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[General] Would you like such a map?

Would you like it?

  • YES!

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • No....

    Votes: 1 25.0%

  • Total voters
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Level 9
Jul 10, 2011
hey all...

because i ran out of item ideas i deacided to make a minimap and continue working on my big project afterwards.

now ive got an idea but i dont know whether the wc3-gamers would like them so i ask you all whether or not (and if you are that kind why :D)

The concept :

a small map with massive ways of running and hiding. you get a calculated number of random level creeps to fight with (they are calculated with the number of kills you have; example : you have 10 kills => you can get 10 level 1 creeps or 1 level 10 creep). main target is to kill enemy units. also there are hostile creeps all over the map giving gold. with that gold and the gold you get from killing enemy units you can buy things like a tower on a random spot of the map, an extra creep and so on. everytime all your creeps are killed you get new ones. the creeps youll get are random creeps of ALL standard creeps of wc3. also sometimes random effects appear like you get slowed, a creep gets a random aura and so on.
you win if you killed a certain number of enemy creeps.

now the question....would you like such a map?

thanks in advance greetz happy
Level 4
Apr 15, 2011
if execution is good, sure.
but I doubt execution will be good. ranged creeps will shoot from outside of base to you etc.
just look at "fortress survival", which is actually pretty fun.
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