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Weekend Mapping Madness #2 - Results

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Contestants are challenged to make a defense map.
No 'Defend a target' restriction for this contest.
*You are allowed to use your map from this contest and continue working on it for the Mini-Game Mapping Contest #5*


Map Name: Defense Map Alpha 1.0
Created by: Aeroblyctos

Originality: 5/15
Map Presentation/Design: 1/10
Terrain: 1/25
Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 2/10
Object Data: 1/10
Gameplay: 5/30

Total Score: 15/100

// ------------------------------------------------------------------

Map Name: DonDustinWeekendMadnessMap
Created by: DonDustin

Originality: 9/15
Map Presentation/Design: 3/10
Terrain: 5/25
Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 2/10
  • Hero Revive
    • Events
    • Unit - A unit Dies
    • Conditions
    • ((Triggering unit) is A Hero) Equal to True
    • ((Owner of (Triggering unit)) controller) Equal to User
    • Actions
    • Wait ((Real((Level of (Triggering unit)))) x 4.50) seconds
    • Set loc[6] = (Center of Gebiet 006 <gen>)
    • Hero - Instantly revive (Triggering unit) at (Center of Gebiet 006 <gen>), Show revival graphics
    • Custom script: call RemoveLocation( udg_loc[6] )
  • You have error here -> Hero - Instantly revive (Triggering unit) at (Center of Gebiet 006 <gen>), Show revival graphics
  • Replace that line with -> Hero - Instantly revive (Triggering unit) at (loc[6]), Show revival graphics
Object Data: 5/10
Gameplay: 10/30

Total Score: 34/100

// ------------------------------------------------------------------

Map Name: Eliminate the Terrorist v1.0a
Created by: DeathChef

Originality: 13/15
Map Presentation/Design: 3/10
Terrain: 5/25
Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 5/10
Object Data: 5/10
Gameplay: 10/30

Total Score: 34/100

// ------------------------------------------------------------------

Map Name: Mapping Madness #2 (figueiredo00)
Created by: Figueiredo00

Originality: 5/15
Map Presentation/Design: 2/10
Just another Warcraft III map
Terrain: 15/25
Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 3/10
Object Data: 5/10
Gameplay: 17/30

Total Score: 47/100

// ------------------------------------------------------------------

Map Name: TheMinefield1.0b
Created by: bowser499

Originality: 10/15
Map Presentation/Design: 5/10
Terrain: 13/25
Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 10/10
Object Data: 8/10
Gameplay: 10/30

Total Score: 56/100

// ------------------------------------------------------------------

Map Name: Tidal Defense
Created by: Jazztastic

Originality: 13/15
Map Presentation/Design: 1/10
Just another Warcraft III map
Terrain: 9/25
Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 5/10
Object Data: 5/10
Gameplay: 5/30

Total Score: 38/100

// ------------------------------------------------------------------

Map Name: Weekend Mapping Madness 2
Created by: ????? (edit Fan)

Originality: 12/15
Map Presentation/Design: 1/10
Just another Warcraft III map
Terrain: 17/25
Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 2/10
Object Data: 3/10
Gameplay: 5/30

Total Score: 40/100

// ------------------------------------------------------------------

Map Name: Wraithling's Defense (Sadly Unfinished)
Created by: Wraithling

Originality: 15/15
Map Presentation/Design: 8/10
Terrain: 5/25
Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 5/10
Object Data: 5/10
Gameplay: 15/30

Total Score: 53/100

// ------------------------------------------------------------------

Map Name: Magtheridon96 - Weekend Mapping Madness #2
Created by: Magtheridon96

Originality: 3/15
Map Presentation/Design: 5/10
Terrain: 5/25
Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 10/10
Object Data: 5/10
Gameplay: 8/30

Total Score: 36/100

// ------------------------------------------------------------------

Map Name: Mini map contest 0.01
Created by: ??? (edit Brambleclaw)

Originality: 3/15
Map Presentation/Design: 2/10
Terrain: 3/25
Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 4/10
Object Data: 2/10
Gameplay: 2/30

Total Score: 16/100


Orginality: 10/10
Man, you got me there - I was playing MtG for years and even that now I'm out of busines, from time to time I go look for new in this fantastic world. Definitely the most orginal entry. I'm impressed that you gave a try to created such map, in case it's not easy to implement the idea into war3 nor keep the Magic the Gathering style.. but you archieved that ;)

Map Presentation/Design: 7/10
Map contains many descriptions. Spells, mobs, bosses, mechanics and gameplay is well introduced thus user doesn't have to force his mind to find out what's going around (ofcurse if you play first time any map you suck ;P). I don't like the map's description: 'Defend the monolith and shitz.' - could be more attractive. Player's (the user's) name should be changed via trigger editor into 'Summoner' - you know, every MtG player is named this way.
'Round 0 starts'? If I'm not mistaken rounds start from first round not the zero one. Furthermore the multiboard displays 'Round 0/?' - reminds me Wow ?? Bosses.. The customization in Gameplay Constants and Game Interface seems fine. In most cases icons fit perfectly for spells they are represanting. The 'Skip Tutorial' dialog button is misleading, you should have changed it instead of forcing user to restart the game. Hotkeys works good.
There is credits section.

Terrain: 12/25
Map's shape fits the idea about fighting against 3 enemy players, although most of it's space is covered with sea.
The 'spawn areas' (including the player's monolith area) are marked well.
There is nothing what makes terrain special, therefore nothing to make player's eye stop for a while.
Doodads amount is low, animated objects are rare too. Especialy the roads leading to enemies are just plain dirt.
Fog and weather effects are non existant.

Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 3/10
Hashtable abuse, you could use just one instead of three. If you aren't using Waits, instead of Trigger - Turn off action in Melee Initialization trigger you could use: Custom script: call DestroyTrigger(GetTriggeringTrigger()).
(Integer A) should be omited. 'Start Round' trigger leaks player forceand parameter, further more (Owner of (Triggering unit)) should be replaced with (Triggering player) to improve efficiecy.
You should have use actions - Clear Sound or Stop Sound to make sound playing smoother.
Trigger 'End of Round' & 'NonCreature Spells' (Owner of (Triggering unit)) ->> (Triggering player), to be honest most triggers have that issue.
Trigger 'Game Begin' leaks location (all the Center of region x), player force.
Custom models/effects aren't preloaded.
Trigger 'Create Creatures' could be cut a lot. You should divide mobs that cost 2 map into one group and those who cost one into another. Formula usage would help you too (that notice includes NonCreature Spells trigger too).
'Creature max checker' trigger is pointless, the 'Creature Soul Warden' one performs similar action anyway.
And muc, much more ^^. Unit Indexer, Damage Detection, Damage Modifier and similar GUI-friendly systems can help you reduce the time needed in scripting a lot, plus they make triggers much faster and efficient.

Object Data: 6/10
I love the fact that you have categorized spells/units, there is no mess in OE what happens ofen in many maps. Units size are fine, abilities aren't overloaded with levels.
The toughness & power abilities could be combined and manipulated via triggers. Too many units look like brothers, since their statistics aren't much differend (those brothers just wear differend costumes).
The idea behind each MtG color fits the theme. Abilities aren't balanced compared to the situations which occurs during the game. Unit's are uncontrolable, which sucks if you were talking about fight against targets with 'Quake' aiblity,
you should have make them controlable to increase the fun and life of game.

Gameplay: 5/30 Unacceptable
There is only one way to win the game, since like I've mentioned the spells/units aren't balanced nor created to give opportunity to properly counter opponents spells.
After testing every (every) combination I've realised that only 2 points in Red magic can help you archive a win. You can either summon 2 Phoenixes and spam Volcanic Spray or summon 3 Phoenixes instead and then spam the spray >.>
Enemies do nothing except for summoning ton of units. Any unit that doesn't not have flying ability is useless and quickly fucked up by Quake ability. Especialy the last part - three bosses at once? The gameplay isn't user-friendly (mainly because of uncontrolable units), without luck you gave Ogre raping your ass, feasting upon corpses of all your summons even in first turn.

