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Wraith2 (Model)

Level 5
Nov 15, 2005
Ing-- dont judge a book by its cover man. Actually try the model before laying down the crapshoot comment. Very good, just add more detail like little panels and stuff on it. Please do this so people like Ing :roll: will shut up.
Level 5
Apr 8, 2006
these textures ARE copied from killst4r check, also weird anims, no offence but ur other models are good this is very average, as brown snow says, could have more detail 3.5/5
Level 8
Jan 22, 2004
Although all your unit-models are very usefull, they lack in quality of Skins and they don't use TeamColors.
This specific model (dropship)'d be much better if it'd use grey blp texture and TeamColor (can be done with Materials in mdl file); that way it'd change colors.
The next suggestion you can think about in the future, is that flying units could use Global Sequence Translations. For example; this model could be consantly moving up / down a little if the Translation of the specific Bone'd be defined trough Global Sequence. The advantage is that the model won't stop "hovering" during Attack animation!
Alsp think about more realistic emitters during that animation. Also try adding a Tem-Colored-background that'd be seen during Portrait animation...
Those are little detailes, making model useful and more comparable to the Warcraft originals.
Level 2
Mar 24, 2006
THANK YOU! I made an avp2 map ages ago, I wish I could of used your models.. but it got corrupted :(

But still, Thanks.. even though its kinda crappy quality, Im gonna use it.. because its beautiful :D

Quick edit: Thanks for all your avp models, I love them and im gonna use them :)