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Big request

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Level 2
Mar 21, 2008
Hero Request for Fallen of Dark Power

Hello all, as I said in the introduction I need a lot of help in hero models.
I want is in asian face and long black hair for female hero (like black_stan Kunoichi, because i like it). All with portrait.
1. Blade Ministress - Female hero riding a horse held sword in right hand, rifle in left hand. Has two attack animation primary sword, second rifle. Costume like Kunoichi, I don't want war costume.
2. Spy agent, small edit of black_stan Nouhime, it should held sniper rifle with channeling animation, I hope the clothes didn't chance because i like it.
3. Grand Knight, like Black_stan Masamune Date but again female with asian face, hair like Kunoichi ride a horse. Held katana and rifle this time. Two attack type animation, primary katana, second rifle. Costume like black_stan Oichi in pattern of red and white (isn't it lovely).
4. Elite Wizard, female hero, hair like black_stan ninja without fan, held staff with channel ability.
5. Anhilator, female hero, held assault gun and spear, has two type attack first spear, second assault gun. Costume like future gunslinger (edit skin of Nouhime). Channeling animation.With atatck wall stand spin animation.
6. Marksman, female hero with longbow, costume like black_stan Ranmaru Mori.
7. Deadlord, edited version of Dreadlord more scarer.Held frostmoure and excalibur.
8. Dark Sorcerer, undead hero with staff and channeling animation.
9. Assassin, female hero with a blade (not sword), costume like black_stan edited ninja assassin skin. Attack wall stand spin animation
10. Healer, female hero long hair,held a staff have heal animation.
Also in need spell for elite wizard, spy agent, marksman, and blade ministrees.
Thanks alot for one who can done it for me, the map is nearly finished but the model still 0 %. So please help because I don't familiar with 3ds Max
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Level 2
Mar 21, 2008
Poor response:sad:, so I try to improve the request.
  1. Blade Ministrees
    I have try to make this by just edit black_stan model, reskin it. The problem surely is the animation sequences for Kunoichi head that I merge with Masamune model, and also all sequences broken and then the bones is anoying - textures (poor me)
  2. Spy Agent
    Again the the rifle perfect but the animation is very - very poor. Please help !!!
  3. Elite Dragoon - poor animation sequnces and bones too. I merged Masamune Date with Ayame and Kunoichi.
  4. Phatasm Wizard - animation and bones too. I took Jaina staff. It finished but no animation in it.:confused: I reskin the archmage, add it with Jaina staff
  5. Anhillator. Attack wall stand spin fine with Animation transfer, but the channeling and another is not good:confused: Used assassin_ninja skin with oichi, konstrurk attachment, myself lance
  6. Sharpshooter - finished. No help at all. Thanks to BlinkBoy.Reskin of Legolas, mix with Slyvanus, bow taken from again Black_stan tutorial.:thumbs_up:
  7. Master Healer. Animation sequences and skin is poor :confused:Used priest model reskin, remove the origin animation.
  8. Deadlord. Finished - no help this time. Original dreadlord with large editing meshes
  9. Dark Sorcerer - animation and staff position:confused:.Used banshee model, edited and reskin it so it can hold staff.
  10. Assassin - fully finished, but the animation is not done yet, can any body help me. Used ninja-assass model, took the katana change with sword
  11. Avenger - well done, with archer edited model merged with Ranmaru Mori and Dark Ranger bow, but the animation is not looking fine, the morphed is also poor ( I try morphed to ride a gold dragon)

Program used
1. 3ds Max 5
2. 3ds Max 9
3. Wa3 Art Tools - Blizzard
4. War3 Model Editor - Magos
5. Geotsetmerger, Animtransfer,Vertexmodifier - Oinkler
6. KMK importe/eksporet - I only used the import because the export fail
7. Yobghul War3 File Conventer
8. War 3 File Viewer
9 MPQMaster
10.Worledit Unlimited
11 Warcraft III Patch 1.21b
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