Zandalar Doodad Pack vol.1

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"Zuldazar, the City of Gold - seat of the Zandalari Empire and the jewel of all troll civilizations"

The first part of a pack of decorations I'm developing for my Troll Campaign.
Some of the models are geomerged, others modeled and animated from scratch. Ingame textures only.
Everything's open source, feel free to modify to your liking. Credits will do fine.

On a side note, can we talk about how good StrangleThornRuinwall_01.blp is? Best texture in the game, hands down.

ZandalarArchway_1 (Model)

ZandalarArchway_2 (Model)

ZandalarBanner_1 (Model)

ZandalarBanner_2 (Model)

ZandalarBrazier_1 (Model)

ZandalarBrazier_2 (Model)

ZandalarGate (Model)

ZandalarGroundCircle (Model)

ZandalarGroundSquare (Model)

ZandalarPlantPot_1 (Model)

ZandalarPlantPot_2 (Model)

ZandalarPlantPot_3 (Model)

ZandalarPlantPot_4 (Model)

ZandalarWallLight_1 (Model)

ZandalarWallLight_2 (Model)

ZandalarWallLight_3 (Model)

Level 31
May 25, 2007
The models have been made to be compatible with patch 1.29. Anything below that would struggle with teamcolor22 and teamcolor12, but on the flip side it's relatively easy to switch that texture to teamcolor06 and teamcolor00. Far as I remember only the archway uses the texture in question, so for accessibility's sake I could include a version with teamcolor0 instead.

EDIT: See attached


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