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Tale of the Watchers (Campaign Topic)

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Nov 1, 2007
Tale of the Watchers

A campaign project by BlackMorsel


Project Description

I have begun my first big project, a campaign entitled "Tale of the Watchers"

It is a single player campaign, which will be primarily in an RPG playing style. The game consists of exploration, a bit of combat, unique quests and more. The focus of the campaign is storyline, and simple yet interesting gamplay. One thing I wanted to make sure was that the gamplay is smooth, quick, and never gets boring. I tend to a perfectionist, so there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, or missing tool tips etc. If anyone has played the campaign "The Last Druid" by Luthien, I tried to evoke a similar style of campaign in the creation.

I am aware that most of the first playable map's terrain was done by Blizzard, but I liked Blizzard's version of the Barrow Deeps and decided to keep it mostly the way it was. All the other missions will have completely original terrain (and even the first map features an amount of original terrain.)


The story focuses on the story of the Night Elven Watchers first introduced in the mission that involved setting Illidan free, and which continued with Maiev in the expansion.

The game starts off at Illidan's freeing, and explains exactly why Tyrande slaughtered the Watchers as she did. A new character is introduced, Kailani Feathermoon, a high ranking Watcher priestess who is believed to be dead by her long lost sister, Shandris. A dark secret about the Watchers' past is uncovered. After the events that take place at the Barrow Deeps, we follow the Watchers to Outland, where they must free Maiev who has been captured upon the Blood Elves' arrival. From that point on, the storyline is my original creation, and involves many twists and turns, notably where the Watchers unexpectedly become close allies with a well known race. Many regular characters from the Warcraft series have cameos, and new, memorable characters are introduced.


At this point I have completed the Prologue, and the first playable map (Chapter 1). There will be a total of four playable maps. The storyline has been completely planned out, and the gamplay has been planned and begun for the second playable chapter.

So far I have not needed external help, although I believe that I want the third playable map to have A.I., something I currently am not capable of creating.

I will be using a fair number of excellent custom models found on Resource sites, created by the following members:

Nasrudin, elenai, armel, Dmitry Rommel, darklord_avalon, jigrael, General Frank, SinisterX, and garfield.

If I use a model that had no author's name with it, please notify me and I'll be sure to give credit.

What I am looking for right now are some people to test the first playable map. I'm not putting the map up for general download, but for individuals who express an interest to test it, just let me know, and I'll email you the file.



Other Sites

I have presented my campaign at these other links:

Wacraft3Campaigns: http://www.wc3campaigns.net/showthread.php?p=974807#post974807
Sammods: http://forum.samods.org/index.php?topic=9861.new#new
Clan CBS: http://www.clancbs.com/board/showthread.php?p=30077#post30077

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May 16, 2004
This campaign looks great, i hope you continue with it! It's nice that it is identical to how it looked in the original campaign, it makes it feel more connected.
Level 2
Nov 1, 2007
Thanks for the comments.

valkemiere - I think you were slightly confused. The demo is done, and I encourage people to test it, I just have to send it to them by email because I don't want it available to everyone yet.
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