Overall: 43/100


Orginality: 7/10
The idea is quite nice, defending the one lonely woman seems nice (guess the reward after rescuing her ^^). Point for making last boss a female type. Seeing too many 'Demon-Lords' sucks, hurray that this time I had to kill a girl ;)

Map Presentation/Design: 2/10 Unacceptable
No tips, no hints. No descriptions, player 1 is still named.. player 1? There are no Quests. Map name is still default, you haven't even added author's na,e (yours). The only thing that exists (if you are talking about presentation) is the loading screen description, yet it's still not enough.
There is no cretids section.

Terrain: 18/25
Ownage, the best terrain among all the entries. you can feel the 'hell' - theme of map.
Good use of fog, weather effect exists - and fits the rest of terrain. Pathing blockers are located realy badly, there is ton of blank spots. You better spam the 'pathing bloackers road' to thevent any fancy issues. Why haven't you used terrain deformations ;/ ? Some hills/pits would be awesome in case the road is plain. There is big difference between beatifull lava sea around and that empty way on which our hero moves. :|
Fog and weather effects are non existant.

Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 1/10 Unacceptable
Basicaly there are no custo functions/triggers - and map without trigger editor data isn't good map. There are 8 triggers, 3 of them leak locations, not to mentioned that all periodic event triggers can be merged. Similar situation goes to 'dying' functions. Why haven't you add all those dying events into one in case actions are the same in each case? >.<
'Endboss' trigger should be turned off automaticaly after first time it is executed to prevent message spamming.

Object Data: 7/10
I like the fact that units are different from each other. Some attack your here, some don't (and just focus on woman). Map size seems fine, units have proper size too. Abiliities are plain, usage of ladder ones, nothing new.
Holy Burst is unbalanced. The description in Holy Infuison spell is misleading, 'Heals yourself for X hitpoints'? I don't know, but I could heal the girl too ;P Next overpower spell. Hotkeys works, and are placed well (Q, W, E).
Hero is named.. You!?

Gameplay: 13/30
Game is so easy, your hero fucked up bosses and mobs with stun lock. There is no triggered AI, some mobs can be lured outside 'camps'. Woman is annoying too, you should have add some abilities-order to force her to stop, move etc. in case she blocks our hero a lot. There is ton of mana potions making your hero basicaly invurneable. Fountains make this easy game even easier.. To sum up: there is no challenge.

Overall: 48


Orginality: 8/10
Great idea execution, something fun yet challenging.

Map Presentation/Design: 3/10 Unacceptable
No map's desciption. No author, no custom map name. Only loading screen contains some informations.
During the game there is no hints and no quests are added to introduce the user into the game. The game just starts ;d
There is no cretids section.

Terrain: 12/25
Nothing special, but I see you have listened to my idea about waterfall in the middle (sadly the water color sucks ;P). The wall near right down corner makes road too tight in this place.
Especialy in your man, terrain had great influency on game-play. Unfortunately you failed ;/
Since you're usng triggers to detect 'water' you should have worked on terrain (water) exactness much more.
Look for 'Gameplay' for more more informations - that mistake was one of main factors which ruined this map.

Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 6.5/10
You need just one hashtable, second one is a abuse. Anyways, since you have used them triggers Initialization & Hash should have been merged. Ohh.. when I was looking on Initialization trigger I saw that you have declared everything, set region, cool, realy cool stuff. Then I went to Creep ovement and.. it killed me. WHY.. no WHAt.. fuck, Wait.. omg, no it can't be.. NO LOOP USAGEEEEEEEE!!!??? You like making your life harder, don't you? Ater all this boring variable setting (regions escpecialy) you have decided not to use them? Brilliant. Since regions are stored in array parameter loop could make this function 5 liner. >.>
Trigger 'Death' leaks group handle. Overall I like the fact that triggers are pretty MUI\lagless\bugfree. Glad to see that you haven't spammed variables, but used just constant pool (sharing them in each trigger) therefore reducing the map size and readability. You might consider using Unit Indexer and similar stuff, it can help you going further into scripting since hashtables are about 8 times slower indexing.

Object Data: 6/10
There isn't much of such. Void ability stinks =p If player chooses it as 1st skill he is doomed already. 30 freaking mana for this crap? Why rest of spells costs like 4/5 mana? <.<
'Power Push hotkey is Q not W (in desciption) mate. Comparing amount of mobs summoned on each wave, skills improvement per level is pitty. Although, idea behind abilities is nice, there are few synergies and they fit theme based on 'only water deals damaga'.
Whats the reason behind setting summons life to 50%? Isn't that silly? Reducing the hp would be enough. Additionaly: firelrd shouldn't have regeneration. Unit sizes aren't set properly. Fire lord should be the biggest one. Except for 'Fire Elementa' mobs have horrible scaled damage. The FL hits for 25 chaos while you have 100 hp, 0 regeneration and level bonus sucks? Creatures should be rebalanced. There are 10 levels and.. just 3 spawn types? Considering that all of them can appear on first wave there is nothing new in further levels.

Gameplay: 6.5/30 Unacceptable
The next game with only 1-way to win. Additionaly in this case it's semi-bug. Key to win: go to left down corner (close to trees) and.. stay there, just sit. There is only tiny chance that mobs will notice your presence - to reduce it even more kite few mobs to you and push them onto trees to destroy them. As mentioned in 'Terrain' because of wrongly set terrain elementals kills themselves by just walking. Also it's very dangerous to go close to the beach since you can not trust your eyes. Everything damaged you so hard and the only healing you can get is 10hp/per instance finished. Hero doesn't gain any level nor bonuses during fight. No 'boss' have been involved, no items, nothing what helps you challenging higher levels.
Overall: 42/100


Orginality: 6/10
Fun idea for multiplayer game, unfortunately the execution wans't.

Map Presentation/Design: 6/10
THERE IS CUSTOM MAP IMAGE!!! And custom interface :p
Author, map names & description exists. Although there is nothing shown during map initialization ;/
Contains credits section. All mines have the same icon (except for color), a little boring don't you think?
The customization in Game Interface seems fine. Game play constants customization is non existant.
Hero names fits theier roles. No hits/tips. Players don't know how to start the game actually and if player Red isn't human game is over =p.

Terrain: 10/25
Dark wood of death? Swamps? Terrain should be much more bright for multiplayer game.
Nothing fancy added. No animated doodads. Fog and weather effects exist.
Map is definitely too small for such game, there are no places to hide, escape etc.
Spawn locations for both teams look very similar. All the tech centres should be moved to no-playable map part.

Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 3/10
'CommandCentres' - somments in custom scripts, o'realy?
Trig_PlayersInit_Endgame() function - you know that 'else' exists? It could help you to reduce amount of loops. Player handle isn't nulled (two times). Conditions proves to be faster than Actions, should be used insetad.
Trig_MultiboardCreate_Actions(), again - conditions are faster, plus 'else' are perfect is such situations. Trig_SaperLeave_Endgame() function, the smae >.>
'SaperDeath', 'SelectCC', 'CircleofMines', 'BlowUp', 'Remote Destruct' triggers, conditions and actiosn should be merged into one. GetOwningPlayer() should be replaced with GetTriggerPlayer(). Get rid of CountPlayersInForceBJ, CustomVictoryBJ, CustomDeafeatBJ.

if IsPlayerAlly(GetLocalPlayer(),Player(0)) then
    call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0.,0.,"|cffffcc00Note:|r Your miner can build mines. Use them to defeat all the sappers.")
    call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0.,0.,"|cffffcc00Note:|r Your sapper has only one live. Be very careful.")
Man, such messages should be displayed to owner-only, not the whole team. If player blue dies, the red one sees 'Your mines (...)' what is pretty misleading.
'CircleofMining' - local group is completely not needed, you can make use of bj_lastCreatedGroup. GroupEnumUnitsInRange() with boolexpr null!? You could use it to get rid of FirstofGroup which is pretty slow and in this case can be easily omited. Use boolexpr to perform actions immidiately (just refer to GetFilterUnit()).
'BlowUp' similar situation as in trigger mentioned above, but this time global would be required.
Generaly local triggers could replace all the global 'gg_trg_XXX' ones.
'Automatic Blow' - TriggerRegisterEnterRegion(trig, rectRegion, null) should replace TriggerRegisterEnterRectSimple() and GetTriggerUnit() the GetEnteringUnit() reference.
Basically, there is ton of other improvements, I have decided not to list them all. Most triggers repeats the same mistakes: conditions & actions not merged, handles not nulled, sometimes you use sample/bj/swap instead of natived and surely you should think about reducing the amount of locals in few triggers. Whenever you are using 'if' statement you omit the else, why? Half of the loops inside our map script could be removed with else usage.

