Blink Vol. I

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Blink Vol. I

“Everything can change in the blink of an eye.”

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First Rows: Caster Effect; Second Rows: Target

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Feel free to modify for personal use. Give credits.

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Magos' Model Editor
If a.) the model/s present an error regarding a ribbon emitter upon opening, or b.) the models go blank in-game after editing them in Magos', use MdlxConv to convert the uncorrupted file to mdl, edit the model as you wish, and then convert back to mdx before importing.

If models with omnilights light up the whole map after conversion, make sure you're using version 1.04 of MdlxConv.

Blink Blue Caster (Model)

Blink Blue Target (Model)

Blink Gold Caster (Model)

Blink Gold Target (Model)

Blink Green Caster (Model)

Blink Green Target (Model)

Blink Nature Blue Caster (Model)

Blink Nature Blue Target (Model)

Blink Nature Gold Caster (Model)

Blink Nature Gold Target (Model)

Blink Nature Green Caster (Model)

Blink Nature Green Target (Model)

Blink Nature Orange Caster (Model)

Blink Nature Orange Target (Model)

Blink Nature Pink Caster (Model)

Blink Nature Pink Target (Model)

Blink Nature Purple Caster (Model)

Blink Nature Purple Target (Model)

Blink Nature Red Caster (Model)

Blink Nature Red Target (Model)

Blink Nature Teal Caster (Model)

Blink Nature Teal Target (Model)

Blink Orange Caster (Model)

Blink Orange Target (Model)

Blink Pink Caster (Model)

Blink Pink Target (Model)

Blink Purple Caster (Model)

Blink Purple Target (Model)

Blink Red Caster (Model)

Blink Red Target (Model)

Blink Teal Caster (Model)

Blink Teal Target (Model)

General Frank
Wonderful effects and pretty useful to most people. Excellent job!
Level 1
Feb 23, 2010
Amazing effect, but I can't seem to import this properly. I think it has to do with the .blp. I've removed the path for it in the import manager like the automated tut said, but I still get a bunch of white boxes during the animation. Can anybody help?