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  • Ye, I have garena. Aldo I dont use it. Used it once, to play with VeljkoM, since he neither has original CD.

    Thx. I change avatars often.
    Ok. I saw that you dont like your username. Did you look under the rules. It is described there :p, but you must pay 20$ :/

    Oh, and VeljkoM, in hes previous post is correct ^^
    Jos jedan kragujevcanin? Koliko nas ima. Nego Hail je pogresio. Srbi vladaju sajtom samo sto to jos niko ne zna.

    O i usput samo da znas da je srpski protiv pravila (bar ako te uhvate sto se desava jednom u 100 godina)
    Iznenadne vasti: Danas oko xx:xx avion se zabio u zgradu na aerodromu, naselje u Kragujevcu...
    Jos jedan srbina. Haha. Al nas ima. Uskoro ce mo da preuzmemo hajv, sa Master Haosisom na celu:mwahaha:
    Dobro je videti ljude iz srbije ovde, steta sto nikad nisam sreo nikoga ko je napravio nesto iz spell sekcije a da je iz Srbije, to me cini jedinim srbinom koji pravi magije na workshopu :p
    Koliko znam ja sam vec u toj grupi ali me mrzi da ista "postujem", i inace pogledaj broj mojih "post"-ova...
    [22-21-51] MasterHaosis: Seen -Spirit hunter-?
    [22-21-53] Hakeem: *I last saw -Spirit Hunter- 23 hours, 25 minutes, 26 seconds ago: “THWChat/1 [14-56-40] -Spirit Hunter-: MasterHaosis, don't doubt the 8-ball its all knowing and all powerful”.
    Hai NeXy [:
    (>o_O)> Nice to see you, add me to friends!
    No I wont do a competition, I said you will be able to work on terraining like it was a Competition, you get to have fun! :) yes I do want you to terrain.
    Why not. :) You have MSN?(A)
    You get credits of course haha, but you do this because you find it fun.
    The map author wont say made by Abe Holm, credits for balblalba to you etc

    It will say Map made by: Abe Holm, -Spirit Huner-
    and then in F11 you'll find credits for who has done what.
    because this is a team, not me asking for some help for different things, you are also the map creator if you decide to join.
    It's you project too then, you have as much authority to the map as I, you can say THIS , this is my map.

    aswell as I can say that. and all others joining the team.
    also haha, again, feels like I'm spamming you.

    Do you understand anything of all I have written?
    Feel free to ask more exact questions and I answere short and easy.
    Remember the square should hold a giant boss, 10 players, a little bit of run space, not much just a little.
    Shouldn't look crouded for you and your teammates, seeing players everywhere.
    I can send a map with a square and you'll see where the terrain should stay in.

    So when it comes to terrains, these are for real artist to play their fantasies.
    Make that ultimate ultra cool little epic looking place in the middle of a jungle in that sqare. Skip the jungle just make that extremly cool looking eye candy part that you found to be most fun to do, what you take a screenshot and give in to competitions.

    AND there my friend we fight 10 bosses (10 waves).
    6 squares, 10 waves per square.
    Yes I saw them, my terrain layout is also very simple, It's 8 squares total. (small map)
    1 square for a boss to stand in, so you can watch the next incomming wave,
    one wave includes one boss.

    In that square you get infomation like, what spells do the boss have, what do they do, how does the boss look like, damage, health.

    In another square you choose a hero.

    the 6 other squares is small small terrains for you to fight the bosses in, why 6?
    well variation in your fights make it more fun.

    The goal, to make simple terrains, a summon spot, and maybe trees, or what ever, it's all about eyecandy, looking cool thats where you fight your boss with your 9 team members.

    So your terrains, like just say, that cvathedral could be a square to fight 10 waves in.
    Thats all that is needed.
    Details not much, if you want yes.
    When I start the team, meaning the advanced beginning of my map, item stats, abilities, more detailed terrain

    Yes you can do play out your ultimate fantasies in small squares
    You see I set my goals in short distances making it all very easy and much more fun.
    Think when you have made up 600 names , or me, and icons for 600 items.
    feel proud you have succeded!

    Now we advance. New goal.
    thats How I work, because I else I think to much, I get lazy and think it all takes to much time and yah.
    this way everything is easy and fun :)
    I see, because you are lazy this team would be suitable for you.
    The basics requires only 600 items meaning.

    an Icon for the Item.
    a Name for the Icon.

    No attributes, no spells, no tooltip, gold cost, hotkeys for the item.
    That belongs to the advanced part of the map and we aim for the basics to be done, no advanced no, we want the map to be done.

    So if you want to help now it's very easy for you, make 10? 20? 40? 100? items which only has a uniqe name, and a suiting icon.

    The map wants items, not a set of armor, weapons nothing like that.
    When you play you could buy let's make up an item.

    Icon: A cool looking potion looking flask item with cool colors
    Name: Amazing Looking Potion of the 96 Rainbows

    There we have one Item
    Later in the advanced series when I need a team we make up what the items do.
    do not hang your thought on it, we only want a cool name and an icon for the basics.
    same for units and heroes, a name, model and icon.
    The name of the project is undecided. It's just "Boss Mod 1.0" x)
    It's a small map and very simple rules.
    Kill or be killed by the giant ramping monster boss. ;P

    Simple and FUN, easy to learn.

    Whats advanced about the map is the advanced continue on the basic grounds of the map, meaning, very complex spells, and imported models and such, A LOT OF SFX, giving this small simple map a very uniqe and impressive look in spells, icons, models, skins but still simple and very cool, and the main purpose is to keep the map layout Simple, small and FUN.

    Then as the groiund basics is layed you do the cool SFX's and stuff to make EYE Candy :D:D

    It's going in a very slow smooth and nice progress, no hurries no deadlines so far.
    Because it's so simple and easy to do the basics and it's fun aswell.
    the advanced probably contains more items, more bosses, more heroes, but the goal is for now to do the basics so this fair small map is getting done.

    and whats really good is that I have everything written down what to do step by step to finish of the basic grounds of the map.

    The when I come to the advanced parts I need a team, because I don't like to work alone.
    and it's easier and more fun to be a group that can be proud together, and think of all creativity and opinions betwene different people.
    I hear ya, thats why I like teams a lot more, "lazyness" isn't much of a problem.

    My project is about a team of 10 players meeting a total of 60 bosses in 6 different small squares. Every boss has 3 very uniqe and cool spells which all affects every player when used.
    The spells from the bosses is used dependant on the health of the boss.

    3 difficulties, 600 items, 30 heroes.
    small map size, a lot of imports.
    This is the basics
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