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WC: The First War v1.10

Relive the epic tale of Blizzard Entertainment's first game: WarCraft: Orcs and Humans. Stretching from the Dark Portal to Stormwind Keep, face many enemies and legendary heroes as the strive to conquer a new world or defend their homeland.

Hosted at: http://www.gamerisle.org

Credits list:
Creator: [OpG]Rocket/[OpG]TekcoR aka Germans on US East (Azeroth).
Model list: HappyTauren, xXm0RpH3usXx, Necrokenis, Dionesiist, AlienAntFarm, FreiBier and General Frank.

Map is a 5 versus 5, automatic spawns that upgrade over time, some spawns can be manually upgraded, slightly increasing units and providing additional defenses.

Can be considered a strategy / risk game, at times becomes a castle defense (mostly when the Horde just have Stormwind left to take).

Features an anti-spawn targeting system to prevent spawn abuse (notably, Sunnyglade, Lakeshire, Dreadmaul Hold).

Features many events:
Coronation of King Llane when King Adamant Wrynn III dies.
Rise of the Death Knights (Originally happens in WC2, added for flavor.)

Map is protected.
Can contact creator at [email protected], or msn [email protected].

1.10 Change Log & Bug Fixes

Ballista (Castle Tower) armor gained per upgrade decreased from 2 to 1.

Teleport’s cooldown increased from 180 seconds to 240 seconds. Mana cost increased from 100 to 125.
Polymorph (Unit)’s mana cost reduced from 100 to 25. Cooldown decreased from 6 to 4 seconds.
Warrior’s Mend (Doomhammer) tool tip has been corrected, it now shows 350 hit points, not 200.
Death and Decay’s cooldown increased from 150 seconds to 180 seconds.
Resolute Heal and Accursed Mending have received a change: Old spell healed the casting target for 75/150/225/300 while healing the main target for 150/300/450/600. The new spell, retains the same healing for the main target, but creates an aura called “Resolute Aura” or “Accursed Aura” for 2/4/6/8 seconds that heals 10% of a units hit points per second in an area of effect of 300.
Avatar of Death will now summon two spirits of death per corpse.

Completely re-worked Karazhan.
Completely re-worked the Deadmines.
The Arena (where Doomhammer challenges Blackhand) has been re-designed and moved.
Slight rework of Grand Hamlet. (Added in a graveyard, re-did some trees).
Slight rework of Sunnyglade. (Added in a graveyard, re-did some trees).
Slight rework of Westbrook Garrison. (Added in a wall, re-did the northern hill and trees).

WarCraft, First War, First, War, Orcs, Humans.

WC: The First War v1.10 (Map)

02:54, 31st Jul 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 6
Aug 24, 2008
Good map. 4/5 Needs some work.
When did Goldshire get a Stonewall?
When did the Allianca Re-Capture Stonewall Keep?
Level 4
Jun 13, 2011
Hello Tek, I have recently re-installed this map to Warcraft 3 and before it worked just fine. Do you know why it isn't working? Is it some specific update? Anyway I've played the map before 10/5 + rep
Level 8
Nov 7, 2018
Can you cancelled the horde defeat timer,It's much hard for horde player,but It's a buff for the alliance.And how to broke the defence of stormwind city and the castle,it's unbreakable.Then how to reinforced from draenor, I can't find the prerequisite upgrade ,but I choose the alliance, Lordaeron reinforcement prerequisite is easy to find.
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