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Welcome to the Hive Workshop!
The Hive is a WarCraft 3 and StarCraft 2 modding community. There is a spot reserved just for you whether you need help, want to learn or contribute with quality resources, knowledge or help.
The site also contains a vast resource section including most of the resources that anyone will ever need for a modding project. You will find campaigns, icons, maps, models, skins, spells, scripts and tools. Extensive tutorials contain realms of information on how to create, improve and perfect your resources and maps. The Hive's forum allows everyone to talk about playing the game, modding it, making resources and many other subjects.
Merit Badge #3 - The Results
Oct 06, 2014 - 3:13 PM - by Pharaoh_

Merit Badge #3 has come to an end! We want to thank everyone for voting and determining their community's representatives.

After consideration, the winners should have accumulated at least 25% of the total public votes; thus, the winners are:

  • Dr Super Good: Level 1 Great Assistant
  • Heinvers: Merit Badge - Level 0
  • Mythic: Merit Badge - Level 0
  • Pharaoh_: Level 1 Community's Excellence
  • PurgeandFire: Merit Badge - Level 0
  • Ralle: Level 2 Grand Designer

Unfortunately, for the past 6 months, there has not been a user with consecutive helpful reports. Therefore, the Shadow Dancer award is not going to be given.

7 Replies
Medivh's Tower Revival
Oct 04, 2014 - 4:12 PM - by fladdermasken
We are launching a Medivh's Tower revival movement. Henceforth, all controversial and sensitive threads will be moved to Medivh's Tower. Medivh's Tower used to be run by whitelist means. In short, systematically allowing people who meet the criteria to post if they request for permissions. We are now revising this.

All membership requests will now be accepted

Requests must still be sent from your User CP.

What we instead will be doing is work from a blacklist standpoint. What this means, is that any user may be granted access. But fail to behave and conduct yourself in the manner dictated by Medivh's Tower, and you will be blacklisted. i.e. your rights to post in Medivh's Tower will be revoked.

Originally Posted by Rules View Post
Three Strike Policy

We keep a track record. Whenever you step out of line, by moderator judgement, you will receive a strike. Three strikes means you will be blacklisted and thus have your posting rights in Medivh's Tower revoked. The blacklisting will be in effect for two months. After this you may appeal and your case will be re-evaluated. Appeals are to be posted in Staff Contact, not in a publicly viewable forum.
For more information on how to conduct yourself, see the following threads.
11 Replies
Warcraft 3 Files in Battle.net Launcher
Oct 02, 2014 - 8:43 PM - by PurgeandFire

In one of the recent Battle.net launcher updates, Blizzard has included a couple of images for
Warcraft III into their mpq's (source).

The following files have been added:

What does this mean? Only time will tell. Recall that Blizzard expressed interest in reviving/updating
their older games to work on modern computers (and perhaps to take advantage of their new
Battle.net). That would be a godsend not only in connecting players across multiple games, but also
correcting a whole slew of issues with the current battle.net. None of this information is definitive,
but let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that Blizzard resurrects Warcraft 3!
45 Replies
Blizzard Cancels Titan
Sep 26, 2014 - 1:01 AM - by PurgeandFire
It has been over 7 years since word of Blizzard's secret "Titan" project first began to cultivate. Very little information was given to us, and last year, the team decided to "reset" Titan from scratch. It is known that it was supposed to be a new MMO, but the theme was never revealed.

2 days ago, Titan was officially canceled:

With Heroes of the Storm getting out of alpha soon, perhaps Blizzard wanted to focus their attention elsewhere.

Some may consider this a sad day, but look on the bright side: we knew so little about it, there is almost no reason to feel bad. And maybe it'll give Blizzard time to focus on their existing franchises (*cough* Warcraft 4 *cough*).

Kotaku has posted some information on what Titan was supposed to be (based on anonymous sources), but remember that this isn't official!
35 Replies
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