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The Last Guardian

Submitted by OutsiderXE
The Last Guardian
Created by OutsiderXE

Place the "TLGe02.w3n"-file inside your campaigns-folder. Don't rename it. Tested with Frozen Throne v1.26. Go to Single-Player and chose Custom Campaigns.

Map Info:
Multi-map campaign, based on the book The Last Guardian by author Jeff Grubb. It's timeline is set during WarCraft 1, following the story of Khadgar, apprentice to the powerful mage Medivh. As with DotD and LotC I didn't follow the storyline exactly, due to the fact that it's impossible, if at least you want to have decent gameplay. It would have been better as a cinematic-series otherwise. The campaign contains 10 maps. 7 playable and 4 cinematic maps. The campaign plays like a point and click adventure and offers many puzzles and very little combat.

- 7 playable maps + 3 cinematic maps
- puzzles instead of combat
- new models and textures and fixed camera angles for a cinematic experience
- lore-heavy, canonical storyline, set during WarCraft 1

Screenshots and Videos:

Prologue - The Violet City


Chapter One - Karazhan


Chapter Two - Interview with the Magus


Chapter Three - Battle and Aftermath


Interlude - Sands in an Hourglass


Chapter Four - Stormwind


Chapter Five - The Second Shadow


Chapter Six - Flight


Chapter Seven - The Breaking of a Mage


Epilogue - Full Circle



Video Description:
Complete walkthrough of the campaign

Change Log:
Change Log

Version 1.3

Update 1.03: 65 fixes

Models, skins and icons - 16
- Khadgar: new hair, staff, heroglow, dissipate animation and removed eye glow of portrait model
- Garona: new face tatoo, hair, heroglow and changed angle of portrait model
- Medivh: added classic staff, modified texture, new icon
- Llane: changed hair color to dark red and added new hero icon
- Knight: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Riderless Horse: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Farm: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Blacksmith: new model based on WarCraft 1, new icon
- Barracks: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Grunt: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Warlock: new model based on WarCraft 1
- Watch Tower: new model based on WarCraft 2
- Lothar: new hero icon
- Banner Doodad0.blp: Changed texture to show Stormwind lion
- Fixed shading/fogging on ElveswoodDP tree models
- Removed redundant/unused imports

Miscellaneous art - 2
- New victory screen image
- New victory screen and hero icons for Khadgar, Lothar, Medivh, Garona and Llane

Sound - 2
- Added empty sounds in hero soundsets for Khadgar and Garona
- Removed some interface sounds (Allied Under Attack, Allied Base Under Attack, and more)

Multiple maps - 14
- Added cheat "-camera" to turn fixed camera settings on or off
- Heroes will move directly to allied units and no longer stop short of triggering a dialogue
- Removed titles (e.g. "Prologue") from cinematics Loading Screens
- Removed several NPC hero units at map end so they don't appear at the scorescreen
- Reorganized chest triggers so players can no longer cheat by jerking the arrow keys
- Chests will no longer spawn unnecessary duplicated items
- Message "that was wrong" will be skipped when all attempts at lockpicking are wrong
- Fixed a sound problem with a Chest
- Grammar/spelling/typo fixes
- Fixed hero abilities level skip
- Fixed a bug that created Alchemy Learn items in the center of the map
- Wraiths no longer have the Curse ability
- Most items will no longer cancel speed buffs
- Removed cooldown of all trigger items

Chapter 1 - 8
- Removed one set of runes at the Waygate riddle
- Game is no longer paused for the Chest hint. Instead Khadgar is ordered to stop
- Spirit item can be aquired without meeting the Dead Woman
- Khadgar's life nad mana will be replenished when the Ritual starts
- Renamed "Wizard of OS4" to "Wizard of iOS"
- Exclamation mark will now properly appear on Renegade Wizard
- The triggers to activate the Gargoyles are now initially turned off until all pages are returned to the Wizard
- Gargoyles can no longer be activated/healed multiple times

Chapter 2 - 1
- Dialogue during Medivh's interviews skippable

Chapter 3 - 5
- Chapter 4 now enabled in Chapter 3, instead of Interlude
- Khadgar now faces Lothar when being questioned by him
- Changed color of Dead Warriors to Blue (Footmen), Teal (Knights), Purple (Warlocks) and Red (Grunts)
- Dialogue during Lothar's interviews skippable
- Fixed a bug which caused Khadgar to lose his Haste ability when it was level 3 and he put on the Grunt disguise

