Warhazard - part 1

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WARHAZARD™: The Series is a remake of the original Warhazard: Return of Darkness a unofficial game released on Dec 6, 2002 and made for Warcraft III that leaves a huge mystery why Blizzard™ haven't notice the development.

The remake tells the story of Melphis Windwalker, a soldier in the ranks of a Battousai is on vacation in the village of Erlingen, his home and comfort. All is going well until the spheres of darkness has once again returned.

The Game will start off with a whole scene of cinematic, then the release of the next map will be the start of the game play itself. It will be a mixture of puzzles, mini-games, altered melee, intermissions, and boss fights.

Note: You must install the latest Warcraft 3 patch (version 1.24b or newer) to play this map.

The Map is NOT PROTECTED, so checking out my swagstuff of triggers, sound exports, and all objects is fine with me, but when it comes to models and the Warhazard franchise, please be sure to credit them.

About the Game: "I had big plans in remaking the whole story and twists of this unofficial game however due to lack of time and effort in pursuing such idea, I end up pausing the whole game. My revamp is actually based for an role-playing game but to make up my grand finale I'll have to build multi-game genres in one map.".

Some info about the original:





-Orc Archer model by eubz
-RPG Hero Villager model by Tenebrae
-StormReaver Grunt modely by Tauer
-Original game devlopers - Niemetz, Rasher, BlackCobra, OkitU, [email protected], Götterfunke, Chobostyle, Felix
-Voice Actors by Peter Eilichmann, Thomas Keymer, Kristal Davidson, Bernhard Greer, Benjamin Trench, Melanie Hochstätter



May 19, 2013 - Initial Release
June 13, 2013 - Added doodads in the village setting and fixed the Orc Sorceror's movement via path blockers


Moderator: -Kobas- Contact: Visitor Message / Private Message! Date: 24-Jun-13 (16:53:08) Personal Comment: -> Here you go ;) Map Status: Approved (3/5) Acceptable
Level 9
Jan 20, 2011
I really enjoyed this, the voice acting was very good, I liked the name of the Ork Douchebag made me chuckle a bit. It gave me a real Fable 1 vibe at the beginning when he is sent on an errand from his Uncle. The writing was good, I didn't see any errors, but don't take my word for that, since I wasn't paying close attention to it

Only problems were;
- While the voice acting was great, sometimes it didn't sound realistic, but I can cut you slack for that since I cannot voice act, and know how hard it is to do good voice acting
- When the Villager Lady said they were invading she just stood there, and it just didn't seem right cause she didn't run which usually what people would do.

5/5 in my opinion since there were only minor errors and it was done very well.
Level 29
Nov 29, 2012
Ok, I have played the map and this cinematic is really good. You used transitions through different events very well and also nice way of using special effects. So here:

Warhazard - Part 1 Review
[+] Good Points:
-It has a good terrain. You mixed tile decently and you used different trees size to make random scalings to it. Good job!
-I like voice acting, sounds fit for a human and also for an orc.
-You used special effects very well, such as when a house got destroyed, it will burn suddenly. Your timing for that part is quite good. But what I like the most is the transition between the night and day in the part of the cinematic.
-Has some humourus aspects such as naming an orc MasterHaosis and also naming an orc also Orc Douchebag...lol xD!
-Smooth Camera movement

[-] Bad Points:
-It has a decent terrain but what I notice wrong is it is flat and also I didnt notice very much doodads to give details to the terrain itself.
-Voice acting is a job well-done but I must also put some letdowns... what I notice is their laugh is kind of not done well...

[] Suggestions:
-You can still improve the terrain by raising the ground a bit as I noticed that it is flat and also you didnt much givedetail to the terrain, I suggest add some proper doodads to do the job.
-You should make the laugh voice acting better, there is no real feeling putted into the laugh voice acting if you will ask me.
Overall, this is a good cinematic but only probem is the laugh voice acting and also the terrain. Still, I will rate this 4/5 and a +3 REP to the...... BOSS!

Voting also for Approval.... but wait, who will approve this!?
Level 29
Nov 29, 2012
thanks guys and lol that's splendid! about the voice actors they are actually some British/German people who actually worked with the real game however I'll try my efforts to deduct the bad dialogues

Yes, not to be harsh but you should also try to improve the terrain as it adds more realistic and beautfiul quality to the game. I suggest add some proper details into it by adding proper doodads but use them wisely and dont spam them and also I noticed you spam the houses too much. Lessen them and put them wisely.
Level 29
Nov 29, 2012
will do it then, but maybe for the second map that is the gameplay now since the whole camera settings is just straightforward and just a fast cinematic but will improve em :D

Thats good, boss! Hope someone will approve this already. This is really worth of thousand approvals! Good luck with part 2 and I hope I can already rate it 5/5!
Level 27
Oct 28, 2011
Just finished watching this and is indeed a good watch. Here is a short review from me.

First of all the terrain could use some improvements, its flat and empty save the forest. Some recommendations I can give to you is to experiment some default doodads and think out of the box for ways of you can use them, well I recommend that if you don't like importing a lot of stuffs. Also a illusion of depth in the terrain usually helps the terrain not too look flat, there are a lot of ways to this and some of them are the heigh tools, cliffs or even doodads.

Here is a nice example


Of coarse it might look tough at first, but to improve, you need to do some practice.

Also the camera movement is monotone most of the time its stuck with the same angle and turns sharply. You should also check where the unit walks, they sometimes collide with the house and rocks putting pathing blockers on their path usually makes them walk on the right path.

The voice acting adds a lot of spice for this cinematic, I really love the voice of the Ork Sorcerer and the Villager Womans voice made me laugh. Well its seems interesting, hoping to see more.



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Level 9
Dec 21, 2011
What to say. It's pretty good, no, it's great! Saw/played this a week back, and expected it to be approved. Eh. Just approve this. It's too good for pending.