Object Data: 7/10
Units fits the theme, especially mines.. Some hotkeys are set wrongly (description shows completely different key or even don't show at all), Miner are too fast compared to Sapper. Experienced miner can win game within 2minutes (switf upgrade for sapper will be done too late).

Gameplay: 9/30
The game doesn't have something to bring me in, as said, for mutiplayer map is too small, dark and blank. There is a lot of things to be balanced.

Overall: 41/100


Orginality: 6/10
Defend the garden.

Map Presentation/Design: 5/10
No tips, hints. No quests. Although map cotains map initialization and default name, defined auther and small description.
There is credits section.

Terrain: 12/25
The 'garden' is jsut a piece of wall of grass with obelisk in the centre ;/ Overall I like the import stuff usage. Trees are beatifull. Map is really small thus so you could improve the terrain/doodad amount a lot.
All the roads should have some 'earth tile' on them since thats place on which ton of units are walking through. Lack of animated dooads. Good usage of fog-weather effects.

Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 3/10
Waits are inaccurate in such triggers. Zou better replace those with timedevent triggers and/or timers. 'Boss 1' trigger - instead of to 10 'ifs' you could just use substrings in message where one of substring is the value of 'Creatures'.
Level & Creatures - you need only one of them. Triggers 'Boss 1' and 'Start' leak group handles. Additionaly if you are using just two index array for veriables, you better use two non array ones in case you waste memory. Array variable can have up to 8192 indexes and engine prepares all of them for later usage. If you aren't making use of 3+ then the such proces is pointless.
Use one gloabl timer window, just clear it from time to time and make use of show/hide timer dialog aciton. 'Choose hero' creates timer just for dialog!? and is follow by wait? ;/ Anyways timer and timer dialog window should be destroyed if you realy want to stick to idea - 'create new global timer/timer window' per level.
Triggers: 'Move 1', 'Druids', 'Elves', 'Trees' (Owner of (Entering unit)) ->> (Owner of (Triggering unit)), (Entering unit) ->> (Triggering unit)
Triggers: 'Druids', 'Elves', 'Trees'leaks locations, plus here I can mention the same thing I did while describing group parameters. You even don't need two locations, one is enough.
Trigger's name are horrible, one is still named 'Untitled trigger', triggers with similar events could be merged.

Object Data: 5/10
Standard. Kinda tower defence realm. Abilities are based on ladder ones. Heroes are imba, basically they can stop first 2/3 waves alone. Fields 'Art - Button position X/Y' for all the spells aren't set properly, therefore creating mess during the game. Summon Own has hotkey 'J', not 'W' ;P
First two units are actually useless, it's better to rush for huntress and ranger.

Gameplay: 15/30
Quite good. Waves weren't tested yeah? Only 5th and 8th is a challenge (8th is a wipe if you don't go with small group of your soldiers to kill necromancers at the spawn point). Best composition: 3 huntress, 6 ranges and upgrades: onnly armor/health for huntress, range/attack for ranges. Nothing stands between winning with such composition (trust me I have tested this game a lot).
Boss units should be more visible (meaby even hero types). There is no AI thus mobs are stiupid, allowing themselves to be kited.

Overall: 46/100


Orginality: 5/10
Defense, stays with contest's theme, nothing new.

Map Presentation/Design: 3/10 Unacceptable
Map desciption cantains no informations. Auther is still 'Unknown' and suggested player number is set to 'FH'? Loading screen has brave instruction which tells immidiately that game can not be won. But woah, there is an author!
Don't you think that 'press F9 for tips' is a bit misleading? :p There is no quests, no instructions thus game isn't user friendly.
No imported stuff therefore no credit section required.

Terrain: 5/25
Plain grass tile mixed with some dirt. There and here and group of trees created with default brush.. Never ever use default brush in case is creates many additional trees which aren't needed.
Doodad amount is horibly low, no aminated dooads. Glad that there is some rain! There is just one big hill in the middle - and thats it, rest of map is just empty.

Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 4/10
Trigger 'init' leaks group handle, player force handle. 'Mode 1' leaks group.
Trigger 'Weekend mapping madness2': (Dying unit) ->> (Triggering unit) Integercount shoudn't be an array parameter. Leaks two times player foce handle. Using reference (Player number of (Owner of (Dying unit)) -1) is inaccurate. Better set it into global considering that (Owner of (Dying unit)) ->> (Triggering player).
Since you turned off 'Hash' trigger I wasn't checking it. 'Point[]' location parameter shouldn't be array variable. Trigger 'Spawn' leaks group handle (two times) each time it executes ;/ There are few formulas that could help you get rid of four 'ifs' in 'Zombie level'. One of the:

  • Countdown Timer - Start Spawnrate as a Jeden strzaĹ‚ timer that will expire in 15 + (100 - integer) seconds
Object Data: 3/10
Colored zombies + villiage. There is nothing special, plain buldings and enemies. No custom abilities. Jump's hotkey should be displayed in-game.

Gameplay: 4/30 Unacceptable
Gameplay is simply unfinished, not friednly. Doesn't contain anything what could bring player into the game. Zombies are too hard challenge and there is nothing you can get gold from - for villiage development.

Overall: 24/100


Orginality: 2/10
Your tower defence is one of the most orginal I've ever seen.

Map Presentation/Design: 9/10
Quests in TD aren't much needed, escpecialy since you have used no imports = no credits section required.
Map description and loading screen contains description, small tips, author name and basic instructions. Icons fits the buildings. No Gamaplay constants/Game Interface data has been touched.

Terrain:: 15/25
How am I suppose to judge td's terrain? Thats just td style. No doodads, no animated stuff. Plain grass, no deformations - like in every td. One mistake: corner roads are longer than south/north/east/west ones.

Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 9.5/10
Great camera minipulation, it's realy handy in game.
You're better coder than me (yet :D), although I have found few issues:
'MiscData' and 'Start' should be merged (I know about note in misc trigger yet I still think that moving two functions and two constants won't create a mess considering that you can add them at top of 'Start').
Function Actions (Spell Tower library): unit & player handles should be nulled inside the if statement. Function Start (Start Game library) player handle isn't nulled.
'// GetLocalPlayer() would desync the game in a variable T_T' How seet <3.

Object Data: 4/10
Typical TD stuff. Mobs are unbalanced. Armor types should define the towers needed. Low amount of towers aviable. No tech-center building type. Cost of upgrades is too much. All the instructions/descriptions are made properly. Hotkey are working fine. Necromancer as poison tower? Arachid as fire? o_O Upgrading towers increase just they size ;/
Let me teach you something: you use a lot of orb effects. Only the 'top' one works. Default orb effects overrides any item gained and trigger acquired. Your ice tower can't has both bounce & slow attack.

Gameplay: 7/30 Unacceptable
Completely unbalanced game. I'm pretty sure you haven't tested it before actually uploading. At first game seems pretty nice but it rapes you after 10th level. Bounty formula is horrible. Comparing mob's hp to towers dmg output is silly. After 15th level (if you kill everything) you will get total of 24750 gold. Irony hidden here is that you need around 140k to survive 16th level. I had run ton of tests (with cheats usage too) with check every narrow issue about balance here. I'm supriced that such thing like bounty ruined game play. There only one build order.