Chapter 4 - 2
- Removed the minimap ping for the Resurrection spot
- Added a minimap ping to Lothar's location

Interlude - 1
- Changed title from "Interludium" to "Interlude" in campaign menu

Chapter 4 - 2
- Blacksmith slightly rotated
- Added Wander ability to some citizens

Chapter 5 - 3
- Fixed camera at map start
- Dialogue in Garona Interview can now be skipped
- Set mana of Garona and Khadgar to 100% after the Library fight

Chapter 6 - 4
- Picking up an Imbued Vial or Ethereal Oil with Garona will result in moving the item

instantly to Khadgar
- Fixed a bug that set Flame Strike to level 1
- Fixed a bug the caused the Troll dialogue to be triggered by NPCs
- Properly destroyed floating text

Chapter 7 - 4
- Removed a Tome of Greater Experience
- Added item descriptions to Cactus Flower and Spirit Drink to refer to one another
- Changed the Spanner model to a chest
- Khadgar will stop when using the Chapel Guide

Epilogue - 1
- Added loktar to credits

Version 1.2

Update 1.02: 137 fixes

Multiple maps - 20
- Added map victory cheat "-winmap" (cinematics, item-handling and abilities may become bugged)
- Added new ability Concentrate to Khadgar. Level 1: Shows visual aides at camera borders. Level 2: Also shows aides at some usable items and objects
- Replaced Attribute Bonus with Concentrate
- Repositioned Alchemy button
- Improved Flame Strike description to include trees
- Multiple heroes can now be controlled at once
- Quest items are placed automatically
- Heroes are revived with 100% mana
- Camera will only change on selected hero on maps with multiple heroes
- Cinematic areas in Karazhan will remain hidden
- It is no longer neccessary to step away from a chest to retry picklocking
- Decreased the amount of lock picks needed for most Chests by 1
- Extended description of Portal ability to include Runes hints: Red: Teleport Enemy, Green: Teleport Hero, Yellow: Teleport item
- Changed/added runes on Blighted Regions to appropriate colors
- Improved description of Realm of Time that it can only be used on "busy, distracted or demonic minds".
- Increased movement speed of Haste from 30/40/50 to 35/45/55
- Fixed and rebalanced attack speed of Haste from 20/20/0 to 20/25/30
- Improved description of Steal
- Reduced cooldown of Realm of Time from 3 to 2 seconds
- Fixed several typos

Chapter 1 - 18
- Improved a hint about general gameplay
- Repositioned a camera
- Repositioned some doodads
- Removed useless indestructible Rock Chunks
- Renamed player Environment to Strangers
- Increased experience gain at level 1 from 70% to 100%
- Decreased experience gain at level 2 from 70% to 50%
- Disabled experience gain at level 3
- Added one additional camera and changed some cameras at the weeds
- Added a hint for the Way Gate
- Improved description for Axe
- Removed a Brigand at the Candle
- Added transmission to pick up Candle once all enemies are defeated
- Zombie ritual can now be skipped
- Changed transmission before the mine field to "I wonder what this Circle of Power is for"
- Increased size for transmission region before entering the mine field
- Added a transmission when revealing the first mines
- Increased activation region for third Resurrection Stone

Chapter 2 - 11
- Repositioned a book
- Added hint to use the minimap to orientate
- Now all fountains provide the Filled Vial
- Reduced life of Greater Voidwalker from 750 to 500
- Removed Slow and Mana from Sludge Flinger
- A Rune of Mana is created for every third killed enemy in the Library
- Improved hint for Secret Ingredient
- Improved Medivh's AI when he is chasing Khadgar
- Decreased movement speed of Medivh when fighting from 240 to 170
- Decreased Medivh's damage base from 79 to 56
- Decreased time needed to survive from 100 to 80 seconds

