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Where are my rewards???

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Level 19
Apr 25, 2006
It has been months since the Ultimate terraining competition ended. None of us have received our reputation awards. I was supposed to get 50 points for the 1st place. Wolverabid told me to tell Rui some months ago but nothing has still happened so I have no idea what is Rui's problem.

Also I was supposed to get an award icon for the horror cinematic contest that ended many months ago too.

Since I read Wolverabid is gone I wonder how long do I have to still wait for them.

Hmm I wasn't so sure where to post this.
Level 22
Feb 26, 2008
> I send a PM to Wolverabid months ago and nothing has happened.

Well, that's not a surprise, seeing as he's been gone for a long time.

But that's another matter.
Perhaps a link to the thread and a list of the places that need rep along with how much, and someone will fix that up for you. :)
Level 34
Sep 6, 2006
I don't have a good sense of humor? Huh.

On topic? Well I thought it was worth the post. Sorry.
Although remember this site is for fun, so small remarks like that, IMO, should be fine. As long as their worth it, and not senseless spam. Now looking at your post, I'm not sure a ryme about Ralle and your grandmother is on-topic. And don't give me crap like, "I added 'Anyway, good thing thats fixed.'" That was simply filler to make sure you weren't blasted for useless spam. I've done it before too.
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