Overall: 46.5/100


Orginality: 8/10
I was looking for theme like this. Unfortunately the execution wasn't as good ;/

Map Presentation/Design: 6/10
No hits, no tips. No quests. No intructions. Map's description and loading screen contains author's name, small (small) introduction and suggested player number. There are grammar mistakes ;o
Units fit their role. The customization in Game Interface and Gameplay constants seems fine.
No imports = no credits section.

Terrain: 5/25
The dead town with.. wierd looking doors at the top. No streets, just rocks. Building are placed in random. There are no trees (like in realy modern town!!!). No animated doodads, standard doodad amount is low too. Briges looks horible.
To be honest there is small amount of placed to hide in or to kite your enemy. Everything is open, the roads are too wide, narrow paths are non existant.

Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 6/10
If you want to use Custom script to improve performance, better move to jass.
'Initialize Trigger' bj_wantDestroyGroup could help you to get rid of group variables. Functions DestroyForce and RemoveLocation are placed wrongly. You should place them at the same leve where given parameters are set.
'Unit Dies', 'Drown' (practially most of your triggers) - (Owner of (Triggering unit)) ->> (Triggering player), you could make use of 'else' statement to remove one of the 'ifs'. Afterall 'else' have been inveted for such issues.
'Warp' You have to set and destroy group manually if you are enumerating units via Unit-type function, if you don't multiple group leaks will be left behind.
I dislike the split of all the camera settings ;/

Object Data: 4/10
Abilities should have hotkeys, and those keys should be highlighted.
There is low amount of Object data, thus nothing to judge. Since it's typical 'find the murderer' map (in which there aren't many unit-types) you should concentrate on items and abilities to make game more entertaining.

Gameplay: 7/30
Lacking mutliplayyer game. There is ton of stuff you could consider. Like events with daynight models set to nothing (temporary), guns with low-bullets amount etc. Player's got nothing to do except for running around town which is boooring. No fancy teamplay in case terrain doesn't allow to do so. To sum up: nothing special.

Overall: 36/100


Orginality: 6/10
Castle defence in which you actually defend just the gate ;>

Map Presentation/Design: 5/10
Credits section aviable. Map's description and loading screen have small instructions, authors same, but the suggested player number is wrong: up to 8 player instead of 6.
No quests. No hits, no tips. Game just starts. Icons fits the spells they're representing. Gameplay constants customization seems okey, interface hasn't been touched.
Neutral ally is still named 'Player 12'.

Terrain: 3/25 Unacceptable
Why map is so big? Nothing to judge. Terrain is empty. There is ton of imports, you could make great use of them.

Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 2/10 Unacceptable
'Victory', 'Defeat' & 'Nahkampf-Initialisierung' using ForForce function (pick every player in GUI) would help you a lot here (instead of picking every player manually, you would be able to use (Picked player) reference).
'Spawn UD' - using forumla cuts this trigger to pieces. Trigger leaks location more than thousand times. Locations removed (even if performed) is done incorrectly. Waits are inaccurate in such case. Timedevent trigger/gloabl timer should be replacement here. Instead of 5 location parameters you need just 2/3 or.. even one :p (Integer A) and (Integer B) can bugg easily in loop mess like this. I recommend using custom integers here. Instead of creating new timer window each time you call given timers, you can create one global and manipulate it via show/hide actions to increase performance. Right now it clear timer timer in case you're not destroying it anytime.
'Spawn Kingdom' - even more locations? Lovely. Loop usage required..
'Hero Revive' Waits shouldn't be used here, replace them with timers. (Owner of (Triggering unit)) ->> (Triggering player). You better save dead hero into global array variable. You have killed multiplayer with this trigger.

Object Data: 4/10
Abilities have proper hotkeys - they are working fine. Names, descriptions seems okey. Heroes aren't balanced. Basically team should be most commander unit-types only. Mobs (enemies) are freaking powerfull. Mix of cleave, mana burn and skeletons = godmode needed. Even with 8 players you don't have enough power to stand agaist such synergy. Items cost too much, nor are usefull.

Gameplay: 7/30
Ton of balance/testing required to. You can't win the game. There is no AI, so you can survive in map's corner. Most of neutral allies are weaker than necromancer >.> There is no time to get whats going around. Before one round ends, another starts. Quick game, about 5mins - the delay before defeat.

Overall: 27/100


Orginality: 1/10 Unacceptable
There is no real entry's theme.

Map Presentation/Design: 1/10 Unacceptable
No presentation.

Terrain:: 0/25 Unacceptable
Non existant.

Triggers/Efficiency/Performance: 4/10
'Wave START', 'Level SPAWN 1', 'Level SPAWN 2', 'Wave END' - formula usage can reduce the trigger size a lot, waits are incorrect here.
(Dying unit) ->> (Triggering unit) (Owner of (Dying unit)) ->> (Triggering player)
Replace (Intger A) with custom integer to prevent buggs from happening.
'Select COMMAND' & 'Select UPGRADE' can be merged. 'GAME OVER' & 'WINNER' one of those is useless.

Object Data: 1/10 Unacceptable
Mess of ladder stuff.

Gameplay: 1/30 Unacceptable
One wave. No gameplay detected.

Overall: 8/100


Originality: 0/15

This is basically a survival map, except you're a building with a lot of skills and no mana costs whatsoever.

Map Presentation: 1/10

No custom loading screen image, no map title(loltroll), no suggested players, no description, just the author field is filled.
No quest menu with info, credits, etc
No passive/active problems -> you've used the default spells, so doesn't really matter
The UI has not been edited.
No custom preview image either.
Barely any ingame messages, except for the wave counter (Also not colorized and no space after ':')

Terrain: 0/25


Triggers: 4/10

No leaks or any other problems, except there's no winning condition.
The units also move away from the generator after sometime due to some of the skills used on them and they don't come back and continue fighting.

Object Data: 5/10

You've barely edited anything in the object editor, so there can't really be any problems with the unit sizes and selection circles.
No imports whatsoever.

Gameplay: 5/30

You're basically controlling an uber powerful generator which can use skills that don't have any mana cost.
It can be fun if there were custom spells and spells that really fit together.
It's also not finished, there's just random human units being spawned.

Rating: 15/100


Originality: 6/15

You basically have to kill everyone and the other guys have to survive 15 minutes long.
However you can only kill them using mines, which is kind of original.

Map Presentation: 8/10

Map description, author, suggested players and map title have been edited.
No custom loading screen or anything, just loading bars.
The UI has also been edited, the map uses the starcraft UI (fits).
No passive/active icon problems.
You've made a quest menu with the difficulty commands, however no credits, tips, hints, etc.
There's also a custom preview image!
The skill tooltips are short and well written and contain the required info.
The hotkey is also colorized.
The icons fit, except for the Kill Mine icon.
Also no notification in the beginning to enter the game mode. A dialog would have been better.
I also don't understand why the buildings are placed like that and not in a straight line.

Terrain: 16/25

The terrain isn't plain, there are very small areas of water, the environment is very filled up, there's fog of war and the map is very atmospheric.
The default tree models also fit, however I dislike the blizzard cliff.
There's also a lot of terrain tile variation, however no animated grass or anything animated whatsoever.
The river rushes also don't completely fit into the environment, they should be a bit darker.

Triggers: 6/10

No problems here.
However the map can't be finished.
Both teams also get summoned at the same location.

Object Data: 3/10

The characters have a weapon, even though they can't attack. A better model would have been better.
Custom building and unit models would have also been better and made the map more modern like.
There are imports, however the file size is very small.
The ability 'Select Command Center' also doesn't do anything.

Gameplay: 10/30

It can be fun to trick the other players and put mines in places they wouldn't expect, however it can be very boring for sappers, they can't actually do anything.
It's also very unbalanced, mines can be placed pretty fast even without any upgrades.
And sappers have to survive for too long, it gets boring after 5 minutes.