Chapter 3 - 14
- Improved description for Bullfrog
- Removed one Grunt from the first fight
- Added different visual aides for the Dead Warriors
- Repositioned a Dead Grunt
- Can start conversations with Lothar by clicking on him
- Removed Dead Warriors when the Force Fields are deactivated
- Renamed Orcish scouts to Orc scouts
- Removed Shop Pawn from Keeper Statue
- Improved help in transmissions of Goblin Alchemist
- Removed hint to sacrifice the Color of Rainbows
- Improved description of Color of Rainbows
- Khadgar's life and mana will be refilled after fights
- Murloc will no longer spawn when Chest is opened
- Can use Haste and Alchemy as a Grunt

Interludium - 1
- Increased duration for some transmissions

Chapter 4 - 13
- Added option to skip Ismail's transmissions
- Increased duration of Ismail's transmissions
- Exclamation mark is now properly removed when beating the Flip Coin Guy
- Added transmission from Chester that Khadgar isn't allowed to go upstairs
- Added post sign to stairs in Bar
- Removed text "Schut up!" from a transmission by Lothar
- Fixed text for Signed Papers
- Exclamation mark will not appear on Tracey if Khadgar has the Fake ID
- Dialogues with Horace Kane, Albert Griswold and Duck Maylor can be skipped
- Decreased size of a tree at the mage quarter
- Changed some camera angles at the mage quarter
- Replaced an arched door at the mage quarter
- Improved hint on where to find Duck Maylor

Chapter 5 - 11
- Camera can no longer be moved manually after intro cinematic
- Important words in Order Messages now consist of capital letters
- Disabled Inventory and Haste only during Garona chase
- Added transmission on where to find the Banquet Hall when the key is found
- Added failsaife to move Garona if she moves out of the fight zone
- Added a transmission to suggest to steal the Demon Damage Amplifier
- Added description of Demon Damage Amplifier to include "Can be used with fire spells."
- Improved general hint for two heroes
- Increased level of Wind Walk for Garona from 1 to 2
- Removed Mirror Image from Garona after the demon fight
- Garona will start at level 5 and not gain experience

Chapter 6 - 33
- Added an additional camera at the cropfield
- Removed a fence at the cropfield
- Elixir of Water Walking is now a consumable item
- Heroes no longer need to move over water together
- Improved transmission at first peon
- Camera will properly adjust when intro is skipped
- Camera will properly change when Garona moves to region Bunker1
- Added a blocking doodad
- Garona will stop for a bit when nearing the first Warlock
- Reduced the length of a tranmission at the Orc Rider
- Can use Haste as a Grunt
- Added floating text to the Hungry Grunt
- Can no longer teleport to Hungry Footman
- Can no longer teleport to Gold Troll
- Added a small sequence and transmission when planting the mines behind the Gold Troll
- Added two Boulder Towers at Gold Troll
- Added a Circle of Power at the blight near the Gold Troll
- Changed Forest Troll Warlord speed to 320
- Tranmission to destroy rocks will be displayed properly
- Improved transmission of Orc Rider about working peons
- Dialogue about disguise will not be shown if quest is already completed
- Added additional and changed some old transmissions about the Towers that can see Garona
- Added dialogue to not try and teleport the sasquatches
- Increased angle of a camera
- Heroes will not be invulnerable when taking the Gold Bag
- Added transmission as to why the Gold Bag units see Garona
- Added transmission as to why the humans attack the heroes
- If a hero dies while carrying the Heavy Bag the game will fade out, reposition all orcs, humans, the bag, and fade back in again
- Added a Potion of Mana before the fighting group
- Reduced time to display Flame Strike hint from 60 to 45 seconds
- The first hero reaching the end becomes uncontrollable
- Last Floating Text will be destroyed
- Disabled Garona's experience gain

Chapter 7 - 15
- Added transmission that it is useless to kill rats, after 5 kills
- Improved transmission to go to the library after talking to the Main Hall Statue
- Renamed Blue Slime to Sludge Demon and Green Slime to Slime Demon
- More extensive information on how Statue Combat works, at the beginning the first fight
- Added floating texts for Khadgar's first move in Statue Combat: "Levi...", "Upo...", "Rene...", "Defo..."
- Cinematic before fighting Medivh can now be skipped
- Decreased life of Statues to 50% + 10% per previously beaten Statue
- Dropped all items from Khadgar's inventory and gave him the Rules of Statue Combat when confronting Medivh
- Added fire at the library exit when fighting the Slimes
- Removed some transmissions when talking to the Statues
- Added transmission to find a book about praying
- Added transmission on where to find the Museum
- Repositioned Chapel Swordsman
- Added a hint about new combos when fighting the second Statue
- Floating Texts when fighting Medivh in the second round will be destroyed

Epilogue - 1
- Readjusted duration for some transmissions

Version 1.1

Update 1.01: 50 fixes

Spells and Items – 03
- Haste mana cost increased from 50 to 65 and cooldown decreased from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
- Removed Order Code Manual.
- Quest items will only be makeable if player has the appropriate Alchemy level.

