[WoW] "Sated" and "Exhausted" debuffs not being cleared on Malygos wipes

Maybe what you can do is to update the map file, open TheEyeOfEternity.wmo in the WoWEdit and then open trigger editor for map events, and then go to

  • Events
    • Player - A player dies
  • Conditions
    • Boolean - All players in (Current Raid Group) are dead Equal To True
  • Actions
    • Player Group - Pick every player in (Current Raid Group) and do (Multiple Actions)
      • Ability - Remove buff [Sated] from (Picked Player)
      • Ability - Remove buff [Exhausted] from (Picked Player)
I think if you add this to your Eye of Eternity map triggers in WoW edit and then save and deploy to your WotLK classic release using Jenkins Deploy it might fix the problem.