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Level 34
Nov 24, 2007
This is a terrain I did where as I got inspired by a book named "Lies of Locke Lamora" and made it into my own idea, it is meant to be a part of the grand city of the Life Elves in my Dawn of Life story.

" This city; home to thiefs, gamblers, corrupt warlords and murderers. A place of nobility and powerlust, ahhh... My good old home. "
- Khaine Lifeheart.


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Level 6
Jul 22, 2008
either there is a wall just under the sun or the sun is in a wall i dont know which one... those sun rays are off a little bit but its fine you dont really notice it at all, but there too yellow i think

y dont you change things up a bit and instead of having a whole sun make it blocked by some of your walls so you only have like half of the sun or something like that, everyone's terrain seems to show the whole sun.
Level 10
Jun 21, 2007
i'ts nce but i would sugest maybe a slightly more deeper fog or a diffrent color varation as you are kinda losing some of the depth of the map as you cant see the diffrent layers that well, and i agree the yello of the water is too much,

also just a thing when people are giving critasisim try and take it constructivly rather than just lainly ignoring anything they say . . . . . tho at the same time if you think its right then dont change it
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