Chapter 1 – 4
- Added another rune and changed some doodad blocking at the Waygate riddle.
- Altered/fixed sequence of the Waygate riddle.
- Fixed some text in the ZombieQuest so the Zombie’s intentions become clearer.
- Fixed a typo in the english version.

Chapter 2 – 2
- Added visual aids for the Museum and the Botanic Garden.
- Fixed some typos in the german version.

Chapter 3 – 8
- Return Ressources skill will now be reset every time Khadgar cuts a tree.
- Corpses counter titles should now appear properly.
- Corpses counter trigger will now activate after 5 seconds instead of on map inizialization.
- Extended hint for A Hero’s Locke subtly.
- Fixed some typos in the english and the german versions.
- Added a visual aid for the Bullfrog.
- Fighting orcs and humans will now heal every 4 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
- Cinematic Medivh will now be properly removed when cinematic is skipped.

Chapter 4 - 5
- Added visual aids for The Bum, the Gold chest and the entrance to the house.
- Fixed some typos in the english version.
- Long Medivh dialogues can now be skipped by pressing ESC.
- Changed name of Circle of Power in the mage quarters to Teleport to City Centre.
- Fixed some typos in the english and the german versions.

Chapter 5 - 6
- Disabled Haste for Khadgar during the Garona chase and added a hint.
- Extended hints to destroy the support column.
- Order Code quests will no longer be like in the book but more simplified.
- Added visual aids for the Museum and the Botanic Garden.
- Fixed a mistake where Khadgar’s was speaking Medivh’s text.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Wrong-sound from playing at the second Chest.

Chapter 6 – 16
- Added descriptions to Ethereal Oil and Magic Vial as to what they need to create a Potion of Water Walking.
- Added visual aids to the first and last blight regions.
- Ignoring the Chicken Grunt‘s guard position.
- Chicken Grunt should now be teleported regardless of where he is.
- Ignoring the Chicken Footman‘s guard position.
- All created waygates are removed when CaptureVideo starts to prevent some portal bugs.
- Changed Forest Troll Warlord speed to 0, so he won’t follow.
- Fixed damage of Forest Troll Warlord.
- Repositioned Forest Troll Warlord and Pathing Blockers so he won’t use a Portal.
- Fixed a typo in the english and the german versions.
- Chests should now be properly indestructible.
- Repositioned a tree.
- Replaced some imported trees with original trees in hope of peons actually doing their jobs now.
- Heavy Bag will no longer be moved to its original position but simply dropped.
- Reduced Creeps Guard Distance, Guard Return Distance and Guard Return Time.
- Changed description of second loss condition to display orcs and humans.

Chapter 7 - 6
- Order Code quests will no longer be like in the book but more simplified.
- Added a hint to the Statue Combat Rules to use the Arrow-keys.
- Added visual aids for the Museum and the Botanic Garden.
- Added visual aid for the Spanner.
- Improved hint to Khadgar’s change in the fight with Medivh.
- Fixed some typos in the english and german versions.

They exist, like always, and I fought to the end to kill them. There may be a patch but only if the reported bugs really prevent fluent gameplay, but I hope it won't be necessary. Please report bugs to alexandrosdelas [at] gmail [dot] com . The campaign was last tested with 1.23 but seemd to work fine with 1.24 as well.

