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your favourite World Cup football team?

Level 9
Nov 24, 2013
So, as we all know the World Cup 2014 has come. So, what's your favourite football team of World Cup, and why? Share!
Mine is Germany, because my dad love them I do, too.
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
You're in luck braian, Uruguay is through! Pretty exciting, although admittedly I was cheering for England.

I'm rooting for the good'ol US of A. While I don't live there, I have citizenship, so close enough.

After that I'm cheering for Germany. I cheer for FC Bayern Munich so I also cheer for Germany.
Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
Well, Netherlands are down. Pity. I rooted for them. I've always rooted for them. They were the reason I started watching football. Not some local hillbilly team - it WAS the Netherlands. I wasn't even interested in club football until Ludogorets' surprising emergence.