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Welcome to the Hive Workshop!
The Hive is a WarCraft 3 and StarCraft 2 modding community. There is a spot reserved just for you whether you need help, want to learn or contribute with quality resources, knowledge or help.
The site also contains a vast resource section including most of the resources that anyone will ever need for a modding project. You will find campaigns, icons, maps, models, skins, spells, scripts and tools. Extensive tutorials contain realms of information on how to create, improve and perfect your resources and maps. The Hive's forum allows everyone to talk about playing the game, modding it, making resources and many other subjects.
Merit Badge #3 - The Light is Within Us
Jul 15, 2014 - 10:12 AM - by Pharaoh_

Continuing the legacy that was recently implemented in our Awards section, Merit Badge nomination thread has returned for you to reveal the heroic members that you admire, fancy and respect.
Before you begin with nominations, you should keep in mind:
  • The previous nomination thread, so as to become acquainted with the process.
  • The Merit Badge ~ Insight update.
  • The new nomination-type, called "Shadow Dancer". Shadow Dancer is elected by moderators only. Users who successfully bring problematic posts to the Staff's attention and thus contribute to the supervision of the site will be nominated.
    Shadow Dancer: Reflects a user that has deep understanding of the rules system and is loyal to them.

    (Tip: The name is associated with shadows, since the user is acting in the background of the forum's activities, the latter being inaccessible to public eyes.)

Please, use the following form to nominate the members of your choice:

Random_UserThis is my reason and this one is mineCommunity Excellence
User 2Reason 2Position 2



[tdalt]This is my reason and this one is mine[/tdalt]
[tdalt]Community Excellence[/tdalt]

[tdalt]User 2[/tdalt]
[tdalt]Reason 2[/tdalt]
[tdalt]Position 2[/tdalt]


  • Only type the usernames;
  • Issue Reason is why you nominate someone (in the case of multiple users, indicate which username goes with which issued reason);
  • Position can be anything among:
    • Community's Excellence
    • Great Assistant
    • Glorious Artist
    • Grand Designer

Reminder: You cannot elect a Shadow Dancer, this is left to the moderators.

For more information, please view this page.

Nominations will last for 15 days and the poll will then be posted for 7 days.
Irrelevant posts or posts that are found to be pure blather, will be deleted.
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StarCraft 2 on sale!
Jul 12, 2014 - 6:08 AM - by Ralle

Hey guys,

Apparently StarCraft 2 and Heart of the Swarm are on sale right now. $20 for each game!

Check it out!
19 Replies
Hearthstone Tournament #2 Results
Jul 03, 2014 - 12:25 AM - by PurgeandFire

2nd Official THW Tournament (EU)

The cards have been dealt, and tables have been flipped. The second hearthstone tournament has officially concluded.

Meet your heroes:


It was a hard-fought elimination battle, spanning two-days, but there could only be one victor in the end.

Elimination Bracket


Chaosy vs. Deolrin
Chaosy vs. Mekket (Semifinals)
Chaosy vs. Jondrean (1)
Chaosy vs. Jondrean (2)
YouTube Movie
Jondrean's Perspective (Full-length):
YouTube Movie
Purge vs. Mekket (Grand Finals 1)
Purge vs. Mekket (Grand Finals 2)

Final Results

1: PurgeAndFire+20
2: Mekket+10
3: Chaosy+5

Final Word

Want to join the next one? It is starting this Saturday!
THW Hearthstone Tournament #3

P.S. Sorry for the delays, and I apologize for being unable to post decklists. Thanks to those who sent them.
6 Replies
[Event]: Elysium
Jun 22, 2014 - 1:24 AM - by Pharaoh_

Learn to conquer your goals.

Project teams will gather to compete with other project teams, in order to receive the following awards:
  • A Hosted Project forum specifically targeted to the winning team.
  • An automatic placement in the poll for the upcoming Project of the Month.
  • A "Latest Updates and News" thread to promote the project.

Your task is to gather most or all of your project's members, in order to create three (3) different maps. The event will be divided in three (3) different phases and be comprised of the following tasks:
  • A 32x32 map.
  • A 64x64 map.
  • A 128x128 map.

