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Wraith2 (Model)

General Frank: (Ignored) Skin stolen from Killst4r's model, not given permission.




General Frank:


Skin stolen from Killst4r's model, not given permission.
well, the skin is stolen, I haven't downloaded it yet, but you can see that from the screenshot, and my guess is that it's also based on the original model by Killst4r because all the skins are the same, and in the same order, same particle names, and the same anim names, and the name of the model is the same as that other model "Wraith2".

Therefor this person needs to be warned at the least if not banned.
Level 2
Jun 21, 2005
Ok just wondering about something...Why do all the terran units have the same names for a lot of blp files?
And do they cancel out? like do I only upload the "wraith.blp" file once for both wraith and dropship?

TerranSmoke1.blp, TerranSmoke2.blp, TerranSmoke3.blp, TerranFire2.blp, TerranBuild.blp, RedGlow1.blp, GoliathFire2.blp

Those are some of the files I find in nearly all the packs for Terran buildings. I added each only once and it seemed to work but does it work with the specific unit blp files?

Also I would like to say this to skin makers and model makers...Please include a Path.txt file in the zipped file because it would simplify things alot. You can name it Readme.txt and add your name for credits but at least put something. Not everyone likes to constantly try to re-find the page for the skin they used just because they need the path files.

Hope someone answers and understood what I wrote above.
Level 19
Jul 19, 2006
Cronos go f*&^ yourself. He's better then you at modding, and you will never even be close to being as good as him. You should be banned for flaming one of the best modders ever. I hate you, your parents hate you, hell god pisses on your back lawn (Thats not dew bitch). You have no right to say anything back to a loyal user who is just trying to state that a model is stolen, and that it shouldn't be up here for download by this user. He in no way is talking about the model being bad, he's talking about the man who uploaded the model in the first place.
Level 26
Mar 18, 2007
The hell with olofmoleman, I dont care if its stolen or not, its a useful model that you probably couldnt find anywhere else...

...olof, stick to judging dinosaurs you geek.
now, in the most polite way of translating scyth-master's flaming, you, cronos, need to shut the fuck up. olof is a respected member of the hive and is only pointing out that the skin for this thing is stolen, and therefore, credits for the maker of the skin should be put inside, or this model should be removed. You, on the other hand, are flaming him and calling him a "geek" on a warcraft 3 fansite. I smell hypocrisy, mostly because the majority of people that call other people geeks or whatnot over the internet, are, in fact, geeks themselves in real life.
Olof, you're a fuckin bulley. Just because you can make good models doesnt mean that you have the right to push small people around and be a dick to evrybody who isn't as good as you.
he isn't being a "bulley". He's pointing out that the skin is stolen. Why can't you people get that? I never heard him saying "you fucking suck! you're a loser that steals skins!", so why the hell are you idiots flaming?