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World Editor's Guide

Level 8
Dec 18, 2008
-World Editor’s Guide-
By -=MiddeM=- (KeLeNoR)

Well, in world editor you will need a guide because world editor,
have many things that you might don’t know!

Lets start with something easy.

~Colour's Codes~
Difficulty: Easy
There are some strange codes that you have to write if you want to have a colour to your text.
First of all.

There are some colour’s codes:

Red: |CFFFF0303 |R
Blue: |CFF0042FF |R
Yellow: |CFFFFFF01 |R
Light Blue: |CFF7EBFF1 |R
Purple: |CFF540081 |R
Green: |CFF20C000 |R
Orange: |CFFFE8A0E |R
Brown: |CFF4E2A04 |R
Dark Green: |CFF106246 |R
Pink: |CFFE55BB0 |R
Grey: |CFF959697 |R

|R is used to say that the colour here finishes.

I like (Orange colour)oranges |R, there are sweet!

I like oranges, there are sweet!

We finished with that.

~Loading Screen & Map Preview~
Difficulty: Easy

Loading Screen:

Adding a picture for the loading screen isn’t very hard.
Well, lets start!
You need: Model Editor

*Step with step.

1) Choose your picture

2) Open the Model Editor

3) In Model Editor, go to the menu ‘Extras’ then ‘Loading Screen Creator

4) Select your icon by clicking on a button with …

5) Generate your map to 512x512 by clicking on ‘Generate’.
WARNING! When you are ready to generate it remember! The file name must end to .mdx ! You have to write it.

6) Click again to the button with … and now, select the generated file.

7) After you select the generated file click Ok .

8) When you click Ok the window have to close. Click on the menu ‘File’ and Save as. Warning! Don’t change the name that it already have (Loadingscreen).

9) Now that we finished with the make of the icon, we must open the world editor and then go to the Imported Files. When you import then you have to go to the generated file and remove its path ( war3mapImported\ ) .

10) Import the two files, (the generated and the file with name (loadingscreen) . Now, the last step. Go to the menu in world editor, Scenario and then Map Loading Screen. At Loading Screen Graphic click on Imported File and choose the file with the name LoadingScreen , you know, the one that you saved. This will have its path normally. Finished! Now go and check if it worked! If not, remake it by using again the orders.

Map Preview:
This is very simple!
Let’s Go!
You need: A program that makes icons to .tga (If the icon you want isn’t .tga)

*Step with step.

1) If the icon isn’t .tga make it by using Photoshop for example.
2) When it is .tga import the file to your map
3) Change the path of the imported file to: war3mapPreview.TGA
4) Be sure that in the menu Scenario-Map Options, the order to hide minimap in preview screens is disabled.

Done it and with this!

~Importing Models & Icons~
Difficulty: Easy

Importing Models:
Most of the models you download, those creators have they’re paths. Anyway, lest start.
*Step with step.

1) Import the model file (Must end .mdx) and its skin (Must end .blp) to your map.
2) Remove the model file’s path ( war3mapImported\) after you imported it.

Importing Icons:
Here you will just need some paths for your icons.

1) Import the icons ( normal, passive,...) to your map.
2) Now you have to add them the right paths:


BTN (Normal Button) ReplaceableTextures\CommandButtons\BTNDragonBreath.blp


DISBTN (Disabled Button)


PASBTN (Passive Button)


DISPASBTN (Disabled Passive Button)

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Level 24
Feb 28, 2007
This tutorial is pretty much an unorganized mess that covers a wide number of unrelated, different things.
First of all, the name: "World Editor's Guide", this is a minor thing, but "World Editor's" implies that someone called World Editor made this guide, whilst you actually did, so the tutorials real name (grammatically) should be "World Editor Guide", which isn't really right either. As like half of the tutorial covers things outside the World Editor, such as the custom Loading Screens and Mini Previews sections, my point is that people who see this tutorial will think it covers things it doesn't.
Let's move on, there is already a good tutorial covering colored texts, so I don't think your tiny section regarding this is really necessary, unless you add more things to it, such as mentioning programs that can generate color codes etc.
Finally, the import section. First of all, you should perhaps explain what the different icon types are (BTN, DISBTN etc.), instead of just telling people how to import the different kinds of them.

All in all, this tutorial covers mostly things that other tutorials already covers and is pretty (like mentioned above) unorganized and such. The name is misguiding and the tutorial is rather simple overall. Because of these reasons I do not think this tutorial should be approved at this time.
Level 8
Dec 18, 2008
Well, it is my first toturial and i wasnt know what to write. I decide to write some of the basic knowllege and i wrote it's name to World Editor's Giude. But as i saw in your reply, these toturial is useless in every side so i better delete it. There is no need to be this toturial. Maybe in 2-3 days i will delete it.