The difficulty escalates, as the maps' dimensions increase. The point is to create something as unique as possible; it cannot rely on a feature that you already have in your project, but it has to be something new.

We are looking for something innovative and refreshing, which you can ultimately utilize for your very own project, along with the chance to claim the aforementioned prizes!
This is a map-making event and we want to see how you are working as a team and how your composition will allow you to come up with something unique.

The first batch of entries will be judged on the 32x32 map, the reviews will be delivered for feedback and the cycle will be repeated for the rest of the tasks (namely, 64x64 and 128x128).

Read carefully

  • One member cannot occupy the space of more than one team simultaneously.
  • You cannot appoint members specifically for this event. The members will have to belong to the team.
  • There will be a strict observation of edits of posts & topics, to ensure that you are not modifying information particularly for the event.
  • The teams are expected to select a leading member, who will be delivering the map file and its updates (if any). You are not forced to post Work in Progress, but it is advisable, given that there will be a public poll contributing to the result. However, it is mandatory that you describe the feature to the judges before handing out your entry (something that you must do within the timeframe provided below (see Contest Deadline)).
  • You are allowed to use snippets and systems from our Spells and/or Jass section(s).
  • You are allowed to create models or textures specifically for the demands of the event.
  • You are allowed to upload your entry on the Maps section, even before the event's termination.
  • Asking questions in help zones, such as Triggers & Scripts or World Editor Help Zone is allowed.
  • Requests are not allowed - you must make use of your team's skills. General public is advised to report suspicious acts through the Report system or Staff Contact.
  • Low-populated projects can still compete, it is not anyone's responsibility if you find it unfair after you have signed up or after the initiation of the event.
  • Your entries must be working. Bugs, lack of coding or non-working resources will heavily affect your score.
  • Your entries and your team's behavior are subject to Site Rules.
  • You are allowed to use resources that you have been using for your project, but the gameplay should feature something new.
  • The setting and gameplay is up to your team's decision. It does not necessarily have to follow the gameplay or aesthetics of your current project, but it is not forbidden either.
  • An already hosted project cannot participate in the event.
  • You can use a feature that you have created for a previous task in your next one. For instance, you create a feature in the 64x64 map; you are able to use the same feature in the 128x128 map, but you are required to either enhance it or add (an) additional one(s). In this sense, the tasks are independent from each other and they will be judged separately, but if you put minimal effort to the next maps, it will violate the whole concept of being creative.
  • Your map must be playable. There is no limit to how many features you can implement and there is also no file size limit. A map that is rich of features does not guarantee quality: pick wisely and communicate with your team to carefully determine what is going to be added.
  • The public poll will weigh 25% and the judges' reviews 75%.
  • Judges, who have been previously approved under Can I be a judge?, who are comfortable with reviewing maps and are able to stick to the deadlines, can contact me. People wanting to review, but have not undertaken the tasks I assign, are not eligible to join. However, feel free to contact me for general approval.
  • A judge cannot be a contestant at the same time.
  • In case the rules are broken, you are automatically disqualified with a private message.

  • You are given 7 days to decide which members are going to participate and to elect a leader (if there isn't any).
  • Members that are working in more than one projects should consider right away which team they are going to compete for.
  • Once you have confirmed your teams and the leading member, post here with the following format:
    Team Members: (Specify names, separated by comma)
    Original Project: (Link to your project (Map Section or Map Development))
    Rough concept: (Give a brief description of what you are going to do)

    This has to be done within the given 7 days.
  • You will have 15 days to work on each task with a break of 7 days in-between.
<TeamName> represents your team. Pick your very own name (which is also subject to Site Rules)!
[box=NameOfTeam]Team Members:
Original Project:
Rough concept: [/box]
27 Replies
Azothan plays more Warcraft!
Jun 19, 2014 - 11:51 PM - by Azothan
Hey there guys! I have two great videos for you.

