCEX for short). The plan is to use the inspiration from both Re-Reforged and The Chronicles of the Second War with retaining some of them...
  50. Orc baby crib

    Orc baby crib

    Baby Thrall will be born soon