Warcraft 3: Achievements (what do you prefer?)

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May 27, 2007
Hey, wasn't really sure where to put this. But it is related to my current project: Farmer's Paradise.

When you play a game, and as you 'score points' or 'do good' at the game, you earn 'upgrade points'.

Would you rather have a
a) Cumulative System: In which, your 'Upgrade Points' can go both up and down. And special units/upgrades/abiltiies are unlocked when your 'Upgrade Points' reaches certain milestones.

For example:
At 50 Points - your Footmen gain +50 hitpoints.
At 100 Points - your Archers gain +150 attack range.
At 150 Points - your Knights gain +25 move speed and +10 attack speed.


b) Expendable System: In which, you accumulate points as normal, but it is up to you, to spend these points on the upgrades that you would like to have. So, you can totally pimp out your archers and not use anything else. Etc.

Cost 10 Points - Footman Training, +50 hitpoints.
Cost 5 Points - Footman Swordsmanship, +5 to 8 damage.
Cost 15 Points - Footman Stamina, +50 movespeed.
Cost 20 Points - Footman Charge (ability: +100% movespeed for 3 seconds)
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Apr 10, 2010
I think this would fit better specifically in the Idea Factory section, but oh well.

I would much rather be able to spend the points the way I want to. Different people may have different preferences for which type of troop combat styles they like to play as best, so giving them the opportunity to use what they like will make the game more enjoyable for them.

The only problem with that is that it may raise some balance issues. I'm sure it won't be too hard to balance them out after a lot of testing though.
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May 27, 2007
@Coffeeholic & wandmirror:

I thought that might be the case. The problem with this setup, is that once an upgrade has been bought, there is no way to undo it.

Perhaps i should've given you guys more information, my bad :)

Basically, quests give you 'Royal Favour'. Failing a quest lowers your 'Royal Favor'. So, by default, the first system makes the most sense. Since your Royal Favor can be anything from:
-100 (the King hates you and has declared War on your province)
+100 (you are the King's most loyal subject, and have a military alliance established.

So with the first system (10 points, bonus A, 15 points, bonus B, 25 points, bonus C), the idea is that you can disrupt a players ability to complete these quests, thus lowering his 'Royal Favor'. Which would in turn limit:
a) the units he can train
b) the upgrades/abilities/stats of his units
c) various other factors...

I am currently considering implementing a combination of both features...
Completing quests gives you 'Royal Favor'. Then certain passive bonuses/upgrades/unit types are only available if you have a high enough 'Royal Favor'.

But - to pay for these upgrades and certain unit types, you need to spend 'Gold', which is also awarded by completing quests.

This way, it is a mix of both - will just requier a hell of a lot of coding and I hope it is not too confusing! :D

Any name suggestions for a 'resource' type that is not 'Gold' but represents some sort of favor points, or advantage resource etc?