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World War 3: Isles of Blood (1.2.1)

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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Krious (Crius) Presents

World War 3: Isles of Blood
Created by Krious (Crius)

Map Info:
This is a rather unique world war 3 map in that there is a lot of water. This means boats and flying units are used much more often than they would normally be.

The map itself consists of several small islands that surround one large, central island. The central island has 3 large areas, each with 3 starting zones in them, and 1 central desert area. The 3 starting areas with 3 starting zones each means that 3 teams of 3 can fight each other for the center.

However, if ffa is more your jam, you can spawn on the some of the outlying islands as well. Generally, outlying islands are more isolated (easily defensible) but have less space to place unit production buildings.


  • ww3 gamemode: no food, lots of gold mines, 400% unit production speed, 200% building production speed, and no lumber cost for units.
  • 4 default warcraft races, more in future
  • Neutral shipyards that can be captured, but not built or destroyed.
  • The wandering merchant, an individual who spawns randomly every once in awhile to sell extremely powerful spells.


Image Description:
The whole map, non crappy thumbnail version


Image Description:
The bottom left starting area.


Image Description:
One of the neutral troll camps. Above it is a couple of captureable shipyards (This is the only area of the map with 2 next to each other.


Image Description:
One of the neutral ogre camps.


Image Description:
An early-stage player base


Image Description:
Some combat against the neutral creeps


Image Description:
Some more combat with creeps.


Image Description:
A pvp navy battle


Image Description:
A small pvp land battle


Change Log:

  • added wandering merchant, with book of the dead, beacon of elune, spell immunity necklace, and obsidian locust for sale.
  • added the arcane nullifier to the wandering merchant.
  • greatly increased the effectiveness of all towers against air units. Human, undead, and orc receive a second anti-air attack on their towers. Night elf towers receive a passive spell similar to the phoenix's ability that is capable of killing air.
  • greatly increased the ability of the frigate to function as an anti-air ship. The frigate is no longer capable of killing ground units.
  • added greater effectiveness to each faction's food producing buildings. Farms can now produce peasants and have the call to arms ability, ziggarauts can now cast raise dead, moon wells received a mana pool and regeneration buff, and burrows received a health increase.

Author's notes:

I originally made this map for family. Figured it would be fun to play online though, so I decided to upload it. I think this is the first map I've ever actually completed too, which is pretty cool.

Versions before 1.2.1 will not be available, don't worry. You're not missing much.
Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

melee, ww3, world war 3, world war III, strategy

World War 3: Isles of Blood (1.2.1) (Map)

16:09, 8th Oct 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: Alright, the main reason for the map being set to needs fix is because it's considered to still be in the BETA stage or even production stage. "4 default warcraft races, more in future" By rule, beta and below...




16:09, 8th Oct 2015
StoPCampinGn00b: Alright, the main reason for the map being set to needs fix is because it's considered to still be in the BETA stage or even production stage. "4 default warcraft races, more in future" By rule, beta and below maps are not allowed to be approved unless the map is late beta and or very high quality.

One you add a few more of those, then the map may be able to have a chance to gain at least some recognition compared to other strategy and altered melee maps.

Secondly, the terrain is borderline unacceptable. Probably unacceptable to most people subjectively. Please improve it in any way, at least a little bit. Some things you can do is to create more tile variation and add more fitting doodads.

Good luck and happy Hiving! Once you update the map, it will appear to the public again.