Rating: 49/100


Originality: 0/15

No originality whatsoever, you basically have to survive as long as you can and fight zombies, however the zombies weren't even moving ;_;

Map Presentation: 1/10

Existing map title, suggested players and author, however a very lacking description of the map.
No custom loading screen image and no custom preview image.
The loading screen also contains little information about the map.
The blink ability doesn't have a fitting icon, neither does it have a tooltip.
No quest menu either.
The UI hasn't been edited.
Ingame messages are not colorized and not well written.
No tips either on what to do in the map.
The camera also isn't at the HQ when the game starts.
The tooltips are colorized well, but the text is just too long.
I also didn't really figure out what the boxes were supposed to do, a really weird tooltip.

Terrain: 5/25

A huge map, very empty, only trees, no other doodads like grass or flowers, etc.
The river also has weird edges and isn't smooth.
There are also a lot of pathing problems and very hard to see where you can go and where you can't.
No weather effect either.

Triggers: 8/10

No problems here, except the zombies aren't actually moving around.

Object Data: 1/10

The zombies' shadow textures are too big.
The survivor has a female voice.
No custom zombie imports, just differently tinted zombies.
A very small file size.
The zombies don't have any skills.
And the survivor doesn't have any skills either other than blink.

Gameplay: 0/30

No game modes or game difficulties, the game also starts off just like that, no tips and the zombies were just standing there.
There are no special events either or any boss battles.
Overall very boring.

Rating: 15/100


Originality: 0/15

Like any other map of this type on battle.net, every player has to work together to find one suspicious person.

Map Presentation: 1/10

Map description, title, suggested players and author are edited.
No custom loading screen image or preview image, but a short description of the map.
No quest menu.
Ingame messages are not colorized.
The skill tooltips don't tell you the skill's hotkey.
The damage isn't written in the tooltip either.

Terrain: 5/25

The map's environment is very lacking, fences around the river would've been nice, the way you've made the giant bridge is terrible, why not just increase the size of the bridge or use platform doodads from the Ultimate Terraining map and add obelisks as ledges, etc.
The city is also very empty, the terrain tile variation is terrible, no paths going through the whole city, the houses are randomly placed in some direction and there are no different areas like a park or anything.
And what's with the boundaries and the doodads in the boundaries.
There is fog of war.
The river is smoothly done.

Triggers: 3/10

There are a lot of actions that don't do anything, like 'Change the title of (last created multiboard)' even though the multiboard isn't being made in that trigger.
Also why are there periodic timers in triggers and the trigger gets turned off right away when it's run.
No leaks.

Object Data: 4/10

Why is the terrorist's model the alchemist?
The teleporter's selection size is also very small.
The terrorist has useful abilities, like walk on water and build teleporters around the map.
However why does a policeman have a thunder bolt skill and not something like a dagger? Seems more fitting for the model.
No imports at all, shame really, custom building and city models would have been great.
The file size is very small.

Gameplay: 10/30

It can be fun with a lot of players, however other units don't have cool skills and the map doesn't feature any unique systems that make things more intense and interesting.

Rating: 23/100



Originality: 0/15

Your map isn't finished, neither is it original in any way.
It's basically like any other defense map where you need to stop incoming waves of enemy units and defend a specific building.

Map Presentation: 3/10

No preview image or custom loading screen, but there's a very short map description on the loading screen.
The map title or description are not colorized, only 1 quest (Credits), no quests for tips/objective/tricks/hero information.
Heroes don't have a fitting icon, their abilities' icons don't fit together.
An ability's hotkey is not colorized, but the tooltips are very short and informative, except for the learning tooltip, they should tell you what will change with each level (mana cost/cooldown/damage/...)
However some ability tooltips have not been edited (Avatar: 'When Avatar is activated, the Mountain King...')
Regeneration Aura has an active icon, not a passive one.
Ingame messages have nice colors, no long red messages.
Also: 'Be prepared they are attacking!' should be -> 'Warning(Red color): Be prepared, they are coming!'
The Game UI has not been changed, a custom isn't really needed, the default one fits perfectly.
The hero tooltips are also too short, the abilities are not noted, ...
The top right area of the UI (Upkeep) could have been changed to something like 'Made by DonDustin'.

Terrain: 8/25

You've used custom palm models, they are not spammed, there are terrain tile variations, however only around the castle, not further down at the enemy's base.
There's also no fog of war, or weather effects (wind, sandstorm) and not a lot of movement in the environment, for example sandworms popping out at random locations.
No doodads other than trees, no cacti, or any other strange plants.
But the terrain is not plain, there's a lot of height variation and the heights are very smoothly done.
The area inside the walls is also very empty, just a giant building, no people moving around or guards, market stands, ...

Triggers: 2/10

  • Nahkampf-Initialisierung
    • Events
      • Map initialization
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Player - Set Player 1 (Red) Current lumber to 1
      • Player - Set Player 2 (Blue) Current lumber to 1
      • Player - Set Player 3 (Teal) Current lumber to 1
      • Player - Set Player 4 (Purple) Current lumber to 1
      • Player - Set Player 6 (Orange) Current lumber to 1
      • Player - Set Player 7 (Green) Current lumber to 1
      • Player - Set Player 8 (Pink) Current lumber to 1
      • Player - Set Player 9 (Gray) Current lumber to 1
      • Player - Turn Gives bounty On for Player 11 (Dark Green)
      • Melee Game - Use melee time of day (for all players)
      • Melee Game - Remove creeps and critters from used start locations (for all players)
You could have just picked every player in the map and then set the picked players' current lumber to 1.
Same thing goes for the victory/defeat triggers.
The hero revival is not MUI, there's a wait action and no timers.
The main issue are the memory leaks, I see you've tried to remove for example location leaks, however you forgot something:
  • Hero Revive
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Dies
    • Conditions
      • ((Triggering unit) is A Hero) Equal to True
      • ((Owner of (Triggering unit)) controller) Equal to User
    • Actions
      • Wait ((Real((Level of (Triggering unit)))) x 4.50) seconds
      • Set loc[6] = (Center of Gebiet 006 <gen>)
      • Hero - Instantly revive (Triggering unit) at (Center of Gebiet 006 <gen>), Show revival graphics
      • Custom script: call RemoveLocation( udg_loc[6] )
It should be:
  • [Hero - Instantly revive (Triggering unit) at (loc[6]), Show revival graphics
You could also have put this custom script 'call DestroyTrigger(GetTriggeringTrigger())' at the end of the (for example) initialisation trigger to completely erase it and improve the game performance
The credits and initialisation could have also been merged.
Overall the triggers work and you have partially removed the leaks in the spawn triggers, except for the go to locations.
And instead of spamming these 3 actions:
  • Unit - Create 1 Footman for Player 12 (Brown) at loc[6] facing Default building facing degrees
  • Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Attack-Move To loc[8]
  • Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Attack-Move To (Position of Black Citadel 0003 <gen>)
And just used 'For Integer A 1 to 20' which will repeat these 3 actions.

Object Data: 6/10

The merchants' selection sizes are too big, one of them is facing the wrong way and the tables in front of the potion seller are as big as his feet.
The tables are also in the air.
The troop upgrades unit has the wrong shadow texture and the tents are way too small.
The doodads fit the desert theme, some of them have been recolored to a more fitting color contrast.
There are a lot of custom models and skins, fitting ones and of good quality ones.
The map's file size is reasonable, no sound/music imports, but a fair amount of skins and models.

Gameplay: 3/30

There are no game modes, but an auto-balance system, which checks how many players are present.
No game changing systems whatsoever or any special events, just normal unit spawns.
There's only a small number of heroes available, they have no custom abilities, but the default ones given to them fit their role.
There are also no custom items, just the old and boring default ones.
The enemy spawns are generic warcraft ones, but they are not completely random.
The map can be finished without any major problem.
The main enemy building is just an undead black citadel, it hasn't been edited(HP, Armor, ...).
The gameplay isn't really fun or special, the abilities have boring special effects and there are no uber cool items to use.

Rating: 22/100


Originality: 0/15

I don't see any originality in your map, you're basically controlling a preselected hero and are going along this path killing standing units.
No special gameplay systems, maybe an aiming system, intense cinematic cutscenes, ...

