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Level 2
Jul 17, 2018
the AI doesnt work when playing with more than 1 player i played with my brother and explored and saw the AI hadnt done anything tho when i tested it in singleplayer it worked and yes we tried playing over and over again to see if we we did something wrong i dont think so we voted for FFA, normal start,annahilation pls fix it cuz i rly wanna play with bots and mah brother
Version 1.9b released

Hello everyone! Sorry for the half year of radio silence on this, i got some inspiration to update my World in Flames project and have been working on that for a while now instead of this. Last week i finally got together and finished a new version, though, and here it is!

Unfortunately, as the idiot i am, i did not write down my updates as i worked on them back in July, so i haven't kept track of all of them - however, there are three major updates in this version which are worthy of note.

New Chinese tank: the ZTZ-99A2
Time to give the people some good ol' communist liberty with this next-gen PLA main battle tank! It has unique stats and a fancy camo scheme which stands out from the crowd. It is entirely unique to China.


Zombie overlord changes
Previously, there were some issues with A: players becoming the zombie overlord too early, without letting the apocalypse run its course, and B: there being an exploit where the overlord can order his zombies to attack his own cities, and thus gain zombies every time it becomes captured. In an attempt to fix both these issues, cities captured by overlord-owned zombies no longer spawn new zombies. This is both to prevent exploits, and also to give players an incentive to wait with building the Brainwave Transmitter until the zombie apocalypse have gained some momentum. Being the zombie overlord now becomes more about shepherding the existing zombies and upgrading them to stronger variants.

New Chinook model
This has been on my list of things for a very long time, but now finally we won't be confusing our transport helicopters with our attack helicopters anymore!

As a bit of a side note, the new Chinook model has been modeled and animated entirely with my new Blender MDL exporter! So if you are interested in getting into Wc3 modeling using an entirely free, professional-grade program, you should definitely check this out.
You can find the main thread here: MDL Exporter for Blender3D!
And a quick tutorial on how to make a basic model here: Exporting models from Blender using the MDL exporter plugin

Full changelog:
  • New model for the Chinook Transport Helicopter.
  • New unit: the ZTZ-99A2 Main Battle Tank.
  • Cities captured by zombies do not generate new zombies if there is a zombie overlord in play.
  • Some vehicle costs and stats have been rebalanced.
You can always find the latest map here: Map download and legacy versions
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