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Warden Assassin

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Just a simple edit of the Warden (RoC) skin to be more similar to the Alpha/Beta version from this pre-release gif.

It changes her cloak to be made out of leaves and adds a couple details on the shoulder pad.

As a small addition I also fixed the untextured ears and hair:


Warden Assassin (Texture)

Approved as Useful / Simple :) Feel free to update this with more freehand work in the future.

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Deleted member 247165

Awesome! I'll be using this! :plol: 5/5


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I remember seeing that BETA version of the Warden with the leaf cloak :) Simple but quite a significant change of appearance.

Is that custom or CnP?
It's a mix sorta. The original skin had a small bit of leftover elements of the leave cloak but recolored to black. I made those colored again and I added handdrawn leaves on top of that. Some bits I copied over to the upper area of the cloak but I added a couple more handdrawn leaves there as well.
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