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Questions about Priority and mob behavior.

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Level 1
Oct 4, 2004
Heya. Working on an AoS map here and it's going well enough...
But I have one major concern that's been annoying me to no end.

With unit priority set to 1 (heroes and creeps) enemy "creeps" will usually go after the hero, and will chase him for a long time even while getting beaten on by allied creeps. Set the priority for heroes lower, keep "creeps" the same (you get generally the same thing, maybe a little better, I can't tell thus far) and tower 'will not' attack you while there are other allied creeps to kill nearby. Regardless of whether the tower is being attacked by the hero, if creeps are nearby, they get smashed priority one.

Curious eh?

My goal is to have a general setup like that of "DotA".
Creeps will adjust targets if you try to screw with an enemy hero, but quickly go back to the enemy creeps if you leave him alone, and they're getting struck. Towers seem to target the person who hits the tower 'next' after finishing a creep. This system works perfectly.

Anyone able to help?
Level 8
Jan 18, 2007
hmmm.... i dident understand mutch but .... you can change the guard range for the creeps, and you can make triggers and place regions

make a trigger like this

  • Events
  • Unit leaves region 000
  • Condition

ah drn a girl messed it up with the trigger, will compleate it soon=))
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