somes portrait and model request

In my map, there is a lot of unit with the same model.
So, to make them different, i will need somes portrait. If someone can makes them for me, i will put his name in the maps
Here they are:
Team Infiltration (good team):
Commander: Portrait of Jim Raynor, like the one in starcraft 2
General: I know he dies in starcraft 1, but I need the portrait of Edmund Duke, like if he was in sc2
Colonel: I need a portrait based on the villager, but it will have an armor like the marine one.
Private: It will be ok^^, I found the one i need on the hive.

Team Mafia (bad team 1):
Boss: A portrait of a guy with black hair and looking like an italian. He must have black clothes. I will need a model of a guy like him too. He must have a gun like a revolver.
Assistants: I need two portrait and two model. the first one will be a men (about 30 years old) with grey hair and black brown eyes, brown clothes and a machine gun as weapons. the second one will be a guy exactly like the first one but with red clothes.
Grunt: I need a girl model and two man model. Girl with black hair, men with grey hair. As gun, they will have revolver and a second model of men with machine gun.

Team Hell's Angel (bad team 2):
Boss: Mom Boucher: A guy with grey hair and glass. He will have Black clothes and a machine gun as weapons. I need the mdoel and the portrait.
Admin: One model and two portrait. As model, I need a kind of Marine, but with lighter armor. As portrait, I need a girl, a blond girl with blue eyes, and a man, black hair and green eyes.
Grunt: I need a model and a portrait of a guy, brown hair brown eyes, brown clothes. A machine gun as weapons.

Team Al-Qaida (bad team 3):
Boss: Ossama Ben Laden: I need an Arbic man with white turban and grey beard. That's all the restriction i have (no weapons)
There is no admin.
Grunt: I need two arabic model and portrait. One of an arabic with a revolver, one of an arabic with a machine gun.

That's all^^
Thanks to post me these model as soon as possible