Map Presentation: 2/10

Missing map name, author, suggested players and description. No custom loading screen image, but a decent description telling you what to do.
Ingame messages are very long and not colorized.
No preview image either.
No quest menu with tips, credits, objective, hints, ...
Spell tooltips are lacking, 'Cleaning Flames' only tells you what it does, but not how much damage, its cooldown and the learning tooltips should inform the player about the changes to mana cost/cooldown/damage with each level.
The spell icon placements are also not modified.
Holy Burst doesn't have a fitting icon, neither does Holy Infusion.
There are no passive/active icon problems.
The UI rests unchanged, you could have for example changed the 'Upkeep limit' text to 'Contest Entry by Fan' or something.

Terrain: 15/25

There's a lot of terrain tile variation, a lot of animation in the map, meteors, volcanos, a weather effect and also a fog of war.
However the environment doesn't change, everywhere it's the same thing, a small path and volcanos and lava around the hero, which eventually gets a bit boring.
You could have for example included a fiery waterfall or something or a huge cliff with lava stones.
The 2 fountains in the center of the map are also random, the models don't fit the environment, you could have for example placed a strange healer standing there.
Custom models have been used, for example lava cracks, a glow effect and crystals.

Triggers: 0/10

  • Backpacks
    • Events
      • Time - Every 0.03 seconds of game time
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Unit - Move Backpack 0157 <gen> instantly to (Position of Exorzist 0003 <gen>)
      • Unit - Move Backpack 0156 <gen> instantly to (Position of Exorzist 0003 <gen>)
LEAKS. No leaks have been removed in the entire map, that trigger alone could cause serious performance issues after maybe a minute.
A lot of the periodic triggers could have also been merged, to increase the game performance.
  • Start01
    • Events
      • Time - Elapsed game time is 0.03 seconds
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Hero - Learn skill for Exorzist 0003 <gen>: Holy Burst
      • Hero - Learn skill for Exorzist 0003 <gen>: Holy Infuison
You can do that without a trigger, just doube click the hero on the map and open the Abilities tab and level them up there.

  • Endboss
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters Endboss lololol <gen>
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Unit - Pause all units
      • Camera - Pan camera for Player 1 (Red) to (Position of Satana 0138 <gen>) over 1.50 seconds
      • Camera - Lock camera orientation for Player 1 (Red) to Satana 0138 <gen>, offset by (0.00, 0.00)
      • Game - Display to (All players) the text: Satana: Oh, finally...
      • Unit - Unpause all units
      • Camera - Reset camera for Player 1 (Red) to standard game-view over 0.00 seconds
You need to add a wait action after the game message action, right now nothing happens, the camera gets directly reset.

Object Data: 5/10

The maid's model size is really small compared to the Exorcist.
The hero's selection size needs to be a bit bigger and the maid's selection size a lot smaller.
The prince, commander, imperator magalor, maiden of pain, executioner and Satana need bigger selection sizes as well.
The hellish creatures all have fitting models and no low-quality models have been used for them.
Some units have also changed tinting colors, like the inferno, making him fit more to the environment.
The commander unit has a cleaving attack ability, making it more realistic, since he has 2 swords.
The executioner also has fitting spells (not custom ones though), but the effects could have been better.
There are no sound/music imports and the map's file size is very small.
A really cool attack sound effect would have made things more interesting.

Gameplay: 0/30

The gameplay isn't any fun at all, you're basically controlling a guy with default warcraft spells and they really aren't flashy and cool looking.
The enemy units don't move around, there's no real boss fight and no systems which change the action.
No item drops either.
The hero's attack projectile and ability effects are also lousy and don't really make things more intense.
No intro/outro or cutscenes either which would maybe bring a litte story into the map.

Rating: 22/100


Originality: 3/15

Nothing too original, you have to defend a building and stop incoming waves of enemy units, while you select your hero and train units.
The upgrades are somewhat original, although nothing too big.

Map Presentation: 4/10

Missing map title, but suggested players, author and description are filled.
No custom loading screen image, however a nice description containing the objective and the features.
Ingame messages are short, informative, however there are a few problems with the spacing.
No custom preview image.
A quest menu with the credits, but no tips/objective/about/...
Passive/active icon problems, Evenomed Weapons has an active icon!
The UI has not been edited and there are no custom icons.
The ability icons fit, except for Evenomed Weapons, the poison sting icon would've been better!
Lacking ability tooltips, Magic Arrow doesn't tell you how much damage it does and also no cooldown duration indicator.
Ability icon placements are also buggy.
The hero tooltips are informative and short.

Terrain: 14/25

You've used a custom tree model, a very fitting model, there are neat waterfalls and a river, however the edges of the river aren't smooth.
Some water plants would have also been nice.
The environment also lacks plants, grass, doodads other than trees, for example animated grass and flowers.
The gate area is nicely done and looks pretty.
There's also fitting fog of war and a weather effect.

Triggers: 3/10

Location leaks are not removed.
Triggers 'Druids' 'Elves' 'Trees' could have been merged into one trigger.
  • Move 1
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters Move 1 <gen>
      • Unit - A unit enters Move 2 <gen>
    • Conditions
      • (Owner of (Entering unit)) Equal to Player 2 (Blue)
    • Actions
      • Unit - Order (Entering unit) to Attack-Move To Points[7]
More efficient if you used triggering unit.
Triggers 'q' and 'Units' could also be merged.
The unit spawn system idea is nice.

Object Data: 6/10

Black spider's selection size is too small and nerubian necromancer's selection size is too big.
The waves are not random, first there are a lot of different murlocs, then the race changes.
The units' abilities also fit well.
Barely any imports and a very small file size.
The heroes' abilities also fit, however no custom spells, just the generic heroes with their own spells except Warden who has 2 different default skills.

Gameplay: 5/30

No game difficulties or modes, the map really is too easy, it gets boring after the first few waves.
Some special events would have been nice, like incoming birds with warriors on their backs and then dropping off in the base.
Barely any items whatsoever.
The units you can train are also very, very useless, not a lot of HP or damage and the huntress just costs way too much.

Rating: 35/100


Originality: 5/15

This is just like Warlock, but against an AI. Some of the spells may be unique and really good when comboed, however in terms of special features, it doesn't have any.

Map Presentation: 4/10

Missing map title, author, suggested players and description.
No custom loading screen image, but a neat description of the map.
A quest menu with credits, but no tips/objective/additional info.
No active/passive icon problems.
Ingame messages are not colorized, but well written.
No custom preview image.
Neat spell tooltips with all the necessary information.
A better special effect and icon could have been used for 'Pulse'.
Power Push's hotkey doesn't work, it also has the same hotkey as 'Void'.
Brilliance aura's icon position should be in the third row, and power push in the fourth row.

Terrain: 15/25

A pwetty environment, the water is smooth, no weird edges, a cool waterfall in the center.
Not too filled up with doodads, just like a real island, however the trees in the water don't fit.
You could have also used a custom palm model to make it look even better and more water plants in the center.
Units also get pushed through walls.
You also could have added more height variation to the terrain and maybe a shipwreck.
There's a weather effect, but no fog of war. (not needed in your map)

Triggers: 8/10

No memory leaks.
The trigges 'Initialization' and 'hash' could be just merged.
The timer is also destroyed twice in 'The Countdown'.

Object Data: 5/10

Fire Elemental's selection size is too big and his shadow texture doesn't fit.
The 3 enemy units are not random and go into the fire category.
None of the enemy units have any spells either to push you into the water.
No sound/music imports and the file size is very small.

Gameplay: 5/30

There's an auto-balance system, but no game modes.
The game gets boring after the second round, you're just doing the same thing over and over again without any special events and the enemy units can't actually push you into the water.
No items either.
The way you've made it hard is really frustrating and stupid, you've just made the enemy units really strong and given the hero just 100hp.

Rating: 42/100


Originality: 0/15

This is like any other TD map, you build special towers(frost/splash/poison)to prevent incoming waves to not reach the center of the map.
No special buildings, or anything that would make this one a bit original.