I bought Bandicam so this new episode with Wtii and myself has excellent quality AND FPS! omg! It's the Grom VS Night Elves episode.

YouTube Movie

The other is simply the single best game of Azeroth Wars played that I've ever seen.

YouTube Movie
12 Replies
Sunken City 1.8.2 - Collaboration with AProject
Jun 18, 2014 - 10:26 AM - by spasorc

Sunken City 1.8.2

Several months ago, spasorc and APproject have collaborated in the reterraining of an important area in Sunken City. Now, for the release of version 1.8.2, APproject returns with another one of his masterpiece terrainings. You can check out a preview of all of his work in the images below and you can expect more to come in the near future! This latest version also brings tons of item changes and the usual balancing and bug fixing! We hope you enjoy this. Full changelog here.

Newest Terrain

Previous Terrain

Screenshots & Artwork by: APproject
9 Replies
Hive Keeper v0.98 BETA release!
Jun 04, 2014 - 12:15 PM - by Orcnet


About the Game:

Dig underground tunnels, build rooms and attract creatures at your service, then use your army to annihilate your enemies. Each room has a different use and can attract a specific type of creature, so it's up to you to build the best hive possible. You can even build traps or research new spells to improve your defense capabilities.

This map is freely inspired by Dungeon Keeper 2 but all the game will be transported to the starcraft universe. That means that all DK units, rooms and spells will be converted in SC2 units, giving them similar roles and abilities as they had in the original game.
For people who don't know, Dungeon Keeper was one of the most in depth strategy game created by Bullfrog in the old '90s.

Gameplay Features:

- Use your drones to dig and build your perfect underground hive/dungeon
- Attract different creatures researching and building new rooms types
- Full featured creatures AI that allows them to eat, sleep, train and work autonomously if you provide them the needed rooms
- Each creature has different a different abilities and can level up fighting or training
- Quickly drag and drop your creatures where they are needed, you can even slap them to increase their work efficiency
- Research and build traps to welcome any intruder that dares to step into your territory
- Research and use spells to quickly destroy your opponents or support your army
- Play in different game modes, against waves of invading heroes or against other keepers
- Full featured playable tutorial

Game-based Media:

See The Images/More Videos here: LINK

Hosted Project Forum: LINK
ModDB Forum: LINK


This patch contains improvements for performance, AI and possession.

Possession now allows the player to directly attack and use abilities while controlling a creature. Use left mouse click to use the basic attack, 1 or 2 for special abilities (when present) and right click to dig with drones.
NOTE: due to re-publishing limitations of the Rock the Cabinet contest, the map released on NA servers has the "attack while using possession" feature disabled. Until the contest is over, a second version of the map has been published with a different name.

To encourage map exploration I added one of the first upcoming changes: boosts.
Boosts are small items, scattered around the map, that can be activated for special bonuses. At these moments there are in game and more will be added in the future:
- Increase level of all your creatures by 1
- Heal all your creatures
- Temporarily increase efficiency for all your creatures
- Temporarily increase happinessfor all your creatures
- Spawn 4 additional drones
- Increase vespene gas
- Increase minerals
- Bonus global research (500 to each research tree)
- Bonus for a single research tree (1000)

Last but not least, voice alerts made by Yushatak were added in game!

Full Changelog:

o First waves starting time slightly increased in normal and easy maps

o Optimized how dig selection works, that should improve performance in multiplayer game
o Drones dig and conquer AI greatly improved
o Drones now run away in fear when encountering enemies
o Creatures won't die anymore from hunger, however happiness of extremely hungry or tired creatures will decrease faster
o Modified creatures drop stun duration depending on creature type, agile creatures will be stunned for less time compared to clumsy ones
o Added boost items in all maps
o Improved alert system with new icons and voice messages
o Possession greatly improved and attacks during possession are now enabled (use left mouse for basic attack, right mouse for digging with drones and 1-2 for special abilities)

o Fixed a bug that could cause a stop in the tutorial after building a level 2 spore cannon
o Drones won't attack anymore while carrying an unconscious creature
o Fixed defeat screen UI
source: LINK
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