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Welcome to the Hive Workshop!
The Hive is a WarCraft 3 and StarCraft 2 modding community. There is a spot reserved just for you whether you need help, want to learn or contribute with quality resources, knowledge or help.
The site also contains a vast resource section including most of the resources that anyone will ever need for a modding project. You will find campaigns, icons, maps, models, skins, spells, scripts and tools. Extensive tutorials contain realms of information on how to create, improve and perfect your resources and maps. The Hive's forum allows everyone to talk about playing the game, modding it, making resources and many other subjects.
New Warcraft 3 Forum: Multiplayer, Clans and Arrangements
Nov 25, 2015 - 9:10 AM - by StoPCampinGn00b

The Warcraft 3 Multiplayer, Clans and Arrangements forum is where anyone can publicly post anything about online WC3 matches and clan related activity. This includes but is not limited to clan vs clan matches, online tournaments, clan / group recruitment, map testing sessions, and simple casual invitations.

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BlizzCon 2015
Nov 06, 2015 - 6:23 PM - by Vengeancekael

BlizzCon 2015

The Opening Ceremony is over, but you can watch the replay on YouTube.

WoW Arena World Championships: YouTube / Twitch
Heroes of the Storm World Championships: YouTube / Twitch
Hearthstone World Championships: YouTube / Twitch
Starcraft II WCS Global Finals: Twitch

Gameplay Trailer
  • Release Date: Spring 2016 (PC & XBONE & PS4)
  • Overwatch: Pre-purchase now!
    • 3 editions available: Normal ($40 - PC only) / Origins ($60) / Collector's Edition ($129 - includes Origins bonuses)
  • (!) All 21 heroes will be available with the base edition; as for future heroes, Blizzard has not yet decided the acquisition plan.
  • (!) No cross-play: Neither between PC & consoles, nor XBOX & Playstation
  • Currently, those who pre-purchase the game will not gain beta access
  • Blizzard supposedly decided to bring Overwatch to consoles after Diablo III's success on those platforms
  • New map "Hollywood"
  • 3 new heroes
  • Modding support could come, but currently not being worked on (will not be available at launch either)
World of Warcraft
  • Can now be pre-ordered (early access for Demon Hunter & Level 100 boost)
  • Charity pet: "Brightpaw" (December 2)
  • Baby Winston pet for owners of Overwatch: Origins Edition
  • Beta to start "weeks" after BlizzCon (possibly January)
Heroes of the Storm
Main Trailer
  • New mode "The Arena" (Trailer)
    • The same hero can be selected more than once
    • Multiple maps
  • New map "Towers of Doom" (Trailer)
  • 3 new heroes: Greymane, Lunara, Cho'Gall (controlled by two players - cannot be purchased:
    Given for free to virtual ticket owners, blizzcon attendees and a select few, but can be acquired if you play in a party with people who own the hero)
  • Another new hero: Tracer (only with the Overwatch: Origins Edition)
Starcraft II
Launch Trailer
  • Blizzard will continue to support Starcraft II for years to come
  • Starcraft II Mission Packs to be continually developed (Spring 2016)
    • Nova Covert Ops (first pack) - Trailer
  • 6 in-game portraits for owners of Overwatch: Origins Edition
  • Voice packs and unit skins are in the works
    • Abathur will be the first voice pack
  • The development team will now use their free time after Legacy's release to focus on competitive multiplayer, with "large scale changes" possible
Diablo III
  • "Mercy Wings" for owners of Overwatch: Origins Edition
  • Patch 2.4 with new content coming soon
    • New zone "Greyhollow Island"
    • Expanded Adventure Mode (The Eternal Woods & Royal Quarters)
    • Existing item sets revamped
    • New: "Set Dungeons" - Access will be gained to these non-random dungeons once the player has completed an armor set
    • New: "Empowered Rifts"
    • New Legendaries
    • Buff Interface reworked
    • More Stash space: 1 tab can be purchased with gold, up to 10 can be gained through Season Journey
    • Season changes
      • From Season 5 onwards, no more season legendaries
      • But "Haedrig's Gift" - a set of items which can be gained through seasons
    • Action Combat coming to the PC version
    • Full blog post - PTR to be released in the coming weeks
Cinematic Trailer
Warcraft (Movie)
Official trailer
  • Director Duncan Jones came on stage (along with some of the cast)
    • Says he has played the original Warcraft RTSes, as well as WoW vanilla

For detailed coverage of the different panels: MMO-Champion / Reddit Live Pages
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Warcraft movie teaser
Nov 03, 2015 - 7:43 PM - by Chaosy
Official teaser for the Warcraft movie. Nuff said.

YouTube Movie

Full trailer will be revealed this friday at the Blizzcon opening which will be streamed for free.
Just google to find the time for the stream time.

Offical trailer
120 Replies
Cinematic Contest #6: Unique awards & special judges!
Oct 31, 2015 - 1:02 PM - by Archian

The official contest thread can be found here!

0 Replies
Hive + MMH Map Maker Collaboration
Oct 21, 2015 - 6:36 AM - by StoPCampinGn00b


The administration of one of our proud affiliates, makemehost.com, is willing
to link back to Hive's map project development threads, map pages, and hosted
forums! This news has already been posted on their site. To find out how to get
your multiplayer Hive map project showcased and see all the details, make
sure to click this link.

Go and spread the word to your favorite map makers!

10 Replies
New User Ranks
Oct 17, 2015 - 10:39 PM - by Archian
So, as some of you may remember, back in 2012 we announced that users with a total post count of 100 or more would achieve a Grunt rank.

And as we stated back then, this was subject to change. And that change has now arrived!

Check out the overview below:

131 Replies
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