Map Presentation: 7/10

Author, suggested players, map title and description exist, as well as loading screen info, however no custom loading screen image.
Ingame messages are colorized, short and informative, as well as the leaderboard which is very organized.
No custom preview image.
No quest menu with tips/credits/commands, etc.
The tower tooltips are well written and very informative.
The icons all match and fit the corresponding resource.
No passive/active spell icon problems, the UI hasn't been modified either.
The chosen models for the towers also fit their theme, for example the necromancer keeps getting greener with each poison upgrade.

Terrain: 14/25

Well it's a td, it's hard to make a really great looking environment due to the pathing for the incoming waves.
However some of the doodads don't really fit, for example the archways and why are there logs in the water.
You could have also used custom tree and stone models.
Other than that, well you could have made a floating island in the center of the map with a lot of waterfalls :>

Triggers: 10/10

No problems at all.

Object Data: 2/10

The towers get too big when they're around level 8-10, making it hard to select other towers next to that one.
The waves are also completely random, you didn't stick to a race for 10 waves for example and then switched to a different race (LOLOLOL RACISM).
No imports whatsoever, some custom models or icons would have really been nice, would have made things a bit more fresh.

Gameplay: 5/30

It gets really boring after the first 6-7 waves, you can just spam ice towers and kill everything without any problems whatsoever.
Game difficulties would have also been nice and different game modes as well (1 reinforced lane only/Every lane but weaker units/...)
There are air waves, but you don't get a warning before it:/
No special systems which make the td more fun to play or anything.

Rating: 38/100


Originality: 10/15

You have based the map on another game, so I'm not quite sure how to judge this.
However, I have not seen such a map type in warcraft 3 yet, so it is pretty original in 'that' way.
It is somewhat like a td, but you have a lot of different elements, each of them serve their own purpose.

Map Presentation: 8/10

No missing map title, suggested players or author. However the description is a bit lacking and there's no custom loading screen with tips and links.
Ingame messages are colorized, short and informative, as well as the text in the leaderboard.
There is no preview image.
There is a quest menu with helpful tips and the objective, however the text is a bit messy, some colors would have made it clearer.
The skill tooltips are excellent, they contain all the necessary info.
The hotkeys are also bound to QWER, which is good.
The skills have fitting icons, you've also used really cool custom icons.
There are no passive/active icon issues.
The UI has also been modified, the armor section tells you which magic type a unit belongs to.(Cool idea)

Terrain: 15/25

The environment is really beautiful, there are high cliffs with stones around them and palms at the top.
There is a lot of terrain tile variation in the center and at the bottom left part, however the 2 other paths are really empty and they lack tile variations.
The terrain isn't flat, there's height variation, a lot of doodads which will fill up the environment, no random doodads from other tilesets, but the ice traps are a bit random I must say.
Animated grass models could have also been used to make the environment a bit more animated.

Triggers: 7/10

There are almost no issues in the triggering part, except for some hidden leaks, for example:
  • Lose Trigger
    • Events
      • Unit - What?! I'm a ROCK?! BLASHEMY!!! 0001 <gen> Dies
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Game - Display to (All players) the text: |c00FF0000Your life...
      • Sound - Play CreepAggroWhat1 <gen> at 100.00% volume, located at (Center of Monoloth Region <gen>) with Z offset 0.00
      • Unit Group - Pick every unit in UG_Creatures and do (Actions)
        • Loop - Actions
          • Unit - Kill (Picked unit)
      • Wait 20.00 seconds
      • Game - Defeat Player 1 (Red) with the message: Defeat
Although that is the losing condition trigger, so the leak doesn't really matter.
There are also 2 non working actions in 'End of Round'

You have removed a lot of the leaks, however in the trigger 'Game Begin' you don't remove the location leaks.
Also why do you turn off triggers in the end?

Object Data: 3/10

The enemy unit types don't really fit together, however there is a theme of unit types for each path, so it's not a big problem.
The unit sizes are ok, except for the unit selection sizes of these units: Elvish Warrior(too big), ghoul(too small), Boss Jazztastic(too big), Boss Bugz(too big), ogre(too big), pyre changer(too small), wolverine(too small).
The enemy units don't have a lot of skills, except for Boss DonDustin and Jazztastic, which both have the same skill.
The ogre has a fitting skill!
There aren't a lot of custom resources imported and the map's file size is very small.

Gameplay: 20/30

There are no game modes or game difficulties, but the game is a lot fun to play.
It gets really challenging overtime, the different magic types are really cool and it's a very strategic map, you need to carefully place your units.
However it gets really hard too fast and the ogres' stomp is just op, it kills every single unit you've placed.

Rating: 63/100

((Votes / 15) * 30) + ((Judge 1 + Judge 2 + Judge 3) * (70 / 300))

Aeroblyctos: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((15 + 8 + 15) * (70 / 300)) = 8.86666667
DonDustin: ((1 / 15) * 30) + ((34 + 27 + 22) * (70 / 300)) = 21.3666667
DeathChef: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((34 + 36 + 23) * (70 / 300)) = 21.7
Figureido00: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((47 + 46 + 35) * (70 / 300)) = 29.8666667
bowser499: ((3 / 15) * 30) + ((56 + 41 + 49) * (70 / 300)) = 40.0666667
Jazztastic: ((4 / 15) * 30) + ((38 + 42 + 42) * (70 / 300)) = 36.4666667
Fan: ((1 / 15) * 30) + ((40 + 48 + 22) * (70 / 300)) = 27.6666667
Wraithling: ((3 / 15) * 30) + ((53 + 43 + 63) * (70 / 300)) = 43.1
Magtheridon96: ((3 / 15) * 30) + ((36 + 46.5 + 38) * (70 / 300)) = 34.1166667
Brambleclaw: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((16 + 24 + 15) * (70 / 300)) = 12.8333333


Aeroblyctos: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((15 + 8 + 15) * (70 / 295)) = 9.01694915

DonDustin: ((1 / 15) * 30) + ((34 + 27 + 22) * (70 / 295)) = 21.6949153

DeathChef: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((34 + 36 + 23) * (70 / 295)) = 22.0677966

Figureido00: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((47 + 46 + 35) * (70 / 295)) = 30.3728814

bowser499: ((3 / 15) * 30) + ((56 + 41 + 49) * (70 / 295)) = 40.6440678

Jazztastic: ((4 / 15) * 30) + ((38 + 42 + 42) * (70 / 295)) = 36.9491525

Fan: ((1 / 15) * 30) + ((40 + 48 + 22) * (70 / 295)) = 28.1016949

Wraithling: ((3 / 15) * 30) + ((53 + 43 + 63) * (70 / 295)) = 43.7288136

Magtheridon96: ((3 / 15) * 30) + ((36 + 46.5 + 38) * (70 / 295)) = 34.5932203

Brambleclaw: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((16 + 24 + 15) * (70 / 295)) = 13.0508475


1. Wraithling
2. bowser499
3. Jazztastic
4. Magtheridon96
5. Figueiredo
6. Fan
7. DeathChef
8. DonDustin
9. Brambleclaw
10. Aeroblyctos

  • First Place: 30 reputation points and your entry on the award icon
  • Second Place: 20 reputation points and an award icon
  • Third Place: 10 reputation points and an award icon

The Minefieldbowser499
Magic The Gathering : DefenseWraithling
The ExorcistFan
Destromath TDMagtheridon96
Defense MapAeroblyctos
Eliminate the TerroristDeathChef
Tidal DefenseJazztastic
Upgrade DefenseBrambleclaw
No NameDonDustin
No NameFigueiredo00

First Place: Wraithling
Second Place: bowser499
Third Place: Jazztastic

Poll l Contest
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4th? D:<


I excel when it comes to triggers, 10/10, 10/10, 9.5/10 (Spinnaker: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU XD)

But, I suck everywhere else :p

Orginality: 2/10
Your tower defence is one of the most orginal I've ever seen



Meh, it's ok ;P
I earned 73 rep since this contest started ^_^

Aeroblyctos: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((15 + 8 + 15) * (70 / 295)) = 9.01694915

DonDustin: ((1 / 15) * 30) + ((34 + 27 + 22) * (70 / 295)) = 21.6949153

DeathChef: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((34 + 36 + 23) * (70 / 295)) = 22.0677966