-General-Some texts may be too long or too short to read them properly. Grammar mistakes may be there.
-General-Units and objects may not play the proper animation.
-General-Camera angles may be confusing at times.
-General-Various floating texts may not be removed.
-General-Dialog question in dialog windows may not be shown.
-General-Items, objects and Units may be destroyable when they should not.
-General-Cheatcodes are allowed, but may kill your game, because the project wasnt made with them in mind.
-Chapter 1-You can open the first chest even if you had all wrong.
-Chapter 2-The second page of the alchemy guide may not be readable.
-Chapter 3-Khadgar loses or gets a skill point when becoming a grunt/mage.
-Interludium-Aegwynn and Sargeras are not alone in the endfight.
-Chapter 4-You may miss the street signs when trying to click on them.
-Chapter 6-Khadgar loses or gets a skill point when becoming a grunt/mage.
-Chapter 7-The endvideos are not skippable.
-Chapter 7-If you kill medivh or one of the statues the game may not continue or medivh may be duplicated.

Please report any bugs, by leaving a comment or sending an email to alexandrosdelas [at] gmail [dot] com.

This campaign was created 95% by me (OutsiderXE), except for the text and story. The rest is shown in the credits at the end of the epilogue. I want to thank Jeff Grubb again (for the wonderful book) and naturally wc3sear.ch and Blizzard. And everyone having fun with this campaign!
Book: Jeff Grubb
Idea and Execution: OutsiderXE
Terrain and Triggers: Terrain und Triggers
Spells: iAmKablam, Kinoko, Matilda_Knights, OutsiderXE, SixFrags
Models and Skins: ACDC[ToD], Afronight 76, Born2Modificate, Carrington2k, Chriz., CommunistCyan, Dan van Ohllus, DarkChaplain, Dionesiist, Dmitry Rommel, Elenai, Elunes-Guardian, EvilYardGnome, frostwolf, General Frank, Golosov, GreyArchon, ike_ike, jatter2, Kitabatake, loktar, Mc !, Nasrudin, olofmoleman, RightField, Rondo, -SkatinG CoW-, Tranquil, T-Revellion-T, Urkdrengi, xXm0RpH3usXx, all contributors to the 'Ultimate Map Pack'
Loadinscreens, Icons and Misc. Art: CRAZYRUSSIAN, Drac, BlackRockClan, GooS, lllLSDlll, irishlad78, Johnlee KelThuzad, LiOneSS, loktar, pulyx, Sons of the Storm, The_Avenger's_Return, World of WarCraft
Music: Gary Jules, Michael Andrews, World of Warcraft
Testing and Advice: arthas_king, HKC-Silence, Kricz, loktar, Manfred.Top, MiQ, Mechmap, Storm-Panda
Special Thanks to: Blizzard, Blue Byte, HKC-Silence, loktar, MiQ, Rondo, Hiveworkshop.com, inWarcraft.de

Author's notes:
Phewww, made it :D for the third time! And hard it was this time. I had said once that I would rather cut off my hands than create another campaign (though in the meantime I broke my leg, so I guess that counts too...) but in December 2007 I was so bored that I tried to create a map to see how an exterior-Karazhan would look like, and 20 months later a campaign was born, based on the book "The Last Guardian". This campaign is so much different than my other projects. An experiment. This book has so much text that I thought it was inpsossible to create something playable, until I had the idea to create a point and click adventure. In February 2008 I had to do military service in greece so I had much time to think of the gameplay elements. I returned 5 months later and neither worked nor went to school for about 2 months. In september I started doing both and the 5 months I had initially planned to finish this project became 20 (- 5 military actually). What am i going to do now? NOT promise that i'm not going to make another campaign...

This campaign can only be distributed with this Readme-Document. send complaints, praise, hints and information to alexandrosdelas [at] gmail [dot] com. As long as I am not on vacation or (again) in jail (joking^^... I'm never on vacation ;-D) I will answer every E-Mail on the next day.

Projects & Links
The Last Guardian - Custom point & click adventure campaign for WarCraft III
Day of the Dragon - Custom campaign for WarCraft III
Lord of the Clans - Custom campaign for WarCraft III
Shadow of the Xel'Naga - Custom co-op campaign for StarCraft II

outsiderxe.blogspot.com - OutsiderXE's Blog
Level Design Portfolio


[Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

campaign, lore, warcraft, book

The Last Guardian (Campaign)

  1. 14:32, 1st Aug 2010
    ap0calypse: Approved
  2. noob134

    Jan 17, 2009
    Yay first download and first comment, i have been looking foward to play this campaign.
    I will edit this post later with any suggestions, comments or bugs found.
    May contain spoilers

