[SD/Modeling] Can you fix me this model? (Cage Kart with villagers inside)

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May 20, 2012
The model is a Cage Kart with ten villagers inside. Two male villagers (white yellowish clothes), Two blonde children, two brown hair children, and four villager women.
It has two errors:

1. One of the woman villagers (the one of the rear left part) rolls along with the wheel that is near to her when the kart walks.

2. When in game, Some of the textures of the villagers appear outside of the model, somewhere near in the map (usually in the middle of it). This happened only with the Villager Woman and the Childs textures, for some reason.

I'm amateur, so I couldn't figure out the reason behind those mistakes. :/


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I can't even open the model in Mdlvis to fix the errors.

The model is really badly done:

I don't remember ever seeing a model with that many severe warnings.
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