Figureido00: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((47 + 46 + 35) * (70 / 295)) = 30.3728814

bowser499: ((3 / 15) * 30) + ((56 + 41 + 49) * (70 / 295)) = 40.6440678

Jazztastic: ((4 / 15) * 30) + ((38 + 42 + 42) * (70 / 295)) = 36.9491525

Fan: ((1 / 15) * 30) + ((40 + 48 + 22) * (70 / 295)) = 28.1016949

Wraithling: ((3 / 15) * 30) + ((53 + 43 + 63) * (70 / 295)) = 43.7288136

Magtheridon96: ((3 / 15) * 30) + ((36 + 46.5 + 38) * (70 / 295)) = 34.5932203

Brambleclaw: ((0 / 15) * 30) + ((16 + 24 + 15) * (70 / 295)) = 13.0508475
Level 17
Apr 3, 2010
Liking how my terrain got less than my triggers T_T Well done Wraithling. ^^ and Gl in the Mini map contest

Do not take any of this to serious :L This is me just having 5 mins of tardy rage like a 4 year old brat because i can't understand life

on a side note. Spinnaker WTF is a default brush? i thought the only brush you were ever mena use was 1x1 block brush ....T_T

Also "Map desciption cantains no informations". You had a fail thar :L

But thanks for pointing out my leaks. Would like to ask you though why Dying unit - 1 is innacurate. :L And i dont see how to fix it. As i cant use a temp player or use a player scale as i was already told last time that i did something like that and had a fail to turn the "Loop integer A check 1-16 Parameter" To PIcked player " :L

Vegeancekael "NO WEATHER EFFECT"?
Also if you look at the top of the river there is some grass and rocks. :L So you can't say it was complete devoid of life. But yeh the river edges kinda failed T_T

ALSO I DEMAND A 0-1 for all my object editor marks. Any greater will result in a fail :L. My OE edits were basically nothing and cannot constitute as a mark T_T

I am seriously beffudled right now how i got one of the lowest terrain marks. When i coulda just done an Octagonal td and got 12 marks better or maybe instead gone and added a random waterfull in the middle of an island. Or added some custom models for "Import terrain marks" ^^

Im quite suprised i wasn't last. T_T why oh why couldnt u just say 0/295 for the hell of it ^^
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Level 16
Apr 4, 2011

Lol no tbh I'm just glad I took third. Get on my level mag. And when I had talked to judges about my score before the released it sounded like I was going to take fifth >_>


Eff off about my triggers. I frantically imported two spells from my other map to make up two of the spells. And no I didn't work on it before, because one of them is a public resource and the other was made during contest. That's right. I was so confident that I worked on my big project even while crunching to get that map done.
Level 17
Apr 3, 2010
o_O omw why didn't he give straight 0's i demand straight 0's i feel insulted T_T

(Also on a side note how come it was out of 295 instead of 300?
Level 17
Apr 3, 2010
Ahh so that explains it

No but really please can you make me have straight 0's ima craving for them T_T. Or does asking for a decrement in marks count as cheating via fixing the scores?
Level 16
Jun 17, 2008
Well that was kind of unexpected, but thanks to everyone who took part, and thank you judges too ;)

Congratulations to Jazztastic and bowser499 too; you two really have entries worthy of first place, and Magtheridon96 too, whom I thought had the most playable map.

DonDustin, you have a fine map with potential, and I hope you plan to continue expanding it because it has the making of a great multiplayer vs AI map.

Fan, I'd give you best weekend mapping terrain award (if there is one), I also thought the story behind your map was one of the more original ones here. What I thought you can improve on, is to add some urgency. Like instead of lining all the enemies before you, have them spawn from time to time on the path behind and chase you. Will give the player a good reason to want to complete it quickly.

Aeroblyctos, a very pleasant period of hectic spell spamming is what is takes to defend against the waves. Would like to see what kind of different tactics you'll force players to resort to for each subsequent waves. You'll probably also win an unofficial 'two-hour mapping contest' award if there is one.

Figuieredo00, a one hero + soldiers defense map is a tried and test success recipe, so I think it would be great if you add some more unique stuff like mixed creep waves, or a small champion unit for each wave. All in all a good defense map with nice terrain, but lacking in a killer punch to make your map really stand out.

DeathChef, I couldn't really offer an opinion as I didn't play it in multiplayer, but I thought the map information could be presented better. Not much to say other than multiplayer maps always had a lot of potential, like Hungry Hungry Felhounds (a previous hive contest map) did became popular for some time. Terrain and the night atmosphere is nice though.

Brambleclaw, I'm sorry bro :( I really cba to download several 3rd party tools just to play a map. But I hope you do release a vanilla version soon.

Phew, the judges really spared no one don't they? My scores were really crappy -

53/100 from -kobas- (his second choice)
43/100 from spinnaker (his forth choice)
and 63/100 from vengeancekael (his first choice, but I thought he was a little too strict with most other entries :ugly:)

From everyone's scores, I thought that there could be several other potential winners, perhaps up to 3 or 4. And from my uncompleted map, I honestly felt that I don't deserve any contest rewards for that piece of crap ;) My reward was to compete against you guys in a short time frame, and it was enjoyable and adrenaline-boosting while it lasted. So I think it is only correct if I forfeit my rep and icon. But I will keep working on my map during my free time ;)

Congratulations Wraithling!
Thank you ;)

Oh, I so predicted these rankings. Congratulations to the winners, and I hope you keep working on your map Wraithling :ogre_hurrhurr:
Thanks ;) I will work on it and plan to post some updates on Map Development hopefully soon.
Well word about judging, there wasn't needed to write comments such as:
Your map has no name -> originality 1 point
There is no terrain, or there is but doodads are random spammed etc etc -> Few points here
Gameplay without game modes, difficulties, few heroes, ways to win, lose etc etc -> Few point there

etc etc

Still if someone want to finish their map and upload it in map section I will gladly test it again and post review.

Oh btw Magtheridon96 I liked your map the most, I played it few times but unfortunately I wasn't able to give it more points.
Level 17
Apr 3, 2010
There is no terrain, or there is but doodads are random spammed etc etc -> Few points here

Level 37
Aug 14, 2006
Hey, my terrain was the best. I even had two tilesets.

And my triggers were best also, first they were mention to be MUI but then I decided to make everythig just for player 1.

And my map presentation is the best in it's simplicity: the map name already told everything what had to be done.

Hohoo. Last place. Hohoo.

Hey, two hours everything, WHAT CAN MAN DO!?


Code Reviewer
Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
To Kobas and Venge:
~Have you tried to win Jazztastic game? :p
I'm pretty sure that only I did, and I won :S

Was I the only who spent ~20 hours on testing 10 entries? ;<

@Brambleclaw Default brush is blizzard brush greater than 1x1. It simply sucks, better don't use it. If you don't know it's disadventages feel free to ask.

Two imported spells? Okey so Triggering goes to 3/10, yet it's still 'Acceptable'.

Guys if you noticed, I have been writing small notices 'Unacceptable' if map did realy bad in given section. At first that fraze was in red and was bigger but BB codes in contests sucks >.>
Level 17
Apr 3, 2010
Was I the only who spent ~20 hours on testing 10 entries? ;<

@Brambleclaw Default brush is blizzard brush greater than 1x1. It simply sucks, better don't use it. If you don't know it's disadventages feel free to ask.

i only ever use a 1x1 brush 0.0 so that fails :L apart from when im raising then i use a 1x1-4x4 for a better rise otherwise when equaling the rise it becomes tedious ._.
That along time of testing o_O :goblin_boom:

Also as a question to all judges. May i ask what is your perfect map. In other words what kinda thing would some have to produce to get full marks in each section and at what level.

OE full marks requires advanced use and modification of over 300 different units spells doods or upgrades included in the came

Or Gameplay requires to be extremly fun with a high replayable factor.
Triggers all MUI Leakless many advanced system>


So im asking what is your exact criteria ^^

So then i know what i need to aim for :L
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