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Wrong Item Table Occurs

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Level 8
Jul 8, 2013
I've been using item tables instead of triggered drops in a map I'm working on, but I've noticed a peculiar bug:

Any unit or destructible which is supposed to drop items from my "Gear Level 1" table instead drops one from my "Level 1 Miscellanea" table. There's no overlap whatsoever between those tables, so this is very definitely a bug rather than random chance.

Among other solutions that didn't work, I tried just remaking "Gear Level 1" under a new name. It still didn't work, but now it instead drops items from "Consumables."

Is there a maximum number of item tables or another reason why one particular table wouldn't work?

Edit: as I continued working on this, for some reason the white circle thing over the heads of units that drop items in the editor vanished. Does anyone know how to restore that handy feature?
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Level 3
May 19, 2015
I had that situation on my map,i have first delete all item tabels,then i have save the map ,and leave the world editor,then i have enter again the world editor ,and recreate the tabels.
This is it ,i hope that this will be useful for you. :)
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