Singularity Vol. II

Singularity Vol. II

"Big lights will inspire you"

Sucky variant of Singularity.

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5/17/19 - Uploaded

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Magos' Model Editor
If a.) the model/s present an error regarding a ribbon emitter upon opening, or b.) the models go blank after editing them in Magos', use MdlxConv to convert the uncorrupted file to mdl, and then convert back to mdx before importing.

If models with omnilights light up the whole map after conversion, make sure you're using version 1.04 of MdlxConv.

Singularity II Blue (Model)

Singularity II Green (Model)

Singularity II Orange (Model)

Singularity II Purple (Model)

Singularity II Red (Model)

Singularity II Silver (Model)

General Frank
Works in-game, performs appropriately and is a good addition to the model section.