Level 8
Jun 30, 2016

The rules of THW are pretty well defined. Consistently and purposefully breaking them results in warnings and infractions. These are two different, but related, things and so just to help you understand the process we've created this thread.

  • A warning shows that you've broken a rule, but without contributing towards your infraction level. Warnings are given to minor offences, or to first-time rulebreakers.

  • An infraction is your first step towards a ban. You really don't want to accumulate too many infraction points.
  • Infractions come in a few different forms, but all work towards the same goal: removing users, either temporarily or permanently, that flaunt the rules.
  • Every user has a pool of ten points, when the amount of infractions a user has received is greater than or equal to ten they are banned.
  • Most infractions expire, so even if a user gets 9 points he/she will eventually go back to having 0. Likewise, having more points than the ban threshold will only result in a ban so long as it is above 10. As soon as an infraction expires and the points dip below 10, the user is unbanned.

  • Ralle double posts in a few threads. Ralle hasn't broken rules previously, it was probably a mistake, and so the posts are merged and Ralle is given a warning.
  • Archian has a secret multiaccount that he uses to boost the ratings of his resources. The staff found out about this and ban the multiaccount, as well as giving Archian a 6 point infraction for 6 months.
  • Keiji lost his temper with another user and flamed him severely. After talking with the user and Keiji, the staff decide to delete the posts and give Keiji a 4 point infraction for 2 months.
  • Kwaliti already has 8 infraction points from trolling and spamming. Kwaliti flames a user and gets an additional 4 point infraction for a month. This gives him 12 infraction points, and so he is banned for a month until his infraction for flaming expires.
  • Ghan_04 has been banned many times previously. He loses his temper and accumulates enough infraction points to be banned once again. The staff decide reluctantly to make this ban permanent, and issue a 10 point never ending infraction.
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