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Model Request: Zombie/Villager

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Level 10
Jul 6, 2007
A male and female zombie 10-40kb each with stand animation, death animation, attack animation, eat flesh animation and jump animation that should be a 5 second animations of arms and legs swinging. Skins should be ingame to further save room and nodes and geosets should be set at a low to save some more room. Their attack animation is both arms swinging forward bashing, eating flesh (Self explanatory), walk animation should be running and death should be fall like the zombie. Both zombies should have no cloths and be bloody/mutated in a way where it's unreconizable as a human, but still humanoid in a way you can say,
"Look that use to be a female"

A villager holding a rifle, realistically with the attached points perfected so no points are sticking through the arms or body. The preferred weapon of choice is the M16. The attack animation should be similar to the marines EXCEPT his attack kicks him back once as if he only fired his rifle once. Plus his rifle should be drawn up to his rifle when fired and don't worry about his attack sounds in his nodes, I'll edit that to my pleasing. Please do not add omnis to his attack animations, only the effect of firing his rifle through a red node.

Please do not comment back if you are not interested. What this request is for is for my project Reign of The Dead 2.3.0. I am reamping the whole map and I would need new resources. Again do not post if you do not want to help. No screen shots or videos will be shown of my new map for the main reason of that I do not wish to share any material yet.
Not open for further replies.