    The part where you walk to various obelisks to open a gateway in the first chapter, is very confusing, it took me a good 5-10 minutes to figure it out.
    Maybe make a tip message pop-up hinting what to do.
    Also there is a tip message in german that popped-up when i walked passed a camp of bandits into a circle in front of a chest.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2009
  3. Slaydon

    Jan 6, 2008
    :O will test it out tomorrow
  4. Sir_Astral

    Jun 22, 2009
    I have not tried this yet ,but i think its really good stuff.... I like those linear but brainy games , i had several attempts to make one but always fail. .. :S Anyways after Lord of The Clans campaign this is first i will not regret for downloading i have that feeling :D later ill post my findings .....
  5. Ziggen

    Aug 22, 2008
    Seems very entertaining so far, I have got to the part with the way gate and... HOW THE FUCK DO YOU OPEN IT? >:O I've stepped on those things for about half an hour.

    Edit: Seriously... This must be a bug, I've walked back and forth over and over and the way gate never activates.
  6. rcshaggy

    Jul 2, 2009
    I'm gonna play it right now and see how is it, but first I'm gonna do some things now.

    Edit: Need help on the WayGate.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2009
  7. supertoinkz

    Dec 29, 2008
    wiill you still update and remove the bugs?
    also nice +rep
  8. saphiree

    Mar 23, 2008
    I wont give you rep yet. But lol. I cant imagine myself not giving you +rep after i played the first mission XD
  9. TheHunterKiller

    Jul 16, 2009
    Whoa, pretty many chaps. Must download this. The riddles were awesome. The camera was awesome. I can't get through the waygate runeriddle though, >_<.
    EDIT: WHOOPS, only three! D:
    Found a bug, attached. How to get through it?

    Yay, i got it now! <3 Google Translator.

    Attached Files:

    • Bug.jpg
      File size:
      314.6 KB
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2009
  10. OutsiderXE

    Sep 28, 2004
    activate the lower runes and then go the upper left to activate the upper right (may need to do the last step more than once).

    it sucks that you have found bugs already and this time i think i'll have to update the project, but i wont do it until i got comments about a complete playthrough for the campaign.
  11. Arthas_the_Mad

    Aug 13, 2009
    where is the book? i've looked for it almost 1 hour. i killed the bandits, loked every where for it.
  12. TheHunterKiller

    Jul 16, 2009
    Okay, i found another bug. The mines (after the Zombie Quest) deal no damage.
    Okay... More. The Swamp Chapter. I managed to cut the first tree, but then my gather skill changed to Return Resources! And i can't return it anywhere!
    Some of the riddles are nearly impossible, like the Order Code one after Stormwind Chapter... I don't get it.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2009
  13. MagnusREX

    Jan 19, 2008
    I will play it and will post a review soon,anyway it looks very promising,you are a very skilled mapmaker indeed.
    I hope to see soon a campaign from you that is not based on wc universe.
  14. Rangerdeaths

    Mar 7, 2009
    I'm testing your campaign and it is really great, even if it isn't easy to understand sometimes. But now, i'm stuck for a while so i ask for help :x
    in the second chapter, i have to count deads for a peasan, and cut tree and give it to another peasan. I did the first, then i cut a tree near a rune, and now i don't understand how to give the wood to the peasan. i tried to cut a second tree (second rune) but now i haven't the cut ability anymore. So, don't know what to do.
  15. OutsiderXE

    Sep 28, 2004
    could you drop the axe and pick it up again to regain the cut-ability? if not you should restart.
  16. Felborn

    May 25, 2009
    Great!...Thank god it's been released!
  17. TheHunterKiller

    Jul 16, 2009
    If you have Return Resources spell instead of Gather, it works as well. Just right-click on the tree.
    Outsider, how to do the Order Code quest after the Stormwind Campaign? The tooltip is kinda strange.
  18. noob134

    Jan 17, 2009
    Can you give me a translation for the Tip when you enter the circle at the bandit camp in Chapter 1?
  19. rcshaggy

    Jul 2, 2009
    Hmmmm...so far its a good campaign.
    I actually like using the arrow keys to see where my enemies are, and I like to send a lot of units to kill them. Well anyway I really like this campaign.

    Need help with the wood part and the force field part.