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Wc3 Universal Calculator & Colorizer v5.3

Submitted by D.O.G.
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Tool Capabilities Description
Text Colorizer Text editor like Microsoft WordPad which generates colored text to text with Warcraft III, StarCraft II, vBulletin or HTML color codes. Looks like in-game tooltip (Wc3 tooltips' borders and Wc3 font)
Supports solid coloring, 2-color gradients (From color 1 to color 2, and from color 1 to color 2 to color 1) and striped (zebra) coloring.
Has custom color choosing resizable (large color field) dialog, which has customizable unlimited color palette and can pick color from screen.
Hero XP Calculates XP required for specified level range.
Registry fixer Registers most Wc3 file extensions, even those that aren't registered by default! (w3m, w3x, w3n, wai, w3g, w3z, w3v, w3p, w3o, w3u, w3t, w3b, w3d, w3a, w3h, w3q)
Can change game resolution to your screen's. Useful for those who have wide or very large screen.
Also enables Local Files, which should be enabled for some RPGs which write save-codes to files.
Damage -> Dice Calculates all possible variants of "Damage Base", "Number of Dice" and "Sides per Dice" for given damage (minimum and maximum) for units and heroes (for heroes takes in account their primary attribute and level, calculates hero damage bonus). [/tr]
Dice -> Damage Calculates damage (minimum and maximum) from "Damage Base", "Number of Dice" and "Sides per Dice"
Damage per Second Calculates damage per second (DPS) and damage from "Damage Base", "Number of Dice", "Sides per Die", "Cooldown Time" or "Minimum Damage", "Maximum Damage", "Cooldown Time".
Armor -> Damage Reduction Calculates how given armor amount reduces damage.
Calculates percentage and fractional value.
Damage Reduction -> Armor Calculates what armor amount should be that damage reduction will be as specified.
Armor -> Damage Taken Calculates what damage will receive unit with given armor from unit with given damage.

Version 5.3
- Added Registry Fixer (Registers most Wc3 file extensions, changes Wc3 resolution to your screen's and enables Local Files)
- Added Serious Sam FE/SE color codes to Text Colorizer

Version 5.2
- Now in "Text Colorizer" color codes are automatically parsed when text is pasted from clipboard
- Now in "Text Colorizer" when copying text to clipboard color codes are automatically generated
- Added "Hero XP" calculator which calculates how many XP needed to gain specified level

Version 5.1.4
- Reduced program's filesize

Version 5.1.3
- Added button "Check for Updates"

Version 5.1.2
- Improved "Damage Base", "Number of Dice" and "Sides per Dice" calculation

Version 5.1.1
- Made Text Colorizer more similar to in-game tooltips (Wc3 tooltips' borders and Wc3 font)
- Now in new color dialog color palette automatically resizes

Version 5.1
- Added capability to apply color codes in Text Colorizer
- Added new color dialog in Text Colorizer
- Renamed from "Wc3 Universal Calculator" to "Wc3 Universal Calculator & Colorizer" because new name fully represents tool's capabilities

Version 5.0.2
- Added "Damage taken" field in "Armor <-> Damage Reduction" tab
- Fixed typo in StarCraft II color codes in Text Colorizer

Version 5.0.1
- Added StarCraft II color codes to Text Colorizer

Version 5.0
- Completely redone calculator's interface (Damage -> Dice, Dice -> Damage, Damage -> DPS, Dice -> DPS calculators combined together; Armor -> Damage Reduction, Damage Reduction -> Armor combined together)
- Temporary removed new color dialog in Text Colorizer because it didn't generate all possible colors
- Temporary removed search for user-typed color-codes
- Added option for selecting code types in Text Colorizer (Warcraft III, vBulletin, Html)
- Changed hotkeys in Text Colorizer
- Added "Colorize with Color 2", "Colorize with Tooltips' color", "Colorize with white", "Colorize with red", "Colorize with green" buttons in Text Colorizer
- Now Text Colorizer generates text with codes directly to Clipboard
- Changed a bit Variants dialog
- Now doesn't calculates exact values (For example 7/13, 5/3, etc) because useless

Version 4.6
- "Generate text" button in text colorizer moved down
- New color selection dialog in text colorizer
- DPS calculator moved to new tab
- DPS calculator can show dps for several units in one time for easier comparison
- Added "Clear text" button to text colorizer
- Window's transpercy code has been improved (may not work for Windows Vista and Windows 7)

Version 4.5.1
- Window's default width increased for compatibility with Windows Vista (In other case "Generate Text" button in Text Colorizer isn't visible)
- Window's transpercy code has been changed for compatibility with Windows 7 (In other case window was always transparent)

Version 4.5
- Now in tooltips for "Color 1" and Color 2" buttons are showing color codes
- Color code of color of buttons "Color 1" and Color 2" can be copied by right-click
- After clicking "Generate Text" button tool searches for user-typed Warcraft III codes and if found, asks for deleting them

Version 4.4
- Renamed from "Wc3 Number of Dice Calculator" to "Wc3 Universal Calculator" because of several capabilities
- Added "Gradient 2" function (gradient from color 1 to color 2 and back to color 1) to text colorizer
- Added reset button (colours all text with white color) to text colorizer
- Added tooltips in text colorizer
- More compact toolbar in text colorizer
- More compact window

Version 4.3
- Improved text colorizer (Changed toolbar, added context menu with copy/paste functions)
- Small bugfixes

Version 4.2
- Added DPS (damage per second) calculator
- Added text colorizer with preview

Version 4.1
- Added "Armor to Damage Reduction" calculator
- Added "Damage Reduction to Armor" calculator
- Tool now saves what you typed into fields and loads next time you run it

Version 4.0
- Tool now is written in VB.NET language and requires .NET Framework 3.5
- Added Dice to Damage calculator
- Added "sticky" window option (window sticks to edges of screen when moved close)
- Now supports minimum damage greater than maximum
- Bugs with decimals fixed

Version 3.0
- Added hero damage calculator

Version 2.2
- Added option window, which allows to you decrease count of variants
- Number of variant is now after word "Variant"

Version 2.1
- Fixed bug with window transparency

Version 2.0
- Now tool generates several variants of base, number of dice and sides per die
- Added window transparency when mouse leaves window

Version 1.0
- Starting version

Comments, suggestions and ideas please!

Program requires .NET Framework 3.5!!!

You can download it here.

calculator, damage, unit, hero, attack, number of dice, sides per dice, variants, text, color, colorizer, gradient, sequence, armor, reduction, xp,

Wc3 Universal Calculator & Colorizer v5.3 (Binary)

27th July 2012 Magtheridon96: This thing rocks. It's like a Universal Warcraft III Tool for both players and modders :D Highly Recommended! Well done.
  1. 27th July 2012

    This thing rocks. It's like a Universal Warcraft III Tool for both players and modders :D
    Highly Recommended! Well done.
  2. GregerTheGreat


    Sep 21, 2008
    Nice, i think this will help a lot of people. +rep
  3. D.O.G.


    Oct 20, 2007
    Thanks for +rep!
    I'm making now that tool will give several variants.
  4. Crave.


    Oct 21, 2009
    Hehe it works for my Vista :D
  5. D.O.G.


    Oct 20, 2007
    Great!! I think it will work on Windows 7
  6. BattleMaster1


    Jan 11, 2010
    This has helped me so much.
    This definetley works.

    Approve and + rep.
  7. D.O.G.


    Oct 20, 2007
    Thanks! I am glad to hear that!
  8. haxel96


    Oct 17, 2009
    1 tip, instead of "1 variant" or "2 variant" use "example 1" or "example 2" or such. the number after the word :D but nice tool! +rep
  9. Snuffs_Stuff


    May 26, 2010
  10. Crave.


    Oct 21, 2009
    Spam 9s on max dmg and you get an error :D
    And also you know that there are many ways to get Min 1000 and Max 1000 rite? Input that and you get a MEGA lag. But thats not all! On 968 Variant, the Sides per Die is missing!
    And it gets even better! input Min 10000 and Max 10000 and you get a lag that lasts over 2 minutes! How great is that!
    Not enough? Then try 100000 into both of them! The reward you will get after waiting over 5 minutes is... AN ERROR WINDOW! But sadly the tool window doesnt close...
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2010
  11. D.O.G.


    Oct 20, 2007
    Thanks! +Rep for finding this lag. I'm thinking now how to fix that.
    Will be good if there will shown count of possible variants, and option for showing all/some variants?
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2010
  12. D.O.G.


    Oct 20, 2007
    Thank you tip and +rep! I will consider it.
  13. Damage


    Aug 31, 2009
    Yes, like you say..
    This one only gives one way of giving the damage. For example, if I want 100 - 150 damage, it will always give 99 base + 1d51s. But that gives a totally random distribution of damage. If you want the damage to more often land in the middle of the 2 values, something like 75 + 25d3s would be better. This'd give a damage range exactly the same as before, but the middle numbers (i.e. the 120-130 area) would be more likely.

    And it's nice to see that this version being reviewed here gives many alternative methods to create it. A nice little gadget you've got here, and I think it deserves some credit.
  14. fredamabob


    Oct 10, 2008
    This is actually very useful, in my opinion, because i can use it to make my units damage more realistic, instead of them dealing for example 15-15 dmg i can use this to make them deal like 14-17 dmg, etc. I give it a 5/5, it serves it's purpose.
  15. Vosty


    Aug 31, 2008
    By reading the comments , I am assuming that this will be very good. It could be very useful, seing as it shows yuo examples. I never really messed around with the dice that much. This will be very fun.
  16. Crave.


    Oct 21, 2009
    Input any big number into BOTH Min and Max and you get lag! Bigger is better (terms of lag).
  17. D.O.G.


    Oct 20, 2007
    Yes, I already know. I'm fixing that now.
  18. Vosty


    Aug 31, 2008
    The same thing would happen in the wc3 engine aswell, so why the hell are you doing it? After that many dice it would almost serve the same purpose as just having a bigger base and smaller dice.
    Yes it should be fixed, simply by putting in either a warning or just a comparison check.
  19. Crave.


    Oct 21, 2009

    Have you updated it yet?