Warcraft III Beta - Shaman Quotes

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In the beta, the Shaman unit was voiced by Chris Metzen. He was probably replaced to differentiate this unit from Thrall. The quotes are identical, just with a different voice actor. Could be useful for a Cataclysm version of Thrall where he stops saying "I am the Warchief".

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ShamanPissed1.wav (Sound)

ShamanPissed2.wav (Sound)

ShamanPissed3.wav (Sound)

ShamanPissed4.wav (Sound)

ShamanPissed5.wav (Sound)

ShamanPissed6.wav (Sound)

ShamanPissed7.wav (Sound)

ShamanReady1.wav (Sound)

ShamanWarcry1.wav (Sound)

ShamanWhat1.wav (Sound)

ShamanWhat2.wav (Sound)

ShamanWhat3.wav (Sound)

ShamanWhat4.wav (Sound)

ShamanYes1.wav (Sound)

ShamanYes2.wav (Sound)

ShamanYes3.wav (Sound)

ShamanYes4.wav (Sound)

ShamanYesAttack1.wav (Sound)

ShamanYesAttack2.wav (Sound)

ShamanYesAttack3.wav (Sound)

ShamanYesAttack4.wav (Sound)