Working model need to be finalized

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Level 3
Aug 13, 2010
I am a junior modeler and I have created an epic model for me to use. I don't know how to get it to work though... I took a Villager Man, and a Villager Woman, and made a kicking screaming RPG chick. There are tons of Villager Man skins and models so I figured we needed an equal female version. Well it has the legs of a man and the body of a woman, both of which have been edited to make it more feminine. Its fully textured using the textures of the Sorceress, Villager Man, and Villager Woman. I tried using ingame textures for each but couldn't get it right so I CnP them into 1 texture and remapped them that way. Basicly I just need someone to help me finish this model and get it working ingame, credits and +rep to anyone who can do that for me.

Here's a screen to tickle your epic buds:
Not open for further replies.