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Watchers/ High Elves campaign In Progress

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Level 2
Aug 9, 2005
I have begun an elven campaign featuring the Watchers and the High Elves.
The story fits right into the pre-existing lore, starting during the events of Reign of Chaos and ending after the events of the Frozen Throne (around the time of WoW)
The campaign will have several chapters, and I hope to blend RPG with other types of gameplay.
I am working on the campaign by myself, so some elements will lack a bit, but the story will be very strong, I'm working hard to make good terrain, and I will try my best to make unique missions. Also, I'm a bit of a perfectionist so there will be no mistakes.
I am using some custom models that I have found on the wc3 file site which are very well made, and some custom items, but it will be mostly pre-made models and icons.
I have already made the techtree for my races, and I have the entire storyline planned out, and a basic outline for the missions.
Currently I have nearly completed the opening cinematic.
I'm posting about it because I would like feedback if people are interested in this project, also I would reallly, really appreciate some ideas for missions. Also, if there were people who wanted to see this project come to be, it would give me better motivation. The sort of quests I want would be reminiscent of 'Dwarf Campaign' or 'The Last Druid' which are my two very favorite unofficial campaigns.

Here's an overview of the story:
My campaign starts with an explanation of Maiev's absence during Illidan's freeing at the Barrow Deeps, the true reason why Tyrande slaughtered the Watchers, and why Arthas was in Kalimdor during the third war.
After that, it follows the story of the Watchers after their defeat in Outland, and from there the story is completely new. The High Elves that did not become Blood Elves will figure heavily into the story. (that's just a hint)

PS There is a chance that I would voice this campaign, but only if people volunteered to voice act.

Another place to talk about it: http://dwarfcampaign.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1219

-Black Morsel (this is